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Apps to Download HD Movies on Smartphone

High Definition (HD) movies download apps are apps designed to download and watch movies on smartphones. These HD movies download apps turn smartphones to a small TV set to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies online on both Android and iOS devices.

HD movies app brings pleasure to download movies on Android and iOS. There is no need to create an account or subscribe to a TV cable. There is no special deal or request.

The only requirement to download HD movies app is not more than enabling install from unknown sources on Android and download HD movies IPA  on Android using iOS emulator to bypass jailbreaking.

Surprisingly, there are a whole lot of free apps to watch movies in HD on Android and iOS without rooting and jailbreaking.

However, here in this article, you will get the best free apps to download HD Movies on Android (APK). Note, if you don’t want to turn your phone to a TV set when your friends know you have HD movies download apps or turn your house to a cinema house read this article to hide apps on your phone.

Enable Install from Unknown Sources

Before I will share with you the list of free APK apps to download HD movies on Android, here is how to enable install from unknown sources.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Scroll down to security settings
  • Tap on the unknown sources option
  • Accept the pop-up warning
  • Done

Note: This must not be skipped so that you will not run into the APK app you are trying to install might contain unsafe content.

HD Movies Download Apps

The best apps to download HD movies on Android are many when taken the statistics. However, here are some popular ones among the best.

HD Movies

HD Movies Download App

The first choice of best app to download HD movies on Android is “HD Movies APK” app. This app is popular among Bollywood and Hollywood fans to watch the latest movies on Android. The HD movies app database is subject to a constant update so that fans can get the best of the app all for free.

HD Movies APK is a fast growing app to download movies in HD quality. The 270 and 1080 movies app stand out in sharing only HD movies and turn off all other formats which may include SD, 3GP and other lower qualities.

Should you want to download HD movies APK you can download it with Uptodown APK downloader to get the latest HD movies app version that is newly released.

Cinema HD

HD Movies Download App

You probably have heard this as one of the popular HD movies download apps a couple of time. Cinema HD movies app is similar to HD movies in terms of sharing quality contents that are only in HD quality. Using Cinema HD will create a new mindset that all movies download app should only be in HD.

The end justifies the means they said, the name of the APK app says it all. It turns your smartphone into movies search engine where you can search for the latest movies and newly released ones. It also turns your smartphone to a TV set.

However, if you don’t want to get addicted to Cinema HD movies download apps it is better to start accessing the movies app using a progressive web based-apps such as AppScope.

Coto Movies APK

HD Movies Download App

Coto Movies APK is trending everywhere on the internet as the newest app to watch and download movies in HD quality only. This app was released with the aim to ease the stress of watching movies only on PC or laptop without a good app to watch HD movies on Android without downloading it.

The new Coto Movies APK set a platform and bring to people a simple app with a simple UI to watch movies in HD on Android without paying for watching. There is no signup or contract fee required to download the HD movies app downloader.

The Coto Movies APK renders a simple interface with an easy to navigate menu options. However, to get the latest HD movies app, Coto movies APK, you don’t necessarily need to download Coto Movies APK app again. When you want to think of one of the best HD movies download apps for Android think about Coto APK.

Just connect to the internet and launch the Coto Movies app on your phone. If there is an update available then you will get a popup notification.

Showbox APK

HD Movies Download App

Showbox has been in the game as one of the best HD movies download apps for a couple of years now and it’s very popular among Android users. People have started to use Showbox as far back as when Android Lolipop was the latest Android OS.

Back then, Showbox APK works on Android KitKat, Android Jellybean, Android Lollipop as the latest Android OS, and the lower versions to bring entertainment to mobile device only in an HD quality.

Showbox APK is a good HD movie download app to start with and it doesn’t call for a whole day to learn to use it once it’s installed.

Terrarium TV

HD Movies Download Apps

Next one on the list of best apps to download HD movies on Android is called “Terrarium TV”. It’s an APK app to turn your smartphone into an entertainment house. Terrarium TV holds so many qualities when it comes to a handy app to download movies in HD with a 100% total clarity.

As a part of Terrarium TV qualities, the only movies uploaded to the app database are only HD movies with good qualities. There is no way a lesser version or SD movies will crawl to make it to the top 100 trending movies online in the app.


HD Movies Download Apps

This list will remain incomplete without mentioning MovieBox APK as one of the best and most used apps to download HD movies on Android only. I came across MovieBox when I was searching for Showbox alternatives and since then, MovieBox has been a favorite.

However, if you’d love to have another powerful tool to get the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies as on release date all you need to do is download and install MovieBox. The mention really worth.

One top-notch quality of MovieBox as one of my favorite APK apps to download movies that are only in HD quality is the app simplicity.

You won’t be pissed off with any ads. That is guaranteed. Using MovieBox won’t hurt a bit to download HD movies on your Android.

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