How To Download and Install DokuCraft in Minecraft

This article has information that will help you easily download and install DokuCraft in Minecraft and get it running in few steps.

In this article, we’re going to go through each step to show you exactly how to download and install DokuCraft in Minecraft. From downloading the correct version of DokuCraft you are looking for to installing DokuCraft in Minecraft, we went through every step of installing the DokuCraft Resource Pack in Minecraft. Well, DokuCraft is a medieval/ancient resource pack for Minecraft. There are three versions: DokuCraft Light, DokuCraft High and DokuCraft Dark.

We are going to show you how to get all of these versions in Minecraft since they are all installed in the same way. For this reason we simply name the texture package “DokuCraft”, although it uses one of these versions, they are all the same when installed and even when downloaded. The great thing about all of these different versions of DokuCraft is that it gives you options that allow you to get a darker, lighter, or lighter package as you wish. So let’s look at how to get DokuCraft in Minecraft.

What is the DokuCraft Texture Pack in Minecraft?

It’s one of the most popular resource packs. It has high-quality creativity, art and textures. People who like to play building blocks or medieval-themed packs, survival games or role-play games will enjoy this pack. It has a wide variety of texture, and in this pack you can have your creative world in medieval or RPG. All blocks, objects are decorated with gold, and even a simple house will look amazingly rich with this resource pack.

How to Download and install the DokuCraft texture pack in Minecraft

The Saga Continues is what I would call the ideal of the genre. Its author is very talented, funny, and has a good sense of humour. One of the most popular Minecraft resource packs ever created with many fans and preferred by many Minecraft players. Do you want to immerse yourself in a dark and harsh world of the Middle Ages without leaving Minecraft? This is not a problem! Just use this amazing resource pack. They perfectly capture the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and improve the gameplay!

Steps to download and install the DokuCrafy Texture Pack in Minecraft:

  • Download the DokuCraft Resource Pack
  • Open Minecraft and find the “Resource Pack” section
  • Install DokuCraft
  • Select the DokuCraft Resource Pack

1. Download the DokuCraft Resource Pack

First, we need to download the DokuCraft texture pack for Minecraft. You can find the official download page for the DokuCraft Texture Pack by clicking the yellow “Download DokuCraft” button above or by clicking here. Once you are on the DokuCraft Resource Pack download page, you need to click on the version of DokuCraft that you want to download. For example, if you want to download the “high” version of DokuCraft, save it. However, the process is the same if you click on the Light, High, or Dark versions of DokuCraft.

Once you’ve selected your versions, you’ll be taken to a page that has a “Download Package” button. Click this button to download DokuCraft for the latest version of Minecraft. If you would like an older version of DokuCraft, you can find it in the “All Downloads” section directly below the top of this page. As soon as you click the “Download Package” button, DokuCraft will start downloading immediately. Depending on your browser, you may need to keep or save the file.

Download and Install DokuCraft in Minecraft

2. Open Minecraft and find the “Resource Pack” section.

Before we can install DokuCraft we need to find the folder where it should be installed. Fortunately, it’s very, very easy, just open Minecraft and click the Options button on the main menu. This opens a page that shows the Resource Bundles option. Click on it, and you will see “Available Resource Packs” and “Selected Resource Packs”. You will also see an “Open Resource Pack Folder” button. From there we can install the resource pack.

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3. Install DokuCraft

So you’ve downloaded the DokuCraft Resource Pack and found the Resource Pack folder. The research, however, is how to install it? Well, it is very simple. Just click the “Open Resource Pack” button to open the Resource Pack folder. Now all you have to do is drag & drop DokuCraft into the folder you have opened for resource packages. Here! Simply drag and drop DokuCraft into the resource pack folder and voila!

4. Select the DokuCraft Resource Pack

The last thing you need to do is select the DokuCraft texture package. It’s very, very simple. Just go back to Minecraft, click the Done button in the lower right corner, then click the Open Resource Pack folder again. You will now see “DokuCraft” in the “Available resource packages” section. To activate it, just move your mouse pointer over the image on the left side of DokuCraft and click the right arrow. This moves the resource set to the Selected Resource Sets section. After moving the resource pack to this page, click Done. Minecraft will then install the texture pack and reload it!

Download and Install DokuCraft in Minecraft

Congratulations! DokuCraft is already installed! Have fun, build things or install other texture packs or mods.

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