Fixed: Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped

It’s certain that life will sometimes throw tantrum at you and throw all your effort at your face. You just have to keep trying. The same thing happens with our smartphones. If you were given a chance you set up your own phone specs you will probably list what is not listed in the phone you are currently you, and, even the best phone may not have it. One of such life difficulties you should expect is the “Unfortunately, Google play services has stopped working” error message that keeps appearing on your phone when using the feature on your phone.

So, should I uninstall Google play service because of the error message? Well, that will be fine, suppose I won’t need it again on the phone. But, I need the Google play app to upgraded old apps to the latest iteration. However, since uninstalling the Google play service is not the solution to fix the error and still have the app on my phone, then, this post.

This post comes into play to look at the life challenge you have using the Google play service which often pops up Google play service has stopped working on your Android phone.

Why “Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped”?

To ladder to a successful level calls for a connection and building relationships with people around you and in your industry. However, for Google play service to run effectively for downloading and updating outdated apps, caches are needed to store on your device.

Although these caches may be a byte, but, they are needed to make the Google play service run smoothly. However, if it has been a while you clear caches on your smartphone, this could lead to Google play service error message.

This does not peculiar to Google play service alone, other apps with excessive caches will respond unfortunate the app has stopped working. This error is also common when you want to launch the Facebook Messenger App.

Fix 1: Rest Google Play Service App

The first approach to consider to fix this error code is to reset the Google play service. This doesn’t mean to uninstall the app.

To clear Google play service error message navigate to phone settings >> app manager or applications >> All Apps >> 3 dots >> Reset App Preferences >> Reset Apps

Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped

Some smartphones do not have the feature to reset individual apps. This means that to use the reset app feature to clear the error you will be resetting all apps you have installed on your phone. This won’t hurt your apps though and you will not lose any app data instead it’ll the error message on all your apps. Try any of the following methods to solve the “Google play services has stopped working” error message.

Fix 2: Clear Google Play Service Caches

The easiest way to clear error message of a most Android device is clearing the app caches. Therefore, we also advise you to clear your play service error message to clear the displaying error if the above step isn’t working for you.

To clear Google play services caches go phone settings >> Apps or Applications >> Google play service >> Storage >> Clear Caches.

Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped

Note that clearing cache is different from clearing data. As labeled above, when you click on clear data it removes all your information from the app such as Gmail account, passwords, username, and other relevant information you have stored on the app while clearing cache will clear on the stored caches on your device that is needed for downloading and updating outdated apps.

After clearing the old caches, the app will begin to store another as you use it. The, unfortunately, Google play services has stopped working will definitely happen after sometimes, the only thing you need to do is repeat either of these processes and it’ll clear the error message.

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