Michael Evans Behling Wife, Age, Height and Net Worth

Michael Evans Behling is an American actor, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, US, and lives in Los Angeles, California, US. After his incredible performance in the American drama series titled “All American” by April Blair, Mike B became an internet sensation. However, while the series is ongoing many expected to know the wife of Mike B, that is, Michael Evans Behling’s Wife.

Michael Evans Behling played the role of Jordan Baker in the American drama series. The African-American actor was the twin-sibling of Olivia Baker and the son of Billy in the drama series.

Michael Evans easily attracts people and the series fans because of his handsomeness and modest look. Apart from acting, Michael models, and he’s social media celebrity. At 26, everybody wants to become Michael Evans Behling’s wife.

Who is Michael Evans Behling?

Michael Evans is an actor, model, and medial social personality. Michael was born on 5th March 1996 in Columbus, Ohio, to the Behling family.

Michael took part in the American drama series where his role was the role of Jordan Baker. Evans Behling’s net worth is calculated to be worth $1 million, and he attended Indiana State University after he finished from Columbus North High School.

Where is Michael Evans Behling from?

Nigeria and Germany

Michae Evans Behling is half Nigerian and half German. As an African-American actor, the charisma Michael carries is second to known.

Michael uniquely fixed into his role on the Television show because of his physical appearance, which can easily be used to play the lovebird game.

Although Michael is being admired more because of his appearance, he said he didn’t want to attach his success to that instead to the role he plays on sets.Michael Evans Behling Wife

Is Michael Evans Behling Gay?

No. Michael Evans Behling isn’t gay.

There have been a lot of speculations about Michael’s relationship status. However, he [Evans] has chosen to make his relationship private. But after much persuasion about his status and his fans asking, “Is Michael Evans Behling gay.” And a quick response to this is “No.”

Although he didn’t say that he’s not gay, rather, he claimed that he’s in a relationship with a mystery woman in an interview with Xo Nicole.

Also, in 2021 [16th January, to be precise], he discussed his private life Koch in an interview with Young Hollywood.

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Michael Evans Behling’s Wife

Michael Evans Behling isn’t married yet.

Michael is a spec for most women in and out of his industry. However, at 26, he’s too young to have a wife. But, Michael keeps his relationship private with limited information about his wife or girlfriend.

Mike B does not like to talk about his private life, such as his relationship status. However, he does talk about his specs in women if he’s to take a wife now.

The African-American actor revealed that he couldn’t hide his face from nice teeth. He even confirmed that the few things he notices that attract him to a woman are the eyes and teeth.

Aside from his physical appearance, Mich Evan has soft feelings for women who genuinely show the act of kindness without a single reason as it met his heart.

These underlines what Michael Evan Behling’s wife would have to possess to win him over. And, of course, for any woman on his way, lies, and unfaithfulness is his turn off.

Michael Evans Behling Nationality

United State

Michael Evans was born in Columbus, Ohio, by a Nigerian father and German mother but was adopted by Mike and Carol Behling. Michael grew up in Columbus, Indiana. Therefore, Michael Evans Behling’s parents are Mike Behling and Carol Behling.

Michael’s siblings are Matt, Adam, and Andrea. He lives in Los Angeles, California, US, to pursue his acting and modeling career.

How Old is Michael Evans Behling?

26 years old. Born on the 5th March 1996.

Michael Evans is 26 years old, born in Ohio on the 5th, March 1996. The biracial actor’s parents are Mike and Carol Behling.

Michael Evans Career

What’s Michael’s career like, and how does Michael find himself in the movie industry?

Michael started modeling in high school and began his movies career in 2017. In 2017, he played the role of “Handsome dude” in a television series titled “Empire.”

In 2018, he partook in the second television drama series titled “All American,” where he played Jordan Baker’s role.

In January 2018, Behling relocated to Los Angeles to participate in the filming of the pilot, which is an official movie role outside the TV shows.

Michael has done several advertising campaigns for Adidas and White Castle after rising to stardom.

What Michael Evan Behling does outside acting and modeling includes managing his clothing line, DesignedAt5AM, which he started with his old high school friends, Nicholas Stevens, Drew Thompson, and Floyd Athaide.

How Tall is Michael Evans Behling Height?

6.2ft tall

If Michael Evans Behling were to pursue his sports career in basketball, he’d have competed with Tyrone Curtis “Muggsy” Bogues as the shortest basketball player.

However, Mike isn’t just an average-height dude; but his weight is also under control as he weighs 200.621 pounds which is equivalent to 91kg.

Michael’s tempting body or physic made women revolve around him and his African-American charisma.

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Michael Evans Behling’s Net Worth

$ 1 million in 2022

Michael Evans Behling’s net worth is estimated to worth $1M with no information about his salary. Although, the net worth is a rough estimate since he [Michael] have multiple sources of income which includes modeling, acting, advertising campaign for brands, TV shows, and series, and the DesignedAt5AM clothing line.

Michael Evan Behling Parent

Mike Behling and Carol Behling

Michael’s parents are Mike Behling and Carol Behling, who adopted Michael Evans while in Columbus. 

Michael Evans Behling Empire

Michael started his acting career in 2017 with a role in the Empire TV series, where he played the role of a handsome dude.

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