How to Remove Embarrassing Photos and Videos From Facebook

Facebook has grown wiser in terms of algorithm and how users privacy are been treated. Like my parent used to tell me that what is meant to be secret must be kept a secret so that what is secret will remain secret. But what do you do when a friend threatened you to reveal a photo or video of you contain some private information such as nude picture, or your relationships with opposite sex? This is nothing but a blackmail.

Back in the days, when a picture or video is posted on Facebook it will go viral and the inmate we feel nothing a total shame. However, to cover up this means, Facebook came up with a new Facebook feature called “Facebook Image Privacy Violation” to report videos and photos that are not meant to be shared on social media, mainly Facebook.

The feature helps to remove any threating pictures like your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend threatening to share your nude picture or video online. However, if someone threatened to blackmail you on Facebook, worry’s not and be smart to take the lead before him to report the image to Facebook standard community and human right section to remove the entire copy of the picture from Facebook database and also remove the picture from the internet if the picture is posted on another website using the URL associated with the picture on Facebook.

So, here in this article, I will share with you what to do if some threaten to expose your private picture on Facebook and how to ask Facebook to remove the pictures or videos from their database and from the internet.

How to Remove Embarrassing Photos and Videos From Facebook

We all have our private lives and we’d love to live it the way we like. So, don’t be left in awe when some group of people chooses to have some secret photos and videos of themselves on their cell phone. However, if you mistakenly fall a victim of someone threaten to blackmail you by uploading your pictures and videos on Facebook, here is how to remove embarrassing photos and videos from Facebook.

1. Open any browser and log into your Facebook account first and visit the Facebook image violation report page here.

2. The steps comprise some steps that are required to be filled by you. On your behalf, click on “MY RIGHT”, your child, select “MY CHILD’S RIGHT”, or select “ANOTHER ADULT RIGHT” if you are an attorney helping someone to regain his or her freedom.

3. Follow the on-screen question and provide appropriate information to Facebook theme include video or image URL if you have them otherwise select you don’t have them.

4. Facebook will review your report and take down such video or picture from the uploaders account to stop the blackmailing.

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