How to Get Rid of Explore Results

Explore Search Results is also referred to as Explore Results and it’s categorized under the potentially unwanted programs that invade MacOS and causes it not to perform optimally.

This article will show you how to get rid of Explore results and also some of the characteristics of this invasive program.

Explore Search Results is a well-known computer infection also referred to as a browser hijacker program by security experts. It targets Mac PCs generally and it’s capable of penetrating the machine privately without being noticed by the users.

Once Explore Results successfully invades your workstation, it makes several unexpected changes to your default browser’s settings and sets its insecure domain as the new home page, new tab page, and search engine addresses even without your permission.

Before this annoying malware begins to flood your system screen with intrusive ads and take complete control over the entire browser making it very hard for you to surf the web efficiently like you used to, you need to follow the steps on how to get rid of Explore results carefully.How to get rid of Explore Results

What is ExploreSearchResults?

However, you need to know what Explore Search Results is before going ahead to get rid of this potentially unwanted program. It will interest you to know that ExploreSearchResults is a rogue app categorized under the AdLoad adware family. It runs invasive ad campaigns (i.e. offers several unwanted and harmful ads).

Apart from being adware, it also has browser hijacker characteristics, which are defined by changing and restricting access to browser settings, and promotion of fake search engines. ExploreSearchResults aids or, which are big web searchers.

Most apps classified under potentially unwanted applications (PUA) within this classification have data-tracking capabilities that are used to collate browsing-related information. Check out the characteristics of Explore Results and the threats it causes before solving how to get rid of Explore Results.

Characteristics of Explore Search Results

The following are the characteristics and threats caused by Explore Search Results:

  • Explore Search Results shows attractive banners, coupons, deals, discounts, offers, etc., and tries to make you tap on them to make profits via a pay-per-click mechanism.
  • Although clicking on these ads though can be very dangerous for your system’s security as they may include harsh links and redirect you to scamming, phishing, or even malware-laden web pages that are completely occupied with spiteful materials.
  • You may also be rerouted to domains where different fake security alerts are displayed claiming that some problems have been discovered in your computer. 
  • It forces you to buy and install rogue software to get rid of the problem.
  • Explore Search Results always contribute malicious acts in the background which consumes a huge amount of memory resources and slows down the overall PC performance excessively.
  • The machine will begin to respond slower than ever before and takes more than usual time to complete any task due to this.
  • This hazardous threat observes your web activities such as your search queries, pages viewed, links opened, etc., and collates vital information regarding your interests and needs which is used by scammers for the advertisement campaign.
  • Explore Results is also capable of stealing your data relating to banking and other financial details that can be misused by these criminals for generating illegal revenues which makes it a big threat to your privacy too. 

Therefore, to prevent all these threats from occurring, you must delete Explore Search Results from your PC as fast as possible.How to get rid of Explore Results

How to Spread Explore Search Results

Hijacking programs like Explore Search results generally get into the PCs via malicious ads that users mistakenly or intentionally click. It also tries to find its way into the machine during the download and installation process of third-party programs.

In this case, authors of PUPs like this spread them using an insecure marketing tactic called “bundling” in which various products are added as additional offers in one package with free software.

Once you can download and install the app using the “Quick” or “Recommended” mode set, there’s a huge possibility that you will end up bringing such adware or hijacker into the system as well as with the main program itself.

How did Explore Search Results get installed on my Computer?

If you keep getting the Explore results pop up on your Mac or PC and you are wondering how come it got installed on your computer, it could be because of the following reasons:

  • ExploreSearchResults gets installed via bogus Flash Player updates, commonly promoted by deceptive pages.
  • This scam is supported by fake claims that the Flash Player plug-in is outdated and requires to be updated.
  • Although, PUAs have different proliferation methods, not just by being downloaded or installed under the guise of other software.
  • They also expand via download or install set-ups of normal products as well.
  • This fraudulent marketing tactic of pre-packing regular content with unwanted or malicious software is known as “bundling”.
  • Not taking your time during the download or installation processes (such as ignoring terms, skipping steps and sections, etc.) increases the risk of inadvertently allowing bundled content onto systems.
  • Some PUAs also have “official” download pages, where they are tagged as “useful” and basically “free” products.

These web pages get promoted by deceptive or scam sites (such as those claiming that a crucial piece of software is outdated, the device is infected or at risk, etc.). Once intrusive ads are clicked, they can execute scripts to secretively download or install PUAs. Now, proceed to how to get rid of Explore Results.How to get rid of Explore Results

How to get rid of Explore Results

You can remove ExploreSearchResults-related potentially unwanted apps from your “Applications” folder. However, before taking any further removal steps, perform the following actions first:

  • Tap on the “Preferences” icon in the Menu bar and choose “Profiles”.
  • Select the “ExploreSearchResults” profiles and remove them.
  • Perform a complete system scan with the Combo Cleaner anti-virus suite.

After you are done with the 3 simple steps above you can proceed to how to get rid of Explore Results once and for all. Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Finder icon
  • In the Finder window, choose “Applications“.
  • In the applications folder, search for “MPlayerX“, “NicePlayer“, or other suspicious apps and drag them to the Trash.
  • Once you can remove the potentially unwanted application(s) that cause online ads, you can scan your Mac for any remaining unwanted components.
  • Now, remove the adware-related files and folders.
  • You can as well tap the Finder icon from the menu bar.
  • Select Go, and click Go to Folder.
  • Ensure to check for adware-generated files in the /Library/LaunchAgents/ folder.
  • In the Go to Folder bar, enter: /Library/LaunchAgents/.
  • In the “LaunchAgents” folder, search for any recently-added suspicious files and move them to the Trash. Examples of files generated by adware include “installmac.AppRemoval. plist”, “”, “mykotlerino.ltvbit.plist”, “kuklorest.update.plist”, etc.
  • The adware usually installs different files with the same string.
  • You can check for adware-generated files in the ~/Library/Application Support/ folder.
  • In the Go to Folder bar, enter ~/Library/Application Support/.
  • In the “Application Support” folder, search for any recently-added suspicious folders. For instance, “MplayerX” or “NicePlayer”, and move these folders to the Trash.
  • Check for any adware-generated files in the ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ folder.
  • In the Go to Folder bar, enter ~/Library/LaunchAgents/.
  • In the “LaunchAgents” folder, search for any recently-added suspicious files and move them to the Trash. Examples of files generated by this adware are, etc.
  • The adware usually installs various files with the same string.
  • You can as well scan your Mac with combo cleaner.

This is how to get rid of Explore Results. Read on to learn how to avoid the installation of unwanted Applications below.

How to avoid Installation of unwanted Applications

To avoid the installation of unwanted applications, ensure you follow the following precautions so you won’t have to keep getting rid of Explore Results:

  • It is very essential to study all products to verify their legitimacy before the download or installation process.
  • Ensure all downloads are performed from official and verified sources.
  • Do not use P2P sharing networks (such as BitTorrent, eMule, Gnutella, etc.), free file-hosting websites, or other third-party downloaders, since they can’t be trusted and can offer similarly dubious content.
  • Software must be updated only with tools or functions provided by legitimate developers, as opposed to different third-party updaters.
  • When downloading or installing, we recommend you read the terms and conditions, study all possible options, use the “Custom/Advanced” settings, and opt out of additional apps, tools, features, and so on.
  • Invasive ads usually seem suspicious, however, they can redirect to dubious sites such as gambling, pornography, adult dating, and others.

In case you encounter advertisements or redirects of this type, ensure you check the system and remove all suspecting applications and browser extensions or plug-ins without delay.

If your computer is infected with ExploreSearchResults already, we recommend you run a scan with Combo Cleaner Antivirus for macOS to automatically get rid of this adware. Now, this is how to get rid of Explore Results without any hassle. Ensure you drop your comments or questions in the section below.

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