Torrent eBook sites Like eBookshare to Download eBooks for Free is a popular torrent eBook sites to search and download various eBooks for free as a torrent sites but do you ever think of sites like eBookshare? As one of the most widely used torrent site for eBook readers. eBook-share is different from some torrent sites such as kickass, and the likes. However, eBook share is recognized as eBook torrent sites.

eBookshare torrent site is full of various books available for download but it’s not the only and best torrent sites to download eBooks. Meanwhile, you can use eBook sites which are not torrent to download most academic eBooks, some of these sites includes, etc.

So guys, let make it funfair here today with top torrent eBook sites like eBookshare to search and download eBook for free with either the eBooks author’s name, ISBN, eBook title, and the likes.

Similar sites like eBookshare

Torrent eBook Sites Like eBookShare

Below are the list of best eBook site that offer torrent documents just like eBookshare to search and download your favorite eBook without registration.

1. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot has more than 90 categories of eBooks to search and download your favorite. Being an eBook torrent site you don’t necessarily need to register on the site before you can start to search and download eBooks for free.

As one of the best torrent eBooks sites like eBookshare you can get the best eBook from major fields such as the field of science, Engineering, Computer programming, Fiction and so on and so fort.

Despite the fact that this torrent eBook site is popularly known in countries like Canada, and USA you can still add your own eBook for other to download for free.

2. BayeBook

BayeBook is another popular torrent eBook like eBookshare to search and download torrent eBook for free. BayeBook is not as popular as eBookshare though but it’s a nice place to start searching for similar eBooks like eBookshare. On BayeBook, you get access to ePub eBooks, nora roberts, fiction eBooks, mobi, and lot more.

If you are business person and love to get lots of eBooks to guide you, BayeBook business section will definitely serve you right.

The only limiting factor of using BayeBook is that you may need to register on the site and activate your account if you are using BayeBook for the first time.

3. All-eBooks

All-eBooks is another site like eBookshare for downloading torrent eBooks with over 30,000 free torrent eBooks to download. All-eBook is proudly written in Russian language. If the language seems vague to your, you may however need Google translate to translate the page to language you understand such as English language.

Personally, I recommend All-eBooks site as a similar site to eBookshare for those that are interested in computer languages such as Java, JaveScript, CSS, programming etc.

In the same wise, if you have eBooks you want to share you can also register on all-eBooks site to share with other users.

4.  Manybooks

Manybooks is another similar eBook torrent site like eBookshare to download all sort of torrent eBooks for free. There are different kind of eBooks available on Manybooks to download for free and without stress. To download eBooks from Manybooks, you don’t need a skyrocket knowledge on downloading torrent eBooks. All you need to do is to search for your desired torrent eBook and download without necessarily needs to register as a user.  With over 33,000 free eBooks available in manybooks, you should be able to get your favorite torrent eBook for free from manybooks site.

If you are looking for similar sites like, you should consider starting with manybooks.

5. eBookee

If you need any eBooks on tutorial, you should consider eBookee as it has tutorial as a section. eBookee is sectioned into categories for ease navigation and accessibility. While you may want to take a look at eBookee site which is just like eBookshare, then you are good to go to download your favorite torrent eBooks.

When you want to download torrent eBook from eBookee it generate a download link that can easily be followed to download the eBook.

Do you know of any other eBook torrent sites similar to eBookshare? Kindly share with us via the comment section please.

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