How to Track Your recent Facebook Profile Visitors

A lot of people visit our Facebook profile page every day but most people don’t care about who visits there profile. Unlike me, before I accept a friend request I do make sure the new friend is identifiable with a real picture. Meanwhile, there are a lot of people who visit your Facebook profile page, both old and new friends without your knowledge knowing fully that these people are following you on Facebook and are ready to read your latest update. These people are classified as Facebook profile visitors.

If you are so much about your Facebook profile visitors, here in this article today I will share with you the best Facebook profile viewer without using a profile viewer app.

Meanwhile, while you want to track the list of people checking your Facebook profile without Facebook profile app you can use mostly all desktop browsers such as Opera-mini, Google Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and other computer browsers that lets users view the page source.

The implication is that it’s from your profile page source that you will be able to see the list of visitors to your Facebook profile where you have to copy the viewer’s code and add it to Facebook website URL to reveal the real identity of your profile viewer.

The limitation of this code is that you cannot view all your profile visitors at once. You can view individual visitor separately logging into your Facebook account.

How to Track Your recent Facebook Profile Visitors

Here is everything you need to know to track your recent Facebook profile visitors…

1. Log into your Facebook account on Chrome browser and click on your “Profile Picture”

2. Right-click on “outside” your Facebook profile in the browser and click on “view page source”

recent Facebook Profile Visitors

3. Click “CTRL + F” and search for “InitialChatFriendsList” and click “Enter” button

recent Facebook Profile Visitors

4. After the “InitialChatFriendsList” keyword above you will see a list of numbers indicating the total number of visitors your profile received.

recent Facebook Profile Visitors

5. Copy each number separated by the parenthesis to identify the exact profile on locker’s profile and add it to Facebook URL [” Or]

Facebook profile visitors

Only correct list code will reveal who is stalking you on Facebook. Wrong list code will return an error and you will not be able to identify who visits your profile for new and latest updates.

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