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Best Virtual Credit Card Service for Online Transaction

If you have been surfing the internet for a while now, then there is possibility that you have heard about credit card, even bank credit and debit card for online transaction. It can be time consuming to get one now because the procedure to get a Virtual Credit Card isn’t a tedious task.

Meanwhile, getting credit card for online transaction now has become more easier and without a predominant link with your bank account. Almost everybody now have at least one free virtual card or more.

The idea of Virtual Credit Card has over time gained importance for most online transaction. Before there is no physical credit or debit card just like the normal bank ATMs before, however, in the recent time, virtual card companies has introduced a physical card for free with the requirement to make online transaction such as card number, card name, security pin and expire date. And some could even be linked to your bank account and withdraw your money via your local ATM.

With virtual credit card such as PayPal, users can make transaction online and pay their merchants and vendor online.

The virtual card generator company have a secure mode off online transaction designating different credit card number for individual. Let us now take at some of the most used virtual credit card in Nigeria and across the globe.

Best Virtual Credit Card (s) for Online Transaction

There are tons of free virtual cards company that claimed to be professional. But, it is not about the claim it is about the proof. However, here we’ll only share with you top notch instant virtual card that will be shipped to your destination by the supplier within a month.


1. Payoneer MasterCard

Virtual credit card

Payoneer is one of the well known global online service payment that is available in almost all countries like Nigeria, India, Pakistan etc. unlike PayPal which still do not have their service enabled in some countries.

Payonner online card provide virtual MasterCard for online transaction once you signup. And it can receive and send money across the nations of the world in your account default currency.

The more reason I decided to put Payoneer first in the list of the free virtual cards is that it’s what I’m currently using to make most of my online transaction and transaction rate is very low compared to other online transaction card.

Note that Payoneer card is different from gift card by top sites like Amazon, eBay and the likes. Another benefits associated with Payoneer card is that once your total transaction crossed $100 you will be given a bonus of $50.


SignUp for Payoneer MasterCard here and get $25 reward

2. Entropay

Virtual credit card

Entropay is another one of the best virtual credit cards online for online transaction. Entropay free virtual cards are prepaid Visa cards that can be used to make and receive payment globally to your Visa account.

Just like Payoneer, Entropay VVC provided free virtual account and charge a minute fee for each transaction. One of the benefits of Entropay is that you can easily fund your account directly with your bank account without contacting any merchant.

Statistically, Entropay has created over 6,045,627 Visa credit cards with billions of Euro funds by users.

3. America Express

Virtual credit card

One of the oldest online banking that still maintain its prestige and that are still Fidel is America Express. It helps you to create your own prepaid and virtual credit cards within a blink of an eyes.


Once you fund your account you can now use it to pay for online transaction such as Facebook ads, web-hosting service, domain name registration and other online transaction.

With America Express you can create personal, small business, corporate and prepaid virtual cards depending on your choice and the purpose of the virtual account.

4. Oxigen Wallet

Virtual credit card

Oxigen wallet is one of the fastest growing virtual card companies in India with mobile app. Oxigen wallet helps user to recharge their mobile and other services like dth, transfer money from one account to another, and pay bills directly from your Oxigen wallet account.


Oxigen wallet virtual credit card only available in India and USA. So, if you are reading this from India on which virtual credit or debit cards is best, consider trying Oxigen first.

Virtual credit cards are taken over bank credit or debit card for online transaction this day, both internet addict and internet users are not opting for at least one virtual credit card that is best for online transaction. However, this is not to say bank credit and debit cards are valueless but in this digital world, virtual credit card will find its stands and stand firm with time.

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