Five Sites Offering Free Money

Fancy getting your hands on some free money? It might sound as if it is too good to be true. But a number of websites offer just that – the chance to get some free money for nothing!

They have various reasons for doing so but the end result is the same. Simply spend a few minutes browsing online and signing up for a service and you can get paid.

So where are some of the best places on the internet that are offering you free money today?



Rewards sites are some of the best ways to earn some free money on the internet these days.

Swagbucks is one of the best of them. The money that can be earned on the site is able to be converted into cash that is withdrawable to Paypal or into gift cards for a wide range of retailers.

People who join Swagbucks also have the chance to fill in surveys to earn money. Watching short videos is another way to boost your balance on the site.

There are more than 20 million members on the site, so Swagbucks is definitely the real deal. Over $250 million has already been paid out to people who have previously joined Swagbucks.



Similar to Swagbucks is Rakuten, which is one of the internet’s leading cashback sites.

This means that Rakuten will give you money for free whenever you spend cash at a Rakuten partner retailer – of which there are around 2,500 operating online today.

New users can also get their hands on a $10 welcome bonus to get them up and running.

It is also worth considering adding the Google Chrome browser extension from Rakuten. This will alert users whenever there is a chance to add to their balance on the site while shopping.


Online casinos might not seem like the obvious place to get your hands on free money. After all, a lot of people lose money at online casinos rather than being able to make a profit.

But these sites are all in competition with each other. This means they have to offer enticing promotions in order to encourage individuals to join them to play casino games like blackjack.

Deposit bonuses are typically offered by these casinos. However, it is not uncommon for free spins or even free bonus money to be handed out to new users who sign up for an account.

You do not have to search through each online casino site to find out what promotions they have either. NoDepositExplorer does the hard work, listing offers without any sort of obligation for you.

This really is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get some free money online right now.

Opinion Outpost

Most people will probably be aware that filling in surveys is a good way to get free money online.

Sites such as Opinion Outpost give people the chance to spend just a few minutes of their time filling in a questionnaire, for which they will be rewarded.

While it is unusual to be paid free money in actual cash, gift cards for places such as iTunes and Amazon are easy to earn on Opinion Outpost or one of its rival operators on the internet.

This is not quite getting something for absolutely nothing, though anyone who has some free time might be able to use it to fill in surveys and earn some quick money in return.

An alternative site to Opinion Outpost that works in a very similar way is User Testing.


Anyone who does not mind having their internet activity monitored could make free money by joining the Smart Panel.

Signing up to the platform gives people $5 straight away – as long as they meet the requirements on a quick questionnaire – and another $5 a month is earned for having the app.

Extra loyalty bonuses are also handed out to Smart Panel members every three months. And although the app runs constantly in the background on your devices, it does not have a significant impact on how fast your battery drains, so this is another tick in the box.

Giveaways and competitions are also run by the site on a regular basis to give people the chance to earn even more money out of being a part of Smart Panel.

While it might not be possible to earn a fortune through the use of the above five sites, free money is not something most people can afford to turn down.

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