[Fully Answered!!] – Will Roomba Fall Down Stairs

Are you thinking of getting a new vacuum cleaner, and the iRobot Roomba is at the top of your list?

Well, it’s expected since the Roomba vacuum cleaner is an automatic vacuum that does the cleaning itself, yet it is quite affordable.

This alone makes it a good buy; however, one of the concerns that may pique your interest is if you have stairs because you won’t have to guide the vacuum cleaner around them.

But that could leave you stuck asking the question “will Roomba fall down stairs.” Hahahaha.

If you are here because of this, there is one thing you have to know, and I will break it down in the heading below.

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Will the Roomba Fall Down Stairs?

In general, your Roomba is equipped with cliff sensors that allow it to detect and remove sharp edges.

Assume you have a stair in your home and your Roomba comes to the edge; before it continues, the cliff sense will detect a sharp edge and warn you to move away from the stair so it won’t fall off your stairs.

Your Roomba won’t fall off the stair if you are sensitive enough to respond to the warning of the Roomba cliff sensor warning.

However, on some occasions, it could be in any of the scenarios listed below.

Firstly, if your Roomba is an early-generation model or the cliff sensor is clogged up with dirt,

So, what steps can you take to ensure that your Roomba does not fall down the stairs at any time?

Stopping the Roomba from Falling Down the Stairs

will roomba fall down stairs

On a normal basis, your Roomba isn’t supposed to fall off the stairs, but on some occasions, it could.

Surprised right? Well, it’s not something you can’t deal with; all it requires is just some patience. However, I will be breaking down all you need to do to stop asking “will Roomba fall down stairs” at any given point in time.

Clean the Cliff Sensors Frequently

The Roomba comes with four cliff sensors which are present in the vacuum and they are located on the vacuum’s underbelly.

The first two are on each side of the castor wheel, and the other two are close to the front bumper ends, on either side of the vacuum.

Now, when debris, such as dirt or oil, builds up on any of these cliff sensors, it might interfere with the infrared signals, causing your Roomba to tumble down the steps as the dirt accumulates over time.

Fortunately, it is not a difficult task to complete because all you need to do is keep the sensor clean regularly—at least once a month. Use the magic eraser or a melamine foam cleaning sponge.

Don’t Put Dark Rugs near the Stairs

You might be surprised to learn that your Roomba vacuum’s cliff sensor has trouble discerning the difference between cliffs and dark carpeting.

Since it mostly depends on infrared sensors, which misinterpret images of dark objects, this is a drawback.

However, given that it is more typical of older models, it might not be a problem if you are using a new Roomba vacuum.

Modern Roombas are excellent at identifying rugs However, If you do not want to experience your Roomba falling off the stairs, it is best to avoid placing a dark carpet next to your staircase.

Replace the Cliff Sensors Once they are Broken

Every time you clean your Roomba cliff sensors, always check to ensure that the cliff sensors are not broken.

If you clean frequently and disable the cliff sensor, your Roomba may fall down the stairs, causing other parts of the vacuum cleaner to malfunction.

Since that is not desirable, it is preferable to replace the cliff sensor, which is less expensive than replacing the entire Roomba vacuum.

Warranty for a Roomba that Fell Down the Stairs

The Roomba comes with a warranty, and you can make use of it if you purchased it from an authorized iRobot seller or dealer and it hasn’t exceeded a year from the time of purchase.

Will the Robot Vacuum Trip and Fall Down the Stairs?

Your Roomba will not fall down the stairs because most models include cliff sensors to prevent such accidents. However, the only thing that could result in you falling down the stairs is if the cliff face is broken or clogged with dirt.

Will the Roomba J7 Tumble Down the Stairs?

If the cliff sensors are dirty or broken, the Roomba j7 can fall down the stairs. Another way you can resolve this is by cleaning and replacing the cliff sensor when you notice any kind of damage.

Roomba Falls Down the Stairs and the Dog

will roomba fall down stairs

If you have a dog at home, the Roomba might act strangely toward it, and the dog might damage the Roomba if it sees it as a competitor. However, the way the Roomba is built will keep that to a minimum. However, it is something you cannot write out.

So if you have a pet, you might have to clean the Roomba more frequently, and as you do that, always check the cliff sensors for any damage.

Will the Roomba i7 Fall Down the Stairs?

will roomba fall down stairs

Older models of the Roomba vacuum are prone to falling off the stairs; however, newer versions don’t have this struggle.

If you use a Roomba i7 series, it will not fall down the stairs; however, you must clean the cliff sensors regularly and inspect for any damage around the cliff sensors.

Keep Roomba from Falling Down the Stairs

will roomba fall down stairs
Source: iRobot

All you have to do is keep your Roomba vacuum cleaner clean and the cliff sensor looking for dirt or debris.

Also, another tip that reduces this scenario is to avoid the use of dark rugs, as your Roomba’s cliff sensors struggle to figure out a sharp edge on a dark rug.


By now you should have figured out the answer to “Will Roomba fall down stairs?” and what you need to do to avoid such a scenario since it could happen.

If this article has been helpful and your Roomba does not fall down the stairs anymore, feel free to drop a line in the comment section to share which tip has been the most helpful.

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