[2022]: Winston Elba – Net worth Family, Age, Biography

Winston Elba is a British-American celebrity kid, the son of Idri Elba and  Nayiana Garth [Idris ex-girl friend].

Winston Elba was born on April 17, 2014, and his mother’s name is Naiyana Garth, She used to be Idris’s Girlfriend until their breakup just three years after their dating during that time there were some rumours that Idris Elba was moving out with Sabrina Dhowre.

Now, Winston Elba age is eight, his half-sister Isan was an ambassador for Golden Globes in the year 2019, from his former relationship.

It’s quite important for a man to dedicate quality time to his kids, but, with Idris Elba’s busy schedule, he might not have much time to spend with him, so Winston tried to take advantage of any opportunity to walk with his father.

Possibly the father has found a way to balance his acting career with the time he spends with his family or maybe it’s still a struggle.

Meaning of Winston Elba’s Name

winston elba dd

 Winston is pronounced as WIN-stun. the name comes from old old English origin and it means “Joyful Stone”

Do you know that Idris Elba’s father also bears Winston, Idris’s parents were born in Africa, his dad Winston Elba was born in series leone while his wife was from Ghana. However, his wife is older than him. by a gap of 10 years.

However his dad is late now, and since the time he’s dead Idris Elba has moved on.

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While he was on Oprah’s show spoke about how his father was impressed by his performances as he kept saying that he looked like “Moses” 

Aside from that, Elba also acknowledged one of his dad’s favourite personalities, Nelson Mandela, his dad is his dad had always been a follower of Nelson Mandela’s fight and political views, and he considered that is somehow connected to that through the movie was a “massive

Idris Elba Net worth. 

As of a year ago the wet worth of Idris Elba is a bit above 30 million dollars. most of the money he made comes from his acting career, also that doesn’t stop the fact that he doesn’t make multiple streams of income from his various set of skills he has, ranging from Djing to Rapping e.t.c

Winston Elba Photos

winston elba dd

Idris Elba tested positive for COVID-19

Idris Elba mentioned on twitter that he tested positive foor covid 19. However, the virus is still at the easrly stage and the star feels okay.

Idris Elba shared a video trying to educate people to be vigilant about handwashing and social distancing. 

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Winston Elba’s Wife

winston elba dd

Idris Elba is married to a former page queen called Sabrina Dhowre. Apart from the fact that she’s a role model, she’s an actress too. 

When you look at the age difference between Idris and Sarina, she is as young enough to be a father by Idris. She is 16 years younger than him. their relationship started as far back as 2017, later on, their engagement between them was made public. The next year after that Idris proposed to Sabrina during the People’s sexiest man Alive was filming the mountain between Us and Vancouver.

Winston Elba dad Idris Elba’s Ex-Wives

The first wife of Idris Elba was Hanne Kim Nørgaard. Both of them met in England while she was still working as a makeup artist. 

They later moved to Newyork, unfortunately, their marriage lasted for only 4 years before the two broke out. However, they had a girl during the relationship called isan Elba who is currently in her twenties. 

However, she is now married to Andrew L. fair but they still maintain a good relationship by celebrating their daughter’s birthday every January, 

After Kim Idris got married to Sonya Nicole Hamlin, Hamlin was a property lawyer, unfortunately, the marriage was also short-lived too as it was seeing Sabrine during the time according to some sources.

Some say he was influenced by others to leave her since she could be a bottleneck to his acting career.

Idris Ela’s son Winston Elba, was from one of his ex-girlfriends called Naiyana Garth their relationship didn’t also last before they broke up in February 2016

Wilson Elba Jnr Net Worth & Biography

NameWinston Elba
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
FatherIdris Elba
MotherNaiyana Garth
SiblingsIsan Elba
DOBApril 2014
Age8 years
Facts about Winston Elba

Why Idris Elba is the Sexiest Man Alive?

As idris Elba says “I was very tall and skinny,” says the 6’3″ Elba. “And my name was Idrissa Akuna Elba, okay? I got picked on a little bit. But as soon as I could grow a mustache, I was the coolest kid on the block. Grew a mustache, had some muscles, bonkers.”

Winston Elba Age

Winston Elba is currently he is 7 years Old as at 29th of March 2022, in a few days he will be 8 years

Winston Elba Birthday

Winston Elba Birthdays is on April 14 of every year.

Winston Elba Nationality

Winston Elba was born in the united kingdom, so his Nationality is British.

Winston Elba’s Height

As at now, their is no exact information on his height 

Idris Elba’s Age

Idris Elba is 49 years old

When was Winston Elba born?

Winston elba ( the son of idris Elba) was born on April 14th 2022. 

Does Idris Elba have a baby?

Idris Elba have two kids, Isan Elba and Winston Elba

Who is Idris Elba Mother?

The name of idris Elba’s mum is Eve Elba

Where is Idris Elba moms From

Idris Elba’s mum is from is from Ghana

Who is Winston Elba mother?

 The name of winston Elba’s mum is Naiyana Garth

Who is Idris Elba father?

The name of his father is also Winston Elba. Idri named his son after his father, Winston.

Who does Idris Elba Date?

Presently, Idris Elba is dating Sabrina Dhowre who is 16 years younger than him

Is Idris Elba rich?

Idris Elba has a Net Worth of an Excess of 30 million Dollars, so he’s rich

How does Idris Elba say his Name?

The right way to pronounce the name of Idris Elba is Ih-dris Ehl-buh

How tall is Idris?

Idris Elba is 1.89m tall

Who are the Ex Wives of Idris Elba

Idri Elba first wife was Hanne Norgaard from 1999–2003 while the second wife was Sonya Nicole Hamlin from  2006–2006.

Idris Elba Wife

Sabrina Dhowre is the current wife of idris Elba as at 2019.

Where does Idris Elba Live?

Idris Elba hometown is London. However, he resides at fairly different places around the world. but he’s been spotted at Los Angeles, France, Djing etch.

Winston Elba Siblings

Winston elba has a sister from another mother called isan elba

What is Idris Elba full name

Idris Eba full name Idrissa Akuna Elba while his stage name his Idris Elba

Where is Idris Elba born?

Idris Elba was born in London Borough of Hackney located in Inner London.

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