Tommyinnit Net Worth, Age, Height, Awards, and Bio

TommyInnit is popularly known as a British gamer, YouTuber and Twitch streamer. His full name is Thomas Simons. Initially, he had a YouTube channel called ChannelNutpig after which he later launched the channel TommyInnit. 

For the most part, He is known for his Minecraft and Hypixel Skyblock video streams and recordings on both YouTube and Twitch.

While being a popular gamer he has also been dragged into many gaming controversies and has participated in numerous Minecraft titles. Also, he worked together with individual gamers like Pigicial and Badlinu.

His relentless participation coupled with his controversies in the gaming industry caused a sudden increase in his YouTube and Twitch Channels. Presently he has 7 other YouTube channels and has amassed 11.4 Million subscribers plus 1.06 Billion altogether.

TommyInnit net worth is estimated at around $2.22 million as of 2022.


TommyInnit whose full name is Thomas Michael Simons was Born on 9 April 2004. TommyInnit age is 18 years as of 2022. He was brought up in a Christian family from Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom. He is British by ethnicity and practices Christianity

Early Life & Education

Since adolescence, he was keen on gaming and has always wanted to seek out a career in the field so that he could become a professional gamer, However that hasn’t deterred him from going to school

He did his early schooling at a Local High School in Nottinghamshire, England, the United Kingdom.

After completing HIgh school, he enlisted himself at a private college in Nottinghamshire, England, the United Kingdom. He is still pursuing his education there.


TommyInnit started his spell as a gamer with a YouTube channel when he was just 12. He named the channel ChannelNutpig. The naming didn’t go well as he was always tormented by classmates for the strange name of the channel.

When he turned clocked 13, he decided to change it to Tom and immediately started making his recordings private.

A year after, he started his streaming on Twitch. Around late 2018, His posting became more frequent as he streamed a series of games such as FortnitePUBG, and Hypixel public gatherings (Bed Wars).


He had Kickstarted the YouTube channel TommyInnit on December 24, 2015, But he wasn’t very regular with his posting until 2019. His initial video was named Guide to Lobby Spamming which was posted on September 9, 2018.

Following his consistent streaming, Tommy quickly turned into a Twitch affiliate in 2019. The majority of his fan base in those days were Hypixel forces popular fans.

Around late 2019 on August 6, 2019, Tommy started posting Hypixel Skyblock clips. His channel changed from using a video-type-skit to Posting Livestream of his gaming sessions which he had edited.

Not long after all these scenarios, he had a sudden rise to fame on youtube with an awe-inspiring count, rising from 4.8k to 66k subscribers within 2 months. Presently Tommy has more than 1million youtube subscribers.

As he rose to fame, he got different opportunities such as being welcomed to SMPEarth, SMPEarth was a private SMP that included numerous powerhouses.

In addition to that, Tommy was also part of Dream Team SMP and L’Manburg. Sometimes, he turns his live streams, usually, those connected with Dream Team SMP, into YouTube recordings.

Tommy got a YouTube rank In September 2019 on Hypixel since he frequently makes recordings with other Minecraft YouTubers like Technoblade.

He has been involved in some newsworthy videos such as the video he posted uncovering The Archon server.

Also, Tommy has taken an interest in Minecraft titles, where he participates as a team player with numerous groups such as the Team Purple PandasTeam Aqua HorsesTeam Pink ParrotsTeam Cyan Creepers and Team Red Rabbits.

He has also collaborated with gamers like Wilbur Soot, TheEret, Krinios, Sylvee, MiniMuka, Bitzel, CaptainPuffy, and VoiceoverPete. Captainsparklez, CaptainPuffy, and Ph1lzA.

Among the numerous channels which Tommy owns he owns two other channels on YouTube named TommyOutit and TommyVODS.

TommyOutit mostly hosts his stream highlights which are quite similar to his TommyInnit channel.

The channel likewise facilitated content from the series Brockworth, yet Tommy still set the recordings to private or erased them.

Meanwhile, the TommyVODS channel contains his VODS (recordings on request) and his unedited live streams filed from Twitch.

TommyInnit youtube gift

As of 21 March 2022, his seven YouTube channels have on the whole amassed over 24.5 million fans and over 2.11 billion viewers while his main Twitch channel has reached more than 7 million viewers making him win a “Guinness world record” since he was the most-followed Minecraft channel on Twitch.

Tommyinnit Net Worth

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Tommyinnit net worth is estimated to worth around $2.22 million as of 2022. The total estimated assets owned by Tommy such as his channels his following and other which has amassed a huge number of followings and viewers.

Family & Parents

TommyInnit is the child of Mr Simons and Sarah Simons. His dad is own a business which he manages while his mom is a housewife. Since he is still young he hasn’t been entangled in any relationship as of now. Also, he hasn’t mentioned in any of his videos that he has any siblings.

Tommyinnit Siblings

Presently Tommy doesn’t have any siblings since he hasn’t mentioned in any of his videos or social media pages that he has younger or older siblings.

Tommyinnit Girlfriend

No reports are stating that Tommy is in any form of relationship since he is just 18 years old, it is pretty normal for him. But, being at the early age of adulthood, is something we can’t write off.

However, Tommy prefers to keep his personal life private. Also, he usually skips questions in regards to the relationship question

Tommyinnit Age

As indicated, based on his birth date which was on the 9th of April 2004. he is still currently 18. Which means he is a young adult. He always complained about adulthood saying it was not what it seemed.

Tommyinnit Height


TommyInnit has a gorgeous and attractive look with an enchanting personality. He has a pretty strong build-up with a rhomboid strong body type. He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches which is equivalent to 175.26cm.

Tommyinnit Weight

His body weight is around 71Kg which is equivalent to 156lbs. He has blonde and jazzy hair with rankling blue eyes. However, it seems he loves tattoos since he has a tattoo around his neck.

Tommyinnit Twitter

Tommy has a Twitter channel which he started around august in the year 2018, where he posts memes, his fan arts and some pictures about his life.

He also posts updates from his twitch and youtube channels on his Twitter page. Presently he has a 3.7million followers on his Twitter page.

Tommyinnit Guinness World Record


TommInnit possesses two Guinness World Records with regards to the popular sandbox computer game. The first is for Twitch’s most popular Minecraft channel as he holds the record for having the most Twitch fans which are around 5.6 million. The second Guinness award was for the most Twitch watchers for a Minecraft gameplay live stream.

Tommyinnit Wikipedia

TommyInnit has a Wikipedia page where you can check to get more data about him his life, his achievements and his family plus, what he is up to in his career.

How Tall is Tommyinnit?

Tommy probably wouldn’t be growing taller anymore. But while still in his early adulthood, Tommy stands at a height of 172cm which is equivalent to 5 feet 9 inches

How old is Tommyinnit?

Tommy Just clocked 18 years old since he celebrated his birthday on the 9th of April every year. presently he is a young adult.

Where does Tommyinnit live?

Tommy used to live in Nottingham, England with his Mother, Sarah Simons who is nicknamed “MotherInnit” however it was also reported that he tried getting an apartment in Brighton in January 2022. But presently his location is undisclosed.

How much does Tommyinnit make?

Based on certain calculation a YouTuber earn $3 per thousand views based on that deduction. TommyInnit would be making more than 15 thousand dollars for every video he uploads.

How much money does Tommyinnit Make?

Tommy is a pretty successful YouTuber. He makes a huge amount of money per video he uploads since he has a huge following

Based on certain calculations a YouTuber would earn $3 per thousand views and Tommy has racked up millions of subscribers. Anytime he clocks past a million views on his video he makes over $100k. However, on average, Tommyinnit rakes in approximately $163k per month from his YouTube channel.

When is Tommyinnit’s Birthday?

Tommyinnit celebrates his birthday on the 9th of April every year. Since April has passed he would have done his birthday for the year 2022.

Is Tommyinnit a 12 year old?

No, He was 12 years old when he started streaming his games online However he is now 18 years old as of 2022 since he was born in the year 2004.

When is Tommyinnits Birthday?

Tommyinnits celebrates his birthday on the 9th of April every year. Since April has passed he would have done his birthday for the year 2022.

Why is Tommyinnit so Popular?

He has been streaming videos since he was just 12 years old, so it is safe to say his rise to fame wasn’t a walk in the park. However, there have been a series of factors that have been instrumental to his fame.

One – he has YouTuber friends who actively post videos. secondly, his popularity spike started when he joined the Dream Team Survival Multiplayer server, co-run by major Minecraft YouTuber Dream.

Among other social media celebrities who rose to fame, you can check out Vinnie Hacker who also made most of his money being a social media personality over here

TommyInnit Personal Details

NameThomas Simons
Date of Birth09 April
Birth Year2004
Age (as in 2022)17 years old
Zodiac SignAries
BirthplaceNottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
Father NameMr Simons
Mother NameSarah Simons
HobbiesVideo games
Net Worth$2.22 million (approx.)
Education QualificationHigh School
Twitter Page@tommyinnit
Youtube Page@tommyinnit

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