Best Apps To Blur Photo Background on Android & iOS

Keeping the subject in focus and making a blur photo background on Android & iOS is exciting and attractive.  But how do you do this task on Android and iOS devices?

Taking pictures with smartphones is fun because it allows us to capture the most beautiful moments that we shared with the people who care most about us.

But sometimes these images contain objects we want to hide or items that we want to highlight and for this reason, camouflage effects can be a quick and effective way to blur photo background on Android & iOS and make images captured with phones more visually fun.

After removing objects from photos, you may want to use new sides or backgrounds to replace them, and at this moment, you can get free stock photos from photo sites easily with CC0 license.

Well, Blur Background apps offer the ultimate solution to this issue.  In this article, we will discuss some of the best apps to blur the background of your photos.

Smartphones provide great camera quality, along with many editing tools.  Every two days, a new widget makes its way to the app store, including background blur apps.

Many smartphones come with built-in photo editing apps, but some require a custom app to add a blurry effect to your photos.  Modern phones are equipped with good cameras that take great photos.  However, not all of them are able to create a professional image.  The depth effect is used to create such an image.

This can be accomplished by using the best apps to blur the background of the image, collected in this list.  Here is a list of some of the best apps that can blur photo background on Android & iOS and add life to your boring and faded photos.

Best Apps to Blur Photo Background on Android & iOS

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a great tool from Google, and it has been a huge hit among smartphone users.  As for the number of tools, it offers to edit photos that can be easily shared on social platforms instantly.  Apply bokeh effect to photos clicked with this blur image app directly.  This will allow you to focus more on the subject in the foreground.  With a blurry background, the focus is on subjects and gives clarity to the image.  It is a very popular app used for editing photos and blurring the background of the image on phones.

2. Instagram

This is one of the best social media platforms for sharing photos.  It contains some handy editing tools, which if you haven’t tried it yet, you should.  The image can be edited using the “Edit” section of the app before posting.  The modifier offers you various options as well as a tilt-shift.  Select this for more editing, which is Radial and Linear.  This can be used to blur the background of an image by focusing the subject in a circular or line segment.  You can always use this app to create a hazy effect on your photos without having to share it on Instagram.  You can simply save the image to your device; thus Instagram will act as a blurry image app for smartphones.

3. After focus

After focus is a great blurry photo app available on your smartphone.  You can easily use the app’s background blur feature to create powerful images.  After modifications, you will see the theme appear as a beautiful picture.  This is a very effective application that can accurately blur the background with complex edges.  Change the blur effect on the images to be as strong or weak as you like.  Use a Gaussian blur or motion blur to apply to the image captured on your smartphone.

4. Facetune 2

FaceTune2 is a popular app used to take modified selfies, and it is available for both Android and iOS.  You can find different image retouching options by applying a blur effect to the background.  Also add makeup, shine and whitening filters to your selfies.  It is a fun app to use for a number of creative features it offers to users.  The blur background app contains live features that can be added while taking pictures.  You can set any of the available images as wallpaper that will hide the background.

5. PicsArt Photo Editor

With over 500 million user base on Google Play Store and 4.7 ratings on AppStore, PicsArt is definitely a favorite for smartphone editing.  This works as a great blur background app in the times when you want to remove noise in the background of clicked photos.  It can be used easily and works perfectly to blur parts of the image.  Use the bokeh effect to be applied to give enrichment to your image.  You can use it to correct parts or to hide specific backgrounds in your photos to highlight the theme.


Want to give your photo a deep impact?  Blur your photo background?  Getting a vertical effect on any smartphone?  This simple and convenient photo editor will help you blur photo background on Android & iOS devices.

Do not waste time editing photos manually—no need to blur the background yourself anymore.  Artificial intelligence will blur the background of your photo in a few seconds.

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