How to Blur Photo Background on iOS

With your iPhone Photos App, you can blur unwanted parts from a photo taken on or outside your iPhone or from a screenshot. The iPhone App depth control or Natural Light gives mandate over photo background blurriness. So, if you are struggling to blur your iPhone background on your iPhone without using a third-party app here is a guide. In this article, you will learn how to blur photos on iPhone and the photos’ background without using an app.

Blurring your iPhone photos or screenshots will make the background invisible when you share the edited image or screenshot with a blurred background across your device. This is, however, different from how to blur people’s faces in photos on iPhone.

How to Blur Photos on iPhone

iPhone allows you to blur photo backgrounds on your iPhone and blur people’s faces from a group photo on your iPhone using the iPhone Photos App Depth Control feature if you are using an iPhone 7 while you may see natural light on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is a cool feature on your iPhone to cover what you don’t want people to see in your photos or if the photo carries too much information.

You can also use the blur effect on your iPhone if you want to draw attention to a particular part of the photo or screenshot so that the photo background will not cause distraction from the point of attention.

  • Open the “Photos App” on your iPhone. You can see the “Photos App” on the “Home Screen” or “App Library.”
  • Open the “Photo” you take in “Photo Mode” or take a new photo in “Photo Mode” with the background you want to blur.
  • If you see the “Portrait Effect” on the photo, hit “f” at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the “Depth Control Slider” to increase the blurriness on the background or use it to decrease the blurriness. You simply need to use the Depth Control Slider to how deep you want to background blur to look.

How to Blur People’s Faces in Photos on iPhone

You can blur people’s faces in Photos on your iPhone using the blur effect. However, the quickest way to achieve this is while taking the photo. You can blur out the person from the photo before taken. However, if you have taken the picture but you still want to blur the person you can still do that with your iPhone.

Blur People’s Faces while taking the Photo

  • Open the “Camera App” on your iPhone. You can find this on the Home Screen or check through the App Library. To ease the stress of searching through the App Library, you can use the Spotlight search to search for it.
  • Tap on “People” on the “Camera App” screen where you are trying to take the picture to focus on it and other content or people on the Camera App will become blurred.
  • Use the blur effect to adjust the blur location until the people in the picture are completely blurred out. Hit the “Shutter” icon to take the picture.

Only the focus item or person in the picture will be clear while others will be blurred out.

Blur People’s Faces Using Photos App

If the people’s faces that you want to take are in a photo you have taken. You can still blur their faces from the picture. However, the Photos App doesn’t have a built-in feature to blur faces but you can use the built-in feature on your iPhone to blur people’s faces from public photos. Here are the steps to take.

  • Open the “Settings App” on your “iPhone.” This is the cogwheel gear icon on your iPhone apps.
  • Locate the “Photos App” in the “Settings” and click on it to open the app configuration.
  • Hit the “Advanced” option on the “Photos App” settings page.
  • Scroll down and go to the “Privacy” section. Locate the “People or Faces” option and turn it on.

Once this feature is turned on you will be able to blur people’s faces on your iPhones and share the photos without revealing the identity of the people whose faces are blurred.

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