Best eBook Torrent Sites 2017 for Torrenting Books

When it comes to best eBook torrent sites bookzz is one of the most popular and widely used ebook torrent site to download both free and premium eBook for free. Even when it is not legal to download books from bookzz org torrent site due to the risk attached to downloading pirated content as a result of piracy infringement. has built a well known reputation and an outstanding domain authority down to it category in the presence of criticism.

However, other site like bookzz such as eBookshare, bookee, Manybooks to mention a few could not compete with book zz eBook torrent site until the was shut down permanently.

The popular eBook free download site was brought to book and was shut down due to piracy infringement without stating the reason why they shut down except in an email forwarded to their subscribers that they are done for good and moved to a new domain name.

And now that bookzz org have gone for good it’s time to share best eBook torrent sites which are best alternative to search and download your favorite eBook after the cloud covers the existence of the giant, However, we advise to use VPN to surf torrent site at all time in order to protect your online privacy. Never the less, a free speed vpn would do and you will safe yourself from law enforcement agency tracking your IP address online.

eBook torrent sites

Bookzz org eBook Torrent Sites Alternatives

Some popular book torrent sites have shutdown and more may still shut their door against sharing pirated content online. However, we recently noticed that eBookshare torrent site refused to open and their was no preempt message sent to their subscriber. And for this reason, we would online share top notch book torrent site to search and download any eBook torrent for free.

  1. The pirate bay
  2. FreeBookSpot
  3. Free eBooks
  4. iTorrent
  5. WikiBooks

1. The Pirate Bay

If at all there is only torrent site alternative to bookzz .org it shout be the pirate bay. The pirate bay have won lot of cases against bringing down their servers and, currently they were declared victory over Google and YouTube according to torrent freak torrent new site that the existence of the pirate bay is indeed a threat to the two giant companies. However, to start with best eBook torrent sites like bookzz the pirate bay is our first choice with more than 6 category to search your desired contents from.

2. FreeBookSpot is one of the best book torrent websites with over 50 book cateogry to choose from. This site is different from bookzz org yet it is best alternative. The varieties of books available on freebookspot are sectioned into categories according to field. You can find eBooks base on filed such as science, Engineering, Nursing, Technology and most imporantly, you can also sort books based on popularity for easy access. However, before was shut down and moved to a new domain address you can also sort books based on popularity and or using bookzz category to download book.

3. Free Ebooks book torrent site is a well posh book site with quiet a reasonable number of categories. At free-eBook you can easily search and download your favorite eBook once you are able to remember author’s name, book ISBN and most easily, using book title. The free eBooks torrent ebook site is popularly known for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Children Audiobooks and many other miscellaneous eBook category to search and download from at no cost.

4. iTorrent

The name says it all and it’s really what you think it is. iTorrent is a popular torrent ebook site to search various category of eBooks and download for free. It’s not only Books that you can download from this book torrent site you can also download torrent music, torrent game, torrent TV show, animations, and watch anime for free on this torrent site. The similarity between bookzz org and iTorrent is that both are popular torrent site for free torrent book download without registration.

5. Wikibooks is an arm of eBook section. Wikibooks has over 15 languages with over 50 books categories. Wikibooks is not really an eBook torrent site to search and download torrent books, rather it is an encyclopedia of eBooks where you can find any books online written in your official language rather than the general language. However, if you are looking for best alternative to eBook torrent sites,book Wikibooks should be your first priority

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