Most Popular Sites to Watch Anime Online and Download for Free

It’s anime time today. Here in this article today, you will learn the most popular websites to watch anime online and download anime movies for free.

Anime is not only for toddlers, but adults can also enjoy watching anime series most especially in a country where it’s legalized and that are the origin of Anime movies or Anime cartoon books like Japan.

Anime films are very much popular among the Japanese, and it’s mainly animated movie.

To start with you can watch dubbed anime list watch cartoons online to boost your moral for watching anime movies and in the same way too, simply download animation movies “free anime movies” online, and watch for free during your leisure time.

Watching anime movie online is common among children and recently adult has started watching anime as well. Most regions see anime movies as cartoons. Whichever way, either anime or cartoon you will learn more about the best websites to watch anime free online in this post.

Meanwhile, before proceeding with these most popular sites to watch and download anime movies free you may want to the checklist of the best websites to watch Hindi movies for free and download without registration.

Most of the websites you will learn more about in this article are popularly called anime-free TV. They show most anime movies for free online and grant users the privilege to download anime online for free from their website.

watch anime online for free

Best Websites to Watch Anime Online

Below is the list of the best websites to watch anime online for free. And most of these websites allow you to download anime for an offline watch for free.

The most interesting part of these websites is that you can download unlimited anime movies for free with or without registration.

1. Anime-Planet

watch anime online

Anime-planet is my favourite anime website to search and download anime movies free online. Anime-planet dedicated a whole category for anime which makes it very easy to search for desired anime movies and download or watch them online for free.

In terms of popularity, anime-planet is one of the most popular websites to watch anime online. Also, you can browse the manga category to watch manga for free just.

2. Animestreams

Watch Anime Movies Online

Animestreams is another popular website dedicated to anime lovers to watch and download anime films for free.

One of the most popular sections in anime streams is the English dubbed section. With the anime stream search box you can easily search for your favourite anime with just a click without registration.

3. Gogoanime


Gogoanime is yet another popular anime website to watch and download anime movies for free. The Gogoanime watch anime online English anime online HD is free and easy to navigate. This website is dedicated fully to anime movies online. Being the 3rd most popular website to watch anime online, anime movies on the site are sectioned into a category.

And thus, it makes it extremely easy to get access to English dubbed anime from the website without stress.  Also, all episodes of anime can be accessed from this website for free without registration.

4. Crunchyroll

Anime free watch online

Crunchyroll is another legal website to watch anime for free online. No prerequisite is required to start watching anime on the Crunchy roll website as mentioned with Gogoanime watch anime online English anime online HD.

Just as seen on PS4 and Xbox so also you will enjoy your animated movies on Crunchy roll for free.

Crunchy roll offers both premium and free access to anime movies on their site nevertheless with Crunchy roll free access you will have access to unlimited anime. Also, you can try the Crunchy roll premium service to see whether they are good enough for you or otherwise.

5. KissAnime

watch anime online

Kissanime is a must-check website for an anime lover. The name sounds weird though but you can watch unlimited anime from this website.

 Kissamine categorized anime movies into sections such as anime list, anime dub, watch anime, and most important you can request your favourite anime on the site if it has not been uploaded for users to watch or for users to download.

At the same time, you can also upload Anime movies for other Kissanime users to watch online and download for offline purposes. A key feature is to share anime movies with friends on social media.

6. Funimation

Funimation Anime site

The name of this website says it all. It simply defined what you will meet on the site if you choose to visit them. The site is full of animated movies but the Funimation free anime website is country dependent.

This implies that to be able to watch free Anime on Funimation you must switch to this country if your country is a strikeout of the region you can watch free anime on the Funimation free anime website.

It’s not currently working in some African countries but you can access Funimation from around the world using VPN. However, at the time we update this article, Funimation free Anime movies website is coming to Brazil and Mexico soonest.

7. Animelab


AnimeLab is popularly called an anime TV room where to watch Anime online doing or offering nothing in return. You do not need any special requirements before you can start to watch anime online for free on this popular anime website.

All AnimeLab free anime movies website do in their life is to upload and share anime movies free links to watch and link to download for free. Right on the website homepage comes with list of anime movies to start watching.

 AnimeLab is one of the most popular anime websites with Apple, Android, and Windows apps to start streaming animation movies online on your smartphone without stress.



Finally on our list of best websites to watch anime movies free online is Eyeonanime. This site makes it extremely easy for you to access various kinds of anime movies with the use of the alphabet.

Another easiest thing to do on Eyeonanime is to stream anime movies online free even without registration and it’s all free.

These are currently the best websites to watch anime online for free in 2020 and these websites do not have a special requirement before you can either download or watch anime for free.

To watch Anime movies free online is simple and direct. Without using free Anime apps to watch Anime online you can just visit your favourite search engine and search for “Anime movies free” to get the list of all popular websites to watch anime for free online.

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