Best Kodi Addons to Watch Videos Online

If you want to truly enjoy Kodi on your MacBook then you need to find out some popular kodi addons and install them on your desired browser, in most cases it is Google Chrome browser. There are many of them though but lately, Kodi is facing difficulties with some of its addons been shut down due to piracy infringement, and as such there is possibility that some best kodi addons 2017 for movies, for live TV, for spot, and for fusion that you used to know have been blocked from working. However, there are still some working kodi addons that makes entertaining a worthwhile and before this post dig deep to the list of best Kodi addons 2017 it worth to let you know that the best way to enjoy kodi when you install it on your MacBook and protect your online privacy totally is through the use of speed VPN.

A free speed VPN is what you need to enjoy to the fullest kodi app features and your favorite kodi addons when installed. However, this post promised to put before you most valuable kodi addons 2017 you need to install on your device.

Best Kodi addons 2017

Best Kodi Addons 2017

Your kodi installation is not complete without the proper addons to help project your mission for installing kodi. However, for those that love to enjoy kodi video, TV, music to mention a few features of kodi below are the best Kodi addons 2017 you need to install.

1. Exodus

If you are on the lookout for best kodi addons that let you watch videos and live TV on your kodi app then you need to start thinking of exodus kodi addon. Exodus kodi addon is one of the best kodi addons in 2017, and it’s widely known and became popular due to the fact that it can easily be used to organize your kodi video and make accessibility very easy.

2. Phoenix

This addon always have it way on kodi and in my heart whenever I need the next best kodi addons to install. And most importantly in 2017, Phoenix kodi addon offers several channels with quality content for you to live stream without paying a cent. One noticeable part of this addon is that its channel database are updated on constant bases to feature a new movies content.

3. Filmon TV

This kodi addon is mainly for people using kodi is western worlds, the Canada and the UK. However, those using VPN accessing kodi will also find this kodi addon useful. One of the best way to dig more into kodi’s world and what’s happening in UK and Canada TV channel is through the installation of Filmon TV kodi addon.

4. Indigo

Indigo is yet another popular kodi addons 2017 you need to install. The best way to add more flavors and beauty to your kodi media center is through the installation of kodi indigo addon which gives you the privilege to configure kodi media center to your own taste rather than you stick to default media center configuration.

5. Bulldog Streams

For those of us that love to stream sport live on our kodi app media center this is the best kodi addon for us in 2017. With this kodi addon, you will get unlimited access to several of sport channels online for free. And with this addon, you can sit at the comfort of your home to enjoy any sport of your choice when you install it correctly on your device.

6. SportDevil

SportDevil kodi addon is another popular kodi addon that got talked about in 2017 to stream sport live on your kodi app. Without Sportdevil kodi addon this list of best kodi addon 2017 will not be complete. However, to fully enjoy Sports devil addon on kodi you need to install some of the other addons listen above, most especially your choice of sport kodi addon.

7. Navi-X

This is a link kodi addon. With this addon installed you will have free access to a direct link to your desired content. The only limitation of this addon is that the links in the addon are not organized nevertheless you can sort them yourself. However, when you are done installing this addon the best way to get access to latest content link is via the recently viewed option and you will get to know more working links and links that are recently viewed.

8. SoundCloud

Before now SoundCloud has been one of the best free MP3 music download sites. In fact, soundcloud is a music search engine and this is exactly what you will enjoy when you install soundcloud kodi addon. Soundcloud kodi addon grant unlimited access to thousands of free music to listen to online and without a dime.

There are numerous list of kodi addon but lately, many kodi addons were shut down and blocked from existing. However, these are the best kodi addons 2017 that we can vouch for that you will enjoy to the fullest to make using kodi app more fun.

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