Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

In this article, we’ll share with you the best Manga reader apps for Android phone users to read Japanese comic books in the English language. Manga is popular among the Japanese who love reading novels and comic books about the Ancient Japanese story back in the 19th century.

In recent times, the Manga app has become popular among English (British), and other countries since users can now read Japanese comic books in the English language as opposed to the traditional Manga background.

With the Manga app on your Android smartphone, you will be able to read the Japanese Manga story, which has been translated from the Japanese language to a universally acceptable English language.

Manga Reader App

The attribute of a Good Manga App

When you are choosing the best Manga for your Android phone, the following attributes are necessary for you to consider.

  1. A good user interface for easy navigation
  2. Ability to view Manga contents
  3. Magnifying feature to increase and reduce Manga fonts
  4. Eye comfort reader’s feature at night
  5. Pin pages

The above features are a few features you should expect from a good Manga for Android Smartphones.

Best Manga Readers for Android and iOS

Below are a top list of the readers’ apps for Manga fans to read Japanese comic stories on Android that are already translated to the English Language.

1. Manga Browser

Manga browser is a very neat and good UI app for reading Manga stories on Android phones. The app is totally free from the Google play store. Instead of the browser reader to ask users to pay to access the full version, the app is found in the in-ads app so that ads will start showing while using the app with your phone connected to the internet.

If this is your first time or want to get a Manga app or you are new to the reader, this is a cool app to start with to have access to different Manga stories online on your phone without an additional subscription.

However, with a one-time subscription on the Manga browser, you will put a stop to all the annoying ads while reading Manga contents on your phone.

2. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga is another Manga app that gets tons of Manga contents to read with a single tap. However, the Crunchyroll Manga app is different from the Browser Manga app mentioned above.

The Crunchyroll Manga is a subscription-based app to read the Manga story on your Android phone. However, to can first go with the free account where you will have access to some Manga stories and Manga anime.

However, you will be restricted from access the full the Manga features, which will put your access behind the bar to access premium content.

If you are going to use this Manga app, make sure you are very familiar with the app UI as it’s a bit difficult compared to Browser Manga.

3. MangaZone

You will love to hear that MangaZone has over 15,000 Japanese Manga stories that have been translated to the English language. The MangaZone also has a community for users where they meet and talk about their favorite Manga stories.

The MangaZone app offers unlimited content to read. As you finish an episode or a whole story, another will come instant.

If you are Manga Anime freak, you will be busy throughout the day trying to read different Manga storybook online for free on your Smartphone.

4. MangaLife

MangaLife offers more contents than the  MangaZone app. You will access to over 15,000 Manga online story on your Android phone. Whereas, the MangaLife offers 24,000 Manga online story.

However, to enjoy these Manga stories with the entire Manga titles the app has, you would have to upgrade to a premium version. The free version only offers a limited offer of the Manga story.

Apart from the English language, the MangaLife also supports different languages up to 10 different languages. This implies that if neither English nor Japanese isn’t your primary language, MangaLife will make life better for you by translating from one language to another.

5. Manga Rock

MangaRock app is another app to read Mango story on your Android phone in the English language instead of the default language Japanese Mangas are written.

However, MangaRock offers both a free version and a paid version. The free MangaRock restricts users access from access to all the contents available while the premium offers no restriction.

However, with $3.99, you can get access to thousands of Manga contents on MangaRock. However, before you subscribe, verify that Manga Rock works in your region as the app is based on geographical region.

However, for this, we advise users to get VPN to read Manga stories on MangaRock. The app has a beautiful user interface and features to increase and reduce the Manga font size.

6. MangaKa

The MangaKa is one of the best Manga apps you will come across in the Google play store that offers 100% free access from access all the Manga stories on the app without registration.

With the MangaKa reader app for Android, you don’t have to subscribe or pay a dime to read Japanese Manga and meet with other Manga readers.

The app UI is better than some of the paid Manga app to read the Manga’s story on your phone. The is free to download and install from the play store.

So, if you are considering a Manga app reader with good UI and easy navigation, MangaKa is one of the few with these features and totally free to use.

7. Manga Net

Let’s talk about Mange Net app reader and where it’s one of the best Manga apps you can see out there. Manga Net offers cool UI and easy to navigate features to read and bookmark the Manga story on your phone.

One feature of the Manga app is that it includes popular Mangas and new trending Mangas as it hit the limelight straight to the Manga Net app on your next update, and you can add a story to favorites so you can easily access it when next you want to read.

The Manga Net app works without Android OS from Android 4.0 to Android Pie.

8. Manga Shelf

If you are looking for a Manga app to access all old Manga stories, Manga Shelf will serve you better. The reader offers one of the best UI and navigation feature that matches the latest trending app to read Manga stories on Android

Although the Manga shelf app has some outdated design, you may not like but it worth using when you are in love with those old Manga stories.

Make sure you check out the Manga shelf to read all your favorite Manga stories online on your Smartphone.

9. Manga Search

Manga search is another home Manga for all interested readers to enjoy both old and new Manga are its trends. With this Manga reader app, it’s very easy to search for your favorite Manga story if you know the title without browsing through the entire story or check through the trending Manga story on the app.

When you want to read Manga for free without paying a cent, you can just download the Manga search app, install it on your Android and start to enjoy Manga contents on your phone.

The user interface is designed to meet up with the current Android Pie design, and it works perfectly with other old Android versions.

One of the features of this Manga app I enjoy is the feature to upload your own favorite Manga story for others to read.

10. Manga Bird

The Manga Bird is what I call the father of all Manga app for reading Manga on Android smartphones for free. The app at least 3 times each Manga each of the apps above have.

This particular Manga app has over 100,000 free Manga titles to read for free without getting anything in return.

Apart from including old Manga titles on its database, the app also updates it Manga title daily to make sure that both trending and new Manga titles that are not available on its database are made available to all Manga fans.

In addition to all these features, the Manga bird also supports different language translators to translate the Manga title from one language to another language.

11. ZingaBox Manga

ZingaBox is another must use Manga app to read Manga stories and download Manga comic offline on Android phones.

The app offers a cool UI and a community where different Manga lovers can meet to share ideas on their favorite Manga titles, etc although the ZingaBox Manga app is new to sharing Manga download offline and contents readers.

The interface is simply designed to work on all Android OS, including Android 4.0 to Android Pie. As the ZingaBox app is still new to reading Manga comics and it offers only a limited Manga comic at the moment compared to other Manga apps above.

12. Manga Master

This Manga app is what I called Oliver twist as the app database is updated daily to make sure it meets the demand of Manga offline download fans.

The MangaMaster updates daily different Manga titles to read online and arrange titles based on popularity and most read.

Although Manga Master isn’t free, with a mere $0.99, Manga Master will remove restrict access from all its over 24,000 Manga titles to read for free, interact with other Manga fans, etc.

In addition to this, the app also supports up to 10 languages apart from the default English language the Japanese Manga contents are translated from.

If you are looking for the best Manga readers for Android, you can choose from any of the above 12 best apps. They are cool with good UI and are easy to navigate.

You will also be able to meet with new Manga fans, upload your favorite Manga title for others to download offline.

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