How to Update BMW Software

BMW software update using ECU and ConnectedDrive. If you have got an obsolete BMW software in your car here is how to update it to the latest firmware. Now that everything comes in new shape and form and all tech companies want to stay ahead of their competitors, constant rolling out of software update won’t be much to talk about. To update BMW software means to put your BMW car software in the right shape with the evolving technology.

Therefore, if you have been hardened with how to update BMW software in and out of the manufacturing state, here is all you need to do to run the software update and update to the latest version of the available update for your BMW car.

Basically, BMW update is sectioned into two different parts. So, when opting for the software update you’d need to decide which of the options that best fit into your BMW firmware update.

Types of BMW Software Update

There are two known ways to update the software on BMW. Both approaches work better and function in the same way but following a different approach.

  • ECU Software update
  • ConnectedDrive software update

Before we proceed to run the software update on your BMW, let’s quickly explain the two types of BMW software update to you. Don’t Miss: How to Activate NickJr

BMW Software Update

ECU Software Update

ECU BMW software update means electronic control modules. The is widely recommended when you want to upgrade Bimmer cars’ software. This BMW software update approach doesn’t only update the car’s software alone it also fixes all related-issues to the car’s update that are included in the new software available.

ECU BMW software works in a dynamic way that revolves around the entire update you are doing. It works in such a way that the ECU will check all the ECUs number and this is restricted to only BMW dealer alone or an affiliated shop with the right equipment to run ECU software update.

However, the ECU software update is only recommended for Bimmer car users that have other things to fix in their car other than the regular update.

The risk attached to the ECU BMW software update is more than doing the regular update. So, this general update is not necessary.

ConnectedDrive software updates

If your Bimmer car features in Combox you can carry out this software update on your BMW. This approach could be tagged as media or drive update approach. This is manual and it covers Multimedia, Bluetooth, Internet and mobile compatibility that works with the latest version of the Apple and Samsung or Android OS.

In some cases, you can check your ECU number, download the software upgrade from the source and do a manual update to upgrade from the older software to the new software via your drive or USB cable.

How to Check for BMW Software Update

How do you know that your Bimmer car is due for a software update? This is not like the fuel gauge or oil gauge. However, to know that your car is due for an update might be due to malfunctioning or notification on the notification dashboard that your device is due for an update.

In some cases, the manual approach does not need an expert approach to run and update to the latest version with your CarPlay. However, if for an issue that goes beyond the software update the iDrive or ECU update could be what you need to consider.

However, if there is no problem that goes beyond a mechanical approach to fix there won’t be a software update for all BMW with the same ECU as yours.

How to Update BMW Software using DriveConnect

Firstly, you need to download your car ConnectedDrive Software Version from the official BMW website for your car. This is irrespective of whether you are using never Drive system from the factory or older vehicle that has the combox factory installed on it.

To search for the Drive update while on the BMW software update site enter your car vehicle identification number (VIN) and search for the update.

Now, if you are running the latest version you would not see an update download available but if there is a new update available to download, you will be prompted to download it to your drive.

Once the update is downloaded from the official website, transfer it to a formatted flash drive and insert it into the port to run the update for your device.

This update will fix all the related issues that are associated with this software update and you will be able to enjoy a smooth-riding Bimmer car.

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