Candice Neil’ Net Worth

Candice Neil is an American model and actress who was born in the year 1984. She rose to fame after getting married to the famous Billy Zane, who is an actor and American producer. Candice is known for her roles in mass effect and winter dragon. Currently, Candice Neil net worth is aproximately $1million.

Candice Neil is an American model who came to the spotlight after tieing the knot with the popular actor Billy Zane. Billy Zane was famously known for his role in the 1997 titanic film, where he acted as Caldone Hockey, the antagonist. She is still married to him to date and she has two kids with him. The closest report of Candice Neil’s net worth estimates it to be around $1million

Early Life

There isn’t enough record about how Candice lived her early life, however, she was born and raised in as born and raised in Los Angeles, California, United State in the year 1985. after which she went for her high school education with good grades. she progressed her studies by gaining a bachelor’s degree in us state university.


Candice came to fame after she got engaged to the popular titanic actor billy zain, she was initiated into modeling because of her similar look to Angelina Jolie, not only her looks, including her body structure and her bone structure.

All these made her entry into the modeling industry, quite easy since modeling scouts were already attracted to her.

during her modeling job, she appeared in music videos such as the popular boy band, backstreet boys for one of their songs called helpless. She was also in a music video by Koji Zadora. She appeared in a music video by Mansour for a song called “Ghararemoon yadet nareh” (Don’t forget our date). She was also in another Mansour music video called “Mano Bebakhs” (Forgive Me) and other numerous music videos,

Her entry into acting began when she was used as the inspiration for a video game character named jack, in the video game franchise Mass Effect.

Candice Neil was the face model for Mass effect 2 and 3. Also, she went on to have other acting roles in movies like winter dragon in 2015 where she acted as Ilyena.

Candice Neil marriage

Candice Neil

How did they meet? Candice’s friend (name undisclosed) was pivotal in the meeting between billy zain and Candice Neil. it was through that friend that they met each other and the friendship graduated into engagement

Billy on the other hand has been married several times before he finally settled with the American based model, Billy initially married Lisa collins in the year 1989, but they broke out in the year 1995 due to unknown reasons, after his first relationship he had four more relationships, each of them falling out, before finally settling down with Candice Neil.

IN 2010, they both got married after their engagement and currently, they have 2 daughters named ava who was born in 2011 while their second daughter, Gia was born in the year 2014.

Candice Neil Family Background

Candice Neil tries to keep her personal life private as not much is known about her including her family background, who her parents are, and her siblings however, billy zain (Candice’s husband) hails from Chicago, Illinois. isn’t it soo private?

The name of his parents is William and Thalia Zane. They were both of Greek descent. Thalia and William were both amateur actors. His dad Williams is from Mani while his mom is from chios, his family name called zain was coined from the word Zanikopoulos which was later anglicized to be Zane.

Billy has an elder sister who is also in the entertainment industry and performs as a singer and actress.

Candice Neil Children

Candice Neil Children

Candace rarely talks about her children online or on social media, she tries to keep it private however what we know about her kids is pretty basic, she has two kids, the firstborn Eva was born on the 20th of February 2011, while her second child billy was born in 2014, Eva is currently 11 years of age while billy is 8 years. Once there are other details about here kids we will be sure to update them.


There have been no issues between Candice and billy, for now, probably they were destined for each other from the start since billy isn’t used to staying that long with women. Candice Neil still has a passion and respect for her partner.

Candice Neil Husband- (Billy Zain) Titanic

There have been reports saying that billy zain didn’t like the way the film titanic ended

Billy thinks the character he played was being misunderstood, and that he deserves to end up with Rose (Kate Winslet) at the end of the film.

Surprisingly, he made mention that people came to meet him on a Tv show to talk about Titanic with funny comments like “Where’s the diamond? You’re a terrible shot. I don’t know what she was thinking! How could you?”

Candice Neil Net Worth

Candice makes most of her money from her modeling career also she benefits from being married to a successful actor. But there is no specific report about any owned assets.

However, Candice Neil net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. while her husband Billy Zain has an estimated net worth of around $20 million.

Candice Neil’s date of birth

Due to Candice’s secretive nature, probably she prefers to keep her personal life private, the only information about her date of birth known to the public is the year she was born which is 1985 however, the specific date and month aren’t known yet

Candice Neil age

Candice Neil Prefer to keep her personal life out of the public. The only thing known about her date of birth is the year she was born which is 1985, invariably, we don’t know what date and what month making it hard to predict her correct age, however, following the year she was born her current age should be 37 years of age while her husband Billy Zane is 56 years old as of today’s date 13th April 2022.

Candice Neil height

Most models have an average height you can rarely see a short model, standing at a height of 5 foot 8 inches with a weight of 68kg. her height coupled with her weight makes her quite suitable for a modeling career. However, billy stands at a height of 1.84m, which is a few meters tall from the calculated average height of men living in a country like Germany.

Billy Zane 2021

Billy Zane is an American-based actor who is best recognized as Caledon Hockley in the famous titanic movie and also for performing Hughie in a thriller entitled Dead Calm in the year 1989. and a superhero film titled The Phantom still works as an actor. But he isn’t getting any younger so most of his days will be spent with his family.

Billy Zain Relationship Before Canice Neil

Before billy zain got married to Candice Neil, he had engaged and left five ladies consecutively, which he keep breaking up with till he finally settled with Candice.

below are the five wives and the years he got married to them

  • Lisa Collins (1989-1995) – She was zain’s first wife whom he married while she was an actress, their marriage lasted for 6 years.
  • Leonor Varela (1999) – He began a relationship with his Leonor Varela who was at the time a Cleopatra co-star unfortunately, they broke out in 1999
  • Kelly Brook (2004-2008) – He got engaged to kelly brooks but after four years and some few reconciliations they finally ended it in August of 2008.
  • Jasmina Hdagda (2010) – there isn’t much known about the time they spent together
  • Angela Lindvall

Currently, he is married to Candice Neil who is also a mother to his 2 daughters Ava Catherine (b. 2011) and Gia (b. 2014).

Candice Neil mass effect

Candice was used as the face of the video game franchise mass effect for both the second and third versions of the game. The character she is being used for is a person called jack.

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