How to Fix Can’t watch Prime Video on Samsung or LG TV

If you can’t watch prime video on Samsung or LG TV, here is a guide for you to fix it. There has been a lot of complaining of recent that Prime video is not working on Samsung or LG smart TV. Prime Video and Samsung and LG are both aware that the two devices are having issues working together.

However, we are going to share how we are able to fix “can’t watch prime video on Samsung or LG smart TV.” The guide covers how to Prime video error code on Samsung Smart, Prime video not loading, prime video not responding, and other prime video related error on your LG and Samsung Smart TV.

How to Fix Can’t Watch Prime Video on Samsung TV.

Follow each of the procedures below to fix Amazon Prime video not working on Samsung Smart TV or can’t watch error on your Samsung TV.

1. Restart your Smart TV

If the Prime Video is giving you an error code or can’t watch your desired movie on your Samsung or LG smart TV, the first step to take fixing it is to restart the device.Can't watch Prime Video on Samsung or LG TV

With your Samsung or LG TV “ON,” get hold of your “Remote Control” power button until you see the TV logo. Now, let go off the remote power button now. The TV will boot up. Then, go back to the Prime Video app, launch the movie app, and see if it solves the Prime video error on the smart TV.

2. Cold Boot your Smart TV

Cold booting on TV is the same as restarting a laptop. However, restarting a TV put the TV in a standby mode. To cold boot your Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV to fix Prime Video can’t work on the TVs, remove the TV cable from the power socket and wait for a minimum of 1 minute and plug the TV again.Unplug TV

Now, open the Amazon Prime app and try to watch any video to see if the app is working fine now.

Cold Boot Your Router or Modem

Still can’t watch Prime Video on your Smart TV? Now, go ahead to unplug both the TV and router to cold boot the two devices together. You do not need to disconnect the TV from the decode or disconnect the TV WiFi yet, just make sure both TV and the mode power is off.Can't watch Prime Video on Samsung or LG TV

Wait for at least 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, connect all the disconnected devices back to the power source and open the Amazon Prime app to see whether it’ll work. If you failed to wait long enough, you would run into another error complaining that you have unplugged your modem or router and ask you to troubleshoot.Troubleshoot Smart TV

Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

4. Update Samsung Smart TV

If the Prime Video hasn’t affected bu the problem and fixed with the suggestions above then, you may need to search for the TV lastest firmware online and update it. If you have your firmware on your USB, you can upgrade it directly from the device. However, to download the newest version, I will advise checking online for the latest release following the procedures below.

  • Press the “Home” button on your remote control.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” cogwheel icon to the bottom left of the screen.Can't watch Prime Video on Samsung or LG TV
  • Use the arrow button and navigate to “Support,” after which you need to press the “OK” button to select it.Samsung TV Support
  • Select “Update >> Update Now”Update Now
  • Your smart TV will start to search for a new update. If there is an update available, Then, update to the new update available. This should take about 6 to 10 minutes to complete the update depending on your network strength.Can't watch Prime Video on Samsung or LG TV

Now, go back to the Prime Video app on your Samsung TV or LG TV and open it to see if the error still persists.

Reset your Smart TV Network Settings

Another approach you want to take to fix  “Can’t watch Amazon Prime Video on Samsung TV or LG TV” is to reset the smart TV network settings.

  • Press your remote home button.
  • Select “Settings”  from the bottom left.
  • Hover to General for the menu to come up.Can't watch Prime Video on Samsung or LG TV
  • Select “Network >> Network Status.
  • Navigate to “Reset Network”Reset Network
  • Tap “Yes” from the popup to reset.
  • Reset Network

Doing this will reset the whole network settings on your Smart TV. Hence, to go back online, you will be asked to input your WiFi password and set the new one.

Please leave a comment below if this post help to fix can’t watch APrime Video on your Samsung Smart TV or LG smart TV. And which method works for you?

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