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How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp Account

Recently, a friend blocked me on WhatsApp because he warned me to stop send a broadcast messages to him but I never listen to him. He told me he’d block me from accessing his WhatsApp account which he eventually did.  But this is a trick I used to unblock myself on WhatsApp… So, panic not you can use the same method to unblock yourself on WhatsApp. Of course, it is hilarious, but WhatsApp features allow you to decide who to have access to your account. However, I got blocked from sending messages to him.

The moment he blocked me I stopped seeing his WhatsApp details including status, profile details, and updates. I had to appeal to him to unblocked me, he accepted to but on one condition…. Which is I will remove him from my WhatsApp broadcast message.

I obliged for a while and the fantasize came back to my memory and I did add him to my broadcast list. And Instantly he blocked me again. You know what? I unblocked myself from his WhatsApp account trying few methods. Here, you will learn how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp account as I did unblock myself when a friend blocked me from having access to him on WhatsApp.

There are few ways to unblock yourself on WhatsApp when you are blocked for a known and unknown reason. I know of three ways… You know what? Two of the ways I known to unblock yourself from WhatsApp appear illegal while the third way is legal and you can do that without a regret.

From my own point of analysis, I’ll prefer you go with the third procedure while the other two approaches are not recommended. But, if you choose to go with that, you are at risk of whatever happens.


Let, see what I got for you on how to unblock yourself when you are blocked by a friend from sending messages and accessing his or her WhatsApp profile.


Unblock yourself on WhatsApp

How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp Account: Method 1

This is funny though but trust me it works like a magic. It’s the best way to unblock yourself. It’s as simple a walk up to the person that blocked you on WhatsApp and appeal for what you did to unblock you.

Crazy you said?

Well, it’s not. I did this recently with one of my school girls who blocked me because I got her angry. I knew why she blocked me from sending her messages on WhatsApp and I took no chances than to call her and tell her to unblock me.

Frankly speaking, she admitted she once blocked me but she later unblocked me when she felt she needed to let go of the past. She did try it, but due to the network problem, the unblocking request was not successful. Then, I made her realized she did want to unblock me but the request was never approved.

I told her to try again, and she did. Instantly, I was unblocked and now I have access to her a WhatsApp account.


How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp Account: Method 2

This is the riskiest mean if you choose to go with this. Why? If such a friend knows you want to unblock yourself from his or WhatsApp account there is a possibility for misunderstanding.

You accept to follow this step to unblock yourself from a friend WhatsApp at your own risk… I’m not going to be responsible for whatever becomes the aftermath effect.

Note: To do this you must have access to his phone and be able to unlock it.

1. Get the phone with the WhatsApp account you were blocked from

2. Unlock the phone with either password or fingerprint or pattern used to lock the phone

3. Launch WhatsApp app on the phone. Search through your the WhatsApp contact and search for your name. Click on your name on his phone and then unblock yourself. Here— WhatsApp–>Your contact–More options—>Unblock]

Isn’t that simple? Yes, you said? Don’t forget this is very risky…. Try this at your own risk!

How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp Account: Method 3

This method is the most popular method you can find everywhere. As there is no app or software to tell whether you have been blocked on WhatsApp. However, the only way to get to know is when you stop seeing updates from the WhatsApp contacts that you assumed you have been blocked from.

The only legal way to do this, which you have 100% control over is to remove WhatsApp from your phone and then add it again. I mean, when you uninstall WhatsApp account, all contacts that have blocked you on WhatsApp will be unblocked the moment you reinstall it again. This works fine but you can lose a lot of WhatsApp information if you don’t take the necessary step.


Before you even attempt to remove or uninstall WhatsApp from your phone always make sure to have the latest backup of your WhatsApp account. When I wanted to unblock myself on WhatsApp I backed up my WhatsApp that hour and sent it to my Google drive.

If this is the choice you go with, of course, the method I recommended you should consider reading the article below on how to backup WhatsApp to Google Drive and restore it.

Once you have backed up your WhatsApp information [messages & media] then, go ahead to remove WhatsApp from your phone. All you need to uninstall WhatsApp app is long press the app and drag it to the delete option on your phone. Or better still, click on your phone and click on uninstall from the options that pop up [this depend on your phone] but it works well on most Android phones running Android Marshmallow & Android Nougat.

Now, to unblock yourself on WhatsApp finally, head to Google play store on your app list and search for WhatsApp. Install the new WhatsApp and follow the onscreen for WhatsApp normal configuration like phone number verification, your name, nickname and others.

Now you have successfully unblocked yourself on WhatsApp contact that had you blocked.

We are not done yet… We need to restore your backup so as to have all your previous information on your WhatsApp account [messages & media]. For that, I’ll recommend you read this article on how to restore WhatsApp backup.

Done and dusted! You can now unblock yourself on WhatsApp… This is the exact way I used to unblock myself on WhatsApp. Why don’t you try the same approach and get off the grid with being blocked by a most precious friend to you?

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