How to Set a Custom Ringtone Using Zedge


Zedge is a free app and a standalone website to set a free ringtone and customized wallpaper on Android phone. Zedge is not only for customizing your Android phone, but it also has a game section where you can download games of your choice.

Android is an open source that supports a lot of customization from the users’ end. You can easily change the default ringtone and set a personalized ringtone using Zedge app.

While Zedge isn’t the only app to create custom ringtones. There are many alternatives. However, Zedge ringtones app has no competitor, it’s the best and most popular platform to personalized ringtones for Android and create a custom wallpaper.

Zedge wallpaper feature is different from photo grid apps, it works in a unique way.

Create and personalize ringtone

What is Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers App?

Zedge is a unique wallpaper and ringtones app created in the year 2003 to bring customized ringtones and wallpapers to Android, iOS, and Windows phone.


The Zedge app features include wallpapers, ringtones, alert tones, and app icon customization which is still in the beta version for Android phones, iOS devices, and Windows phone.

As at the time of writing this review on Zedge, the app has over 170 million active users to customize ringtones, create personalized wallpapers, create and customize alarm ringtone, and create a different app icon different from the default app icon.

Create Ringtones With Zedge

Here is the fastest approach to create ringtones on Android using Zedge app.

1. Open the Zedge app on your Android device.

2. Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner to pop up an option to create a ringtone or wallpaper.

3. Tap on Ringtones to proceed with the customization


4. Browse through the list of ringtone and choose your favorite. You can only choose a single ringtone

5. You can tap on the Play button to listen to the ringtone and see whether you like them or not. If the ringtone selected is different from your aspiring ringtone, navigate to browse and then select the favorite ringtone again

6. Once you’ve decided on one, tap on it. And the customization will begin instantly, once it’s done, you can set it as your personalized ringtone or upload it to the platform for others to download it and use it as their ringtone.

7. Four different option will pop up from the option selected above which include

  • Set alarm sound
  • Set notification
  • Set contract ringtone
  • Set ringtone

Now, select your preferred option and the selected MP3 or music will be set as the ringtone for the option selected. If you select set alarm sound, it will be used as your phone alarm sound, if select ringtone, it will be used as your phone ringtone.

Assign Ringtone to a Phone Contact

You have successfully created your customized ringtone. This ringtone will be used according to the option selected above, however, you can as well use the ringtone as a person ringtone for your phone contact. To do this, kindly follow the procedures below.

1. Firstly, you need to grant the Zedge app permission to access your phone contact if you have not done so.

Zedge permission

2. Now, go to your phone contacts and select the contact you want to set a personalized ringtone to and click on the 3-dots to the upper right. From the drop-menu select set ringtone.


Zedge download

3. Select the ringtone downloaded from Zedge and it will be set as your phone local ringtone for the selected contact.

Create a Customize Wallpaper HD

Wallpaper and themes are what makes Android background beautiful. With the customized access, you can create your own wallpaper HD and themes to change default wallpaper or theme on your smartphone.

Create Wallpaper online USing Zedge.net

Zedget.net is the official website of the Zedge app developer to download HD wallpaper and create customized ringtones, alarm ringtone, and change default app icon. However, here in this section, we’ll consider how to create and download customized wallpaper HD online and set it as your Android, iOS, and Windows phone wallpapers and ringtones.


1. Open a browser on your smartphone and go to Zedge.net and click on the “find” tab or “go to ringtones and wallpapers section on the platform.

2. For ringtones or wallpaper created by other users click on “Ringtones” or “Wallpaper HD”.

3. To upload your own personalized ringtones or wallpaper to the platform click on the “Upload” button and you will be redirected to https://beta.zedge.net/

4. Sign into your Zedge account or create a new account if you are a new user. You can create an account with your Facebook account, Google account, and email account.

Create ringtone with Zedge

Note: When you are creating a new account don’t forget to verify your email address to gain access to the ringtones and wallpapers platform.

Verify Zedge account

5. Next, choose the username that you want to be called on the platform so it will be easy to build your popularity on the platform since you are going to be uploading your ringtones and wallpapers HD. And agree to the terms of service and policy.

Zedge theme

6. To upload your ringtones and wallpapers HD click on upload more to the right side of the page after you have successfully logged into your Zedge account under all content.

Upload Zedge music

7. Now you can drag and drop the ringtone or wallpaper you want to upload Or click on choose from file to select the file to upload from your device.

Now, Zedge users can see your customized ringtones and wallpaper HD and they will be able to download it. You can create a brand for yourself using the platform. You only need uniqueness!


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