How to Change Facebook Password

How to change Facebook password is often a tough question people want to know about. Most especially if you log into your Facebook account on your friend’s phone and you forgot to log out.

Since, when you changing Facebook password will log out all users on all devices, you then do not have to panic if you forgot to log out Facebook account on your friend’s phone or laptop.

Change Facebook Password

Have you ever forgotten your Facebook password and want to change your login password? Or you don’t know how to retrieve your Facebook password to login to your account again?

Or You want to change your password because you suspect invalid activities on your account but don’t know how to?

Or is there any related questions bothering your mind on how to change Facebook password either on mobile or Android or iPhone and you don’t know how to… We are here for you today!

If your answers to these questions are Yes… Count yourself lucky because here in this post today we are going to trash everything related to how to change Facebook password even without your old Facebook password.

My Facebook Account was Hacked

How did I change my Facebook password after my Facebook account was hacked? Well, let me tell you that my Facebook account was hacked and here is the whole story.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how I changed my Facebook password after it was hacked, you have to follow this post to the end.

The Story…

Back in the days when Facebook was launched in (2004), only a few people used Facebook then and few Facebook hackers were only recorded.

But now, as the number of Facebook users increases, the more Facebook account is being hacked (compromised) everyday using the popular method called phishing method, and this method is very easy to leave a loophole in your account if not properly managed.

If you have ever found yourself a victim of Facebook account hacked you will see reasons why you need to change Facebook account password and checkmate your Facebook login consistently.

Often does not necessarily mean everyday but once in a month is not bad and it will do no harm to your Facebook account other than protecting your Facebook account from being hacked or compromised.

Sometimes late 2015, I felt a victim of Facebook hacker via phishing link which I clicked on my Facebook wall and my account was taken over totally by an unknown fellow but I was able to retrieve it back following some known trick mainly because I can still identify my account.

Before I was able to get back the account I had to change my password which I did without old Facebook password (in fact my old password wasn’t a priority then) and since then, I have being so conscious of most links I click on Facebook not to fall victim of hackers again (once beaten twice shy).

However, hackers are smarter than web users and they have their own ways of doing things different from ordinary web users.

And as a web users, one control measure you have over hackers is how you structure and keep your login password to every of your online accounts. It’s not only your Facebook account password you need to change often, but you also need to watch out for your other online accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Instagram, to mention a few.

The core assignment of this post is to provide a complete guide on how to choose a secure password, how to change Facebook password with pictures, how to change Facebook password without the old password, , and finally how to request for a new Facebook password if you have forgotten the old one.

Change Facebook Password?

Facebook is a giant social media ranked 3rd most visited website in the world after Google according to Alexa Ranking and falls in 1-10 most visited website in most countries including most African and western world countries.

So, it won’t be so much of surprise if you heard that most people target Facebook users via ads, and also the hackers to have access to as many as possible Facebook login.

And once unauthorized personnel have access to your Facebook account without your knowledge then you need to know something is wrong somewhere and you need to rectify that without procrastination.

But before some else taken over your Facebook account totally due to negligence or self believe that you are the only one accessing your account then you need to change your login password even when you still have the old password in your diary.

However, based on research below are a few of the reasons why you need to change your Facebook account login password.

1. To protect your Facebook account from hackers
2. To set a new but difficult to guess the password for your Facebook account
3. You probably need to change your Facebook password if you write your login detail in a public diary
4. If you use the same password for more than once account
5. You old password is your pet or nickname
6. You failed to use two-factor authentication
7. You saved your password on Notepad, Microsoft words, and excel spreedsheet on your PC or computer
8. A friend helped you to open the account and you have not changed the password since then.

Just think of how you got to choose your first password and how weak it was when you picked it. With that in mind, you need to change your account password

How to Keep Facebook Password Secure

Keeping your Facebook password secure is not about choosing the best password or the most difficult password on the internet.

What makes it secure is firstly based on the importance you place on it. To most users, it is just a social media but to me.

My Facebook account is part of my online port folio and it must be guided jealously.

However, there are some places that you keep your account login password that would tell you that it’s no longer secure and every other person can have access to it.

To keep your Facebook account password secure to the maximum level try to practice the following point.

1. Never write your Facebook password in a diary or sheet of paper
2. Know your password off-hand (provided you don’t use password generator)
3. Only tell it to a trusted friends, maybe your spouse or a close pal that you trust so much
4. Do not save it one phone draft. If at all you need to save your password on phone use password keeper for effectiveness
5. If you do login to your Facebook account on PC ensure to either use password keeper for PC or use Google chrome password monitor with a single login
6. Never use your date of birth, your name, your surname, your fiance name or surname, your nickname or somewhat of what people can easily guess as for your password
7. Use a combination of alphabets, numerics and notations. Better still you password generator

The list of what you can do to protect your Facebook account password is virtually unlimited but with the one listed above, you can be rest assure that your Facebook account is 90% secure from being compromised by an unknown or unauthorized person.

Facebook Password Reset Code

To change your Facebook password successfully you need to enter the reset code that is auto-generated and sent to your mobile number or email associated with your Facebook account.

However, the Facebook password reset code is necessary to reset Facebook password. This is one of the measures taken by the Facebook algorithm to make sure that the right owner of the account is the one changing the password and not a random user.

How to Change Facebook Password without Old Password

Sometimes your memory may appear blank to the extent that you will not be able to remember your old Facebook password and login username. Well, you are not alone.

In fact, today I forgot my registration number at a seminer of which I have been using the registration number for over 3 years just because I didn’t use it for just a month and some days.

So, if you mistakenly forgot your Facebook account old password and you would love to retrieve a new password for it then this section is exceptionally for you.

Below is a complete procedure you need to follow to change your old Facebook password and generate a new one for your login. This can be done under a couple of minutes and you are back online again.

1. Visit the Facebook login page and click on forget password for Facebook to help find your account for their database

Change Facebook Password

2. Enter your Facebook username (login email or phone number) and click on the search button

Change Facebook Password

3. Facebook will send a phone verification code to your phone if your login username is a mobile number. But if your username is email Facebook will send a link to create a new password and a code to your email account. This is the start to change Facebook password first.

Change Facebook Password

4. Change Facebook password code will be sent to your registered phone number or email depending on your username. Then enter the codes sent to you by Facebook and click on continue to proceed.

Change Facebook password without old password

5. Choose a new password differently from your old Facebook password for security measure and click continue

Facebook username and password change

That’s all. You will not be able to login to your Facebook account without your old Facebook password. This is the exact method you can use to change your old Facebook password if you have forgotten your account password.

In this next headline, we’d consider how to change your Facebook password even when you still have your old password intact.

How to change Facebook password without the old password is as simple as that!

How to Change Facebook Password

This is probably the section you have been waiting for. In this section, you will only learn how to change Facebook password via the Facebook settings page.

To use this method you should be able to login to your Facebook account in the first place else you may need to consider using the previous method discussed above.

1. Login to your Facebook account using your known Facebook username and password and click on settings from the drop menu.

Change Facebook password using codes

2. Click on password option to edit your old password and set a new one.

Change Facebook account now

3. Enter your current Facebook password since you can still remember it and then, create a new password and enter it to the box for new password and re-type your new password to confirm after which you need to save changes.

Change Facebook Password

Now you have successfully changed your Facebook password and you can be rest assured that your Facebook account is now secure and save from hackers.

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