How to Fix “Firestick Remote is not Working”

In this article, we will share with your how to fix the Firestick remote not working. Don’t be in a hurry to buy a new remote. You can still stick with the one you have and try these approaches to see if it will fix it.

Sometimes your remote won’t work because you haven’t changed the battery in a while or the batteries are damaged and the battery connector is no longer working.

While this is one of the few reasons why your Firestick remote won’t work a lot of users don’t pay attention to it.

Before you rush to replace your Firestick remote which is what you eventually do if none of these troubleshooting tips work. Check through this guide to see if it will help you fix your Amazon Firestick remote not working.

Amazon Firestick Remote Not Working

We listed 7 ways to fix your Firestick remote not working here. Make sure you attempt all the procedures to see whether you will get a result out of it.

Replace or Change the Battery

Firestick remote not working

Whether you are going for your remote replacement or not, the first thing to do when your remote control isn’t working is to check whether the battery is dead or weak.

If the battery is weak and the indication light rarely comes up when you press it, whether the home button or volume button on your remote control it may not work.

Also, if you are using a combination of an old battery cell with a new battery cell, your remote control may stop working. Using an old battery cell and a new battery cell should be abolished.

  • Open the “Remote Battery” cover.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Insert a new set of batteries.
  • Cover the battery with the lid.

Clean the Battery Connector

Clean Firestick battery metal connector

For your Firestick remote to get power from the battery you replaced above, the battery must be firmly connected to the metal prongs or connector in the absence of debris.

However, if the battery prongs are corrosive or are dirty such that the battery end and the metal prongs or one of the metal prongs don’t establish a connection, the Firestick will not work.

This is not hard to do. To remove dirt from battery metal prongs to keep your Firestick remote working again, follow the steps below.

  • Get a screwdriver or knife, you can even use a spoon, but preferably, a screwdriver to scratch the prongs and make sure they are clean.
  • You can add volatile liquid like a spirit or lemon water to remove the corrosive.

Meanwhile, while you are doing this, make sure you are very conscious that the liquid doesn’t escape to the inner part of the remote so it won’t damage it.

Re-pair the Remote

Firestick not working

When you are pairing your Firestick remote to your Fire TV, it’s often advisable to use a new battery. In most cases I have seen, to pair your Remote with your Fire TV successfully, a brand-new battery works better.

The main reason why I suggest this is that you would not want to hold your Firestick home button for 10 to 20 seconds before it works or need to press the button multiple times before it can work. If the battery is weak, it will require more time to pair with your Fire TV.

But with the new battery, pairing is faster and it doesn’t take time provided you are within the remote control range.

Another major factor contributing to why your Firestick remote is not working is the range between the remote control and the receiver. So, you want to get closer to your device to pick up the signal from the remote.

Restart Firestick or Fire TV Stick

How to restart Amazon Fire TV

This also works. When your Firestick is not responding to the remote control, You can try this approach. It works for one of my remotes which I initially thought of replacing.

However, before you unplug and plug your Firestick TV remote receiver follow these procedures.

  • First, put your remote control in pairing mode by pressing the select button for about 5 seconds.
  • Once paired, press the “Settings” on your remote control
  • Scroll down to the system options or device options and hit “Enter.”
  • Click on “Restart.”
  • Click the “Restart” button again

Your Amazon Fire TV will restart following the above approach. Now, remove the TV plug from the power socket and plug it after a few minutes. You can check to see whether your remote is working fine.

Update Firestick TV Remote Software

How to update Amazon Fire TV

If your remote control configuration is different from your Fire TV OS new update your Firestick remote can stop working. Even if you carry out the entire processes shared above, you still need to update your Fire TV OS.

To stay ahead of bugs and remote control issues like that, you always need to update your Fire TV remote control to the latest OS. To do that, just follow the procedures here.

  • Click on the “Home button” on your remote control
  • Tap on the “Settings”
  • Select the controller and Bluetooth device
  • Select “Amazon Fire TV” remotes
  • Select your “Firestick TV remote” from the list of remotes
  • Select “Continue” to download
  • Install the update

Reset Fire TV

Reset Fire TV

If you have put the above steps in place to make sure that your Fire TV recognizes your remote control but it still cannot. The next suggestion is that you may need to “Reset” the “Amazon Fire TV.”

This approach will wipe away all user settings you have added to it since you purchased it. If you can’t go through the entire procedure to re-configure your Fire TV, make sure you do a backup of your settings.

  • Go to settings
  • Navigate to device
  • Scroll down to “Reset to Factory Defaults” and hit the “Enter” button.
  • Enter your “PIN” if you have the parental control PIN setup
  • Click on “Reset.”

These steps will restore your Fire TV settings to the factory settings and all personal settings will be cleared and restored to the default.

Try Fire TV App

Firestick remote not working

Another fastest approach to fix the Firestick remote not working when paired with your Fire TV is to use the Fire TV app. The Amazon Fire TV has an app for Android, iOS, and tablet to control your Firestick TV when the remote control isn’t available, working or responding.

If you are using an Android phone you can download the Fire TV app from the Play Store, for iPhone and iPad users, head to the app store to search and download the Amazon Fire TV app.

The Fire TV remote works exactly like the remote control. It’s very handy and easy to use. The remote functions are similar to the function of the Fire TV app.

That is the reason why Fire TV users prefer to use the Fire TV app when the main remote isn’t working.  If you find the Alexa Voice control button appealing you would love to use the Fire TV app as it possesses the feature.

However, before you start to use the TV app you first have to pair the TV app with your Fire TV.

Follow the procedures below, you’ll need to pair both the Fire TV app and the Amazon Fire TV set.

  • Launch the Amazon Fire TV app on your phone
  • Select your TV set from the list [Fire TV or Firestick]
  • You will a 4 digits code on your TV screen
  • A message will pop up on your phone prompting you to enter the 4-digit code.
  • Click on pair

Once it’s paired you will be able to remotely control your Fire TV or Firestick TV with your Amazon Fire TV app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Firestick?

To reset your Firestick remote control, put the remote in “Pair Mode” by pressing the “Select button” for 5 seconds. Hold down the “Select + Play” button another 5 minutes and restart the device. Follow this direction to restart your remote; Settings >> System >> Restart.

What does it mean when the Firestick remote stops working?

It means that you will not be able to control the Firestick console with remote control if not fixed. However, once it’s fixed, it’ll start working and controlling the console

How do I pair my fire stick remote?

First, insert the battery into your fire stick remote. Make sure the Bluetooth connection is activated on both your TV and the Firestick.
Press any button and make sure it shows the indicator light that the first stick is working. Move close to the Firestick console to stay within the range, click on the home button to see if it control the device. Once it started controlling it, then, the first stick has paired.

How do you reset Amazon fire stick without remote?

Press the Menu button on your Fire TV remote, tap on the back button and remote left navigation at the same time. Hold both the left and back button together for about 10 seconds.

Can I Replace my Firestick Remote

There is room to change your Firestick remote control if the one you have is not working. However, you must make sure you find the best Firestick that works with your TV and the price range is not more than $20.

What to do if your Firestick TV won’t Turn on

Firstly, unplug your TV for some seconds, plug it again. Try to see if it works. If it doesn’t go to Settings >> System >> Restart. If this doesn’t turn on the Firestick, check your power source again to make sure it’s connected.

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