Connor Douglas Gilliland Net Worth

Connor Douglas Gilliland who was currently 32 was born to celebrity parents in the united states of America. His parents are Richard Gilliland and Jean Smart. They both have big names in the entertainment industry. Currently, he has one sibling who was adopted by his parent however there is no confirmed estimate about Connor Douglas Gilliland's net worth 

Connor Douglas Gilliland was born on October 25, 1989, which was exactly two years after his parents tied the knot. He is regarded as a celebrity child, whose parents were quite successful in the entertainment industry.

His dad (Richard Gilliland) was an American television and movie actor, best known as JD Shackleford in Designing Women. while his mom Jean Elizabeth Smart was known as an American actress

Early Life

Before Connor Douglas Gilliland was born his mom who was an actress at the time had to watch over her sugar level to reduce complications when giving birth to him. There hasn’t been any report about his early years however it is known that he Acts as the big brother to adopted sister Bonnie and it’s something the family had discussed for a long time.

Currently, there are no reports of the school he went to and what he graduated with since he has decided to keep his personal life away from the public 

Connor Douglas Gilliland: Richard Gilliland

Richard Gilliland who is the father to Connor Douglas Gilliland was an American television and movie producer who was born on a Monday, January 23, 1950, in Texas. His zodiac signs fall under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

During his acting career, he made his acting debut in the 1974 television movie, Unwed Father. unfortunately, He is currently late after struggling with a heart attack.

Connor Douglas Gilliland: Jean Elizabeth

Jean Elizabeth Smart, who was the mother of Connor Douglas Gilliland was born on September 13, 1951. her career started in regional theatre in the Pacific Northwest before she made her Broadway debut as Marlene Dietrich in the biographical comedy Piaf in the year 1981.

She had a successful acting career acting in numerous roles such as Charlene Frazier Still field in the CBS series Designing Women, in which she appeared from 1986 to 1991.

How they met

Connor Douglas Gilliland

While Jean Elizabeth Smarts was an upcoming actress. She met Gill on the set while he was performing a recurring role in designing women. From that point, they got attracted to themselves after which they courted for a year before they got married 

Unfortunately, Gill died following a short illness in Los Angeles, California, on March 18, 2021, at the age of 71.

Connor Douglas Gilliland Sister

Connor Douglas Gilliland

After the birth of Connor Douglas Gilliland on October 25 1989, his parents probably decided to end it thereafter planning to get their second child through adoption from China.

The adoption process however took quite long and messed up their plans of adopting a young Chinese girl when Connor was 15, however it wasn’t until when he clocked 20 that they eventually got a Chinese lady who was called Bonnie Kathleen Gilliland .

Being the youngest in the family, she is either 13 or 14 years old as of 2022 Since her real date of birth is not accessible and hasn’t been reported anywhere.


Connor prefers to live a private life since details about which career or what he studied in school have been kept out of the public. Probably we might see him end up in the entertainment industry just like his father, but we don’t have any information about that for now however his parents who are entertainers have been in more than thirty movies and television shows. And, notably, his mother, Jean, won over five entertainment pageants so far.

Connor Douglas Gilliland’s Net Worth

Conor is a celebrity child who has benefited from his parent’s success in the entertainment industry, making it easy for him to live a life of luxury however, for us to figure out what his net worth is, we have to first look into either what he currently does or what business he’s into or probably look at how much his parents has.

Currently, there are no known details about what he’s into however his dad who was late had a net worth of $4million while his mom who is still alive has a net worth of $10 million.

Connor Douglas Gilliland’s Girlfriend 

Conner Douglas Gilliland isn’t young to be in a relationship. However, he prefers to keep his life private. currently, there is no information available regarding his current marital status. He is either in a relationship or he’s single. He isn’t married yet 

Connor Douglas Gilliland Height

Connor Douglas Gilliland has an average height since he stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 60 Kg. He has a similar resemblance to his mom who likes to take him around. He was once seen escorting his mom to the Emmys. Connor has a pair of blue eyes and black hair.

Connor Douglas Gilliland Social media

From a family who would prefer to keep their personal life private Connor rarely posts about his personal life on social media.

You can find him on Twitter, but there are very few posts under this account and very few signs that he is the one that owns the account or not you can check him on Twitter here

Facts about Connor Douglas Gilliland:

  • Connor Douglas Gilliland is currently a 31-year-old actor and he is of American Nationality.
  • He is a celebrity child being the son of He is the son of a famous actor (Richard Gilliland) and actress (Jean Elizabeth Smart)
  • Jean Elizabeth Smart was a diabetic While she was pregnant with Connor Douglas Gilliland, however, she was responsible to have monitored her blood sugar level as soon as they conceived to deter it from affecting the baby.
  • Connor Douglas Gilliland’s parents were divorced until they met.
  • Jean Elizabeth Smart married her boyfriend when she was in her early twenties but later divorced. Unfortunately, he ended up in a fatal accident while Richard Gilliland married for 9 years before meeting Jean Smart in 1986 whom he married one year later.
  • His younger sister Bonnie Kathleen Gilliland was adopted from China in May 2009. 
  • Both Richard and Jeans’ net wealth is estimated to be around $10 million.
  • Connor Douglas Gilliland’s mother has received five accolades.

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