Dallas Yocum Net Worth

Dallas Yocum is an American citizen whose father was a navy general. She wasn't popular until she tied the knot with the popular businessman, who was mostly known as the pillow man. Unfortunately, the marriage between her and Micheal was one of the most short-lived marriages ever since their divorce happened in a record-breaking time of 2 weeks

Dallas Yocum was born in December 1980 in the united states of America. She was raised in Arizona where she lived with her parents. Her Dad Known as Dallas Farmer was a united states navy officer who was also a war veteran. That is not all, as her grandfather also served in the army and partook in the popular world war 11.

Meanwhile, information about her mom’s name and who she is, etc isn’t readily available to the public. when there is information about her you can rest assured that it will be updated here. 

Early Life & Education

Dallas Yocum came to the limelight due to her love affair with the popular pillow businessman known as Micheal Lindell. Apart from the information regarding what transpired between her relationship with Micheal and how short their marriage lasted, there has been little to no information regarding how her early life went since her parents who raised her here were also rarely mentioned

However what we know is, that her schooling was done in New York and she attended the university the complete her studies in business management.


Dallas Yocum

There hasn’t been enough information regarding the career of Dallas Yocum, since the majority of the information about her came to the surface following her relationship with Micheal.

Before she met Micheal she was already working at Riverdale casino, However, it didn’t take so long after their meeting that Dallas started to work as the executive assistant for My Pillow inc

She worked there for some time before her divorce from Micheal, however, it is still not clear if she still works in Micheals’s company.

Meanwhile, Micheal was more of a business guru, since he ran quite a handful of businesses in 1980 some of them resulted in success while some of them failed, however among the few successes he’s had My Pillow was one of the successes he had. 

He started my pillow in 2004 with 5 employees, currently, he has over fifty thousand employees and his business is scaling worldwide

Dallas Yocum’s net worth

Following her divorce from Micheal Lindell, it is most likely that she will have been removed as the executive vice president of Pillow inc which is owned by Micheal, however, we can’t ascertain that she is still there since she shares no kids with Micheal.

But according to some sources her current net worth falls in the range of $450,000 or more, however she learned some of it based on the prenup  

But we can’t fully ascertain that too since Micheal who has a net worth of $300 million must have given her some undisclosed amount.

Mike Lindell’s net worth

Dallas Yocum

Michael J. Lindell popularly known as the pillow guy has a series of income streams from the business he started initially. And also he must have had some highs and lows, one of the highs was the success he recorded with his pillow business

Presently Micheal Lindell has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Dallas Yocum Ex-Wife: Michell Lindell

Micheal Lindell was born on June 28 1961 in the united states of America. He is the popular owner of My pillow inc along with other numerous businesses.

Micheal initially got married to Karen dickey but unfortunately, things didn’t last with them since Michael was addicted to drugs. This addiction made him lose his wife Karen dickey and kids who were Heather Lueth, Charlie Lindell, Lizzy Meyers, and Darren. 

But he moved on and went to remarry. he fell in love with Dallas Yocum whose relationship lasted for barely 2 months before they decided to part ways.

Although he has been able to beat his addition following the series of losses he had to live with it

Ex-Spouse: How they Met

Dallas Yocum

Since there haven’t been enough details as to where Micheal first met with Dallas Yocum, the little we knew was Dallas was initially working at Riverdale casino before she left and was employed as the executive assistant of My pillow inc. They both were close to each other following their marriage which took place in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

After their marriage, Micheal and Dallas moved to Minnesota.

And during that period some sources say they always distance from one another, probably due to the many responsibilities of Micheal since he has quite a handful of businesses which he runs such as the My Pillow inc.

All these coupled with some other happening led to friction in their marriage.


Eventually, they parted ways. and here is how it happened: a month after their marriage MIke Lindell filed for divorce from Yocum due to the differences they both had which they were not able to reconcile.

For example, Yocum once called out Michael by saying he is boring, but that is not all she also said to him: “I don’t love you. I never loved you. You’re boring. We don’t have anything in common, and you’ve ruined the last two years of my life”. all these happened during the interview process leading to the divorce.

Unluckily their union came with no kids, however, we don’t know if Yocum was given any amount of money due to the breakup with Micheal since it is common law in the united states which are usually regarded as a prenup agreement.

Unlike the legendary NASCAR driver whose divorce cost him over $15million with a wife who had no kids for him you can check him out here.

Micheal Lindell children

During his Union with Dallas Yocum, Micheal Lindell didn’t have any kids with her since their marriage lasted for a record-breaking time of less than a month.

However he once had kids in his previous relationship before he met Dallas, Her name was Karen and she had four kids for him however she left him due to his excessive drug addiction.

His four children’s names are Heather Lueth, Darren Lindell, Lizzy Meyer, and Charlie Lindell. 

Dallas Yocum age

Unfortunately there The specific day of the month Dallas was born isn’t available but, information regarding the month and year are based on some sources.

Since she was born in December 1980, it is apparent that she will be 41 years old as of May 9, 2022. 

Dallas Yocum Height & Weight

Dallas Yocum has an average height however she is a bit shorter than Michael Lindell. presently, she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is equivalent to 167cm. while her body weight is around 132lbs or 60kg.

Looking at Yocum she has an attractive looking lone hair and dark eyes 

Social Media

Dallas yocum is not presently active on her social media channels as she rarely posts on any of them however you can check out her Twitter handle over here

Karen dickey: Micheal Lindell Ex-Wife

Before Micheal settled down with Yocum his first wife was Karen Dickey. His relationship will Karen was one he would most likely cherish due to the length of years they stayed together and the kids they had.

The marriage seems like it was going to last long until reports popped out that he was addicted to drugs and his wife probably wasn’t happy about that, which probably lead to their divorce.

However, it will be surprising to know that Karen spent 20 years together with Micheal before the fallout. Sadly they eventually divorced. 

Is Kendra Reeves Married to Mike Lindell?

Following his fall out with Dallas Yocum, it is apparent that Michael Lindell is single, however, he has kids.

However, most people are curious as to who he is moving with since it is very unlikely that he won’t have anyone. But here is the reality, it was reported that Lindell eventually came out the other side, finding happiness with girlfriend Kendra Reeves after they met in 2014

Kendra Reeves has been nothing but a source of encouragement for Micheal however it is unclear if they are couples.

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