Download Google USB Drivers for ADB Debugging on Android

Download Google USB drivers to ADB debugging on Nexus and all Android phones using a working USB cable with PC. Google zip driver is a tool to debug Google Nexus phone when connected to your Windows computer with a USB cable.

If you already install Android SDK manager on your Windows computer when configuring Android audio, you would have probably installed Google USB driver for Android.

However, whether installed or not, you can still download the Google drivers manually on Windows 10 computer.

The Google drivers are not for only Google Nexus phone or Google pixels when debugging your smartphone. However, the drivers support and work with all Android phone.

They are universal. Therefore, whether you are using Google Nexus, Google Pixels phone or other Android phones you can download and install Google USB drivers to enable you to debug your smartphone using your Windows computer via USB cable.

Once you choose to download and install Google USB driver it will be very easy for you to connect your Android phone to your Windows computer.

Your phone will automatically detect your phone once you connect it to your PC with the Google USB cable driver installed.

Download Google Drivers

There are two ways to install Google zip driver app for Windows. You can download Google USB driver zip directly from the Google Android driver source and you can also download the SDK Android Manager to install Google USB driver to be able to carry out debugging on your phone.

If you already installed SDK Android manager there is a possibility that you have installed Google driver zip file let you use Google Android USB driver to connect your phone to your Windows.

Google Driver Zip Download

The link below provides a direct link to download Google USB driver and install it manually on your Windows computer.

Download Google driver Windows USB following this link.

Download Google USB Drivers Via SDK Manager in Android Studio.

If you using Android studio here is how to download and install Google USB driver from the Android studio.

  1. Go to Android Studio on Windows computer
  2. Click  Tool  >> SDK ManagerGoogle USB Drivers
  3. Select Google USB DriverGoogle USB drivers
  4. Press OK
  5. The USB driver will start installing on your Windows computer.
  6. To access the USB driver, proceed to android_sdk\extras\google\usb_driver\ directory

Using the Android Studio USB manager helps to keep your apps up to date and give you firsthand information that there is an update available for you to update.

Install Google USB Drivers on Windows

You have manually downloaded the Google USB drivers from the link provided above. However, following the procedures we are about to share with you will guide you to install Google USB driver on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

1. Extract the Google USB driver in the zip file above to your computer. In the folder, you will find android_winusb.inf and other files.

2. Connect your Android phone to your Windows computer using a USB cable and select use USB to transfer files.

3. Open Windows device manager and go to Portable device or other devices and find the Android phone you connected.

4. Right-click on your Android phone and choose Update driver” or “Update Driver Software

5. Windows Hardware wizard will pop up to guide you through. Now, Browse my computer for driver software >> Browse >> Select the folder where you have extracted the drivers >> OK.

Google USB Drivers

6. Click on Next and allow the USB driver to install on your phone

Debugging your Android phone using ADB Google USB Android driver will definitely become so easy.

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