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How to Download YouTube Video Subtitle

You will learn how to download subtitles from youtube videos in a .srt format without software or smartphone apps in this tutorial. They are different ways to download YouTube video subtitle online without using any computer software or mobile application in .txt or .srt format.

Meanwhile, you if you already have a video shoot in a language you don’t understand and the video is not translated into your official language like from Chinese to English or Spanish to English language, the next agenda would be how to download the video subtitle and upload it to the video while watching fro translation.

Software like 4K Video Downloader features an algorithm to download YouTube video subtitle in text or.srt format and uploads the subtitle into your video media player when you want to start seeing the movie.

However, there is a way to download a subtitle to YouTube videos online without downloading any additional software or downloading a third-party app for Android phone.

A standalone website like SaveFrom.net makes it extremely easy to download and extract different language from a YouTube video subtitle to enhance movies translation when you are watching it.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to download subtitles from youtube videos in .srt format online here is an article that covers everything you need to download a subtitle to a YouTube video.

How Do I Download Subtitles From YouTube

With ss YouTube video online downloader you can download YouTube video subtitle without specifically downloading the video. SaveFrom online platform offers a feature to download YouTube video subtitle online without using a third-party software.

When you want to download YouTube subtitles from a specific video all you need to do is search and copy the video URL from YouTube and paste the video URL in the SaveFrom.net YouTube video download page and click the enter button.

SaveFrom.net will sync the YouTube video with a download button and the YouTube video subtitle file in .srt or.txt for you to download and upload to your video player when you are watching the video on your computer or on the VLC media player on a smartphone.

How Can I Get Subtitles on YouTube

They are two ways to get YouTube video subtitles. You can use a YouTube online downloader to get subtitle on YouTube and you can also use an online platform to download video subtitle online.

However, most YouTube online downloader offers additional files when you download videos from their website to upload to your video player to translate the video while watching. If you don’t know where to download complete movies with subtitle files in either .srt or.txt I will personally recommend FzMovies.

How Can I Download Subtitles?

It all depends on where the video is hosted. If the video is hosted on YouTube you can easily download its subtitle using this article. But if the video is hosted on another website entirely, you can download a video subtitle searching through a search engine like Google.

Open a new tab and visit Google search engine. Type the title of the film or video you want to download its subtitle and add subtitle to it. For instance, Bahubali Part 2 subtitle .srt. With this, you will be able to download the specific video subtitle file.

How do You Get The Whole Subtitle of YouTube

You can get a free video downloader like 4K Video Downloader to download both YouTube video and video subtitle. However, if you don’t want to download additional software to download the whole subtitle of YouTube online here is the post you should read.

How to Download YouTube Video Subtitle Online

Here I’m going to show you how to download a YouTube video subtitle using an online website called en.savefrom.net. Specifically, this article will address how to download a YouTube video only without a software or computer app.

1. Go to YouTube homepage and copy the YouTube video URL you want to download its subtitle

2. Open a new tab and visit www.savefrom.net

3. Paste the video URL and wait for the video to sync with YouTube video hosting database

Download YouTube Video Subtitle

4. Click on the video download drop menu and select subtitles

Download YouTube Video Subtitle

5. The platform will generate a subtitle to the video in different languages including English Language, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch English, Filipino, French, German, Hindi, and many other languages.

Download YouTube Video Subtitle

6. Click on the language subtitle you want to download from the list

7. The YouTube video subtitle will download to your computer storage in .srt format instead of .text format.

Download YouTube Video Subtitle

After you have successfully downloaded the subtitle in the desired language you can then drag and drop it into your video player whenever you are playing the video.

With this procedure, you can download YouTube video subtitle from any YouTube channel. This platform also supports downloading subtitles from Vimeo and Facebook.

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