How to Remove Zeus Virus from your Computer

Zeus virus is different from Zeus antivirus. The Zeus virus is a malware on your device while Zeus antivirus is an antivirus program to remove viruses from your device including Zeus malware.

However, before we go into detail explanation and how to remove the virus from your computer, your Zeus Anti-virus can longer be active or serve as a removal when you are under virus attack. Most anti-virus programs are in their best form when you are virus free.

So, if after you are under virus attack, the first thing to do is remove the virus and then install anti-virus against future virus attack.

How Zeus Virus AttacK You

I know that if you know what you did that brought the attack was a virus attack plan you’d not have done it. The same way most virus enters your system, Zeus, can also enter your system. The most virus is contracted downloading software you do not trust.

When you visit a website and you are redirected from your primary website to another source then, you should quickly click on the back button except if you know what you are doing.

You can also contract virus reading phishing links in an email. Social media like Facebook, Twitter etc is not an exception.

Most of the emails you receive saying that you have won a lottery or an organization has chosen to award you for a certain huge money which you do not know anything about or a loan you do not apply for and urge you to click the link in the email to accept the offer. That is actually a bait to install a virus on your device. It could be your computer o your smartphone.

 When treating email like this you to be very careful not to create a loophole in your computer for a virus attack.

Effect of Zeus Virus Attack

All the effects of Zeus virus are negative. The malware does not have a single positive effect when it crawls into your computer or smartphone.

For the record, below are few of the negative effect of all virus attack

  • Steals confidential information when it crawls into your computer such as password and username, credit card information, computer browsing history etc.
  • Reduce the performance of your device
  • Install different programs on your device
  • Sometimes force your device to restart automatically
  • Hack your online account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

These are a limited effect of most malware when they attack your device. Once this happens, you need a virus removal to get rid of the malware.

In most cases, manual removal is recommended and a special program for removing virus under the watch of anti-virus.

How to Remove Zeus Virus

There are several methods available to remove virus generally from a computer and from a smartphone. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the nature of the malware you are under its attack. However, since it could Zeus Trojan or other Zeus malicious code, here, I will share with you carious method to remove the Zeus virus.

Remove Zeus Malware with Rkill

Rkill is a tool to remove malicious code or Trojan from your computer. This tool automates the whole procedure and it kills all popup virus.

Firstly, download Rkill here and install the virus removal on your computer. Find the Rkill icon on your desktop and doubt tap it. It takes a few moments to complete scanning your PC for popup and malicious code.

Zeus Virus

It should take less than 20 minutes at max to complete scanning your computer for virus and other malicious code. After, the Rkill program will display a log showing the result of the scan.

Zeus Virus

After the whole process, do not RESTART your computer so that the malware does not resurface again. It is certain that the Rkill program has killed the virus, yet, you need to wait for the program on what to do next whether to fix or scan again or to restart.

Remove Zeus Virus Manually

There is a manual approach to remove malware from your computer. Just that, have the manual remove you have to check the system registry so that part of the malware will not be hiding around it.

To remove the virus manually follow the process below. Please make sure that you know what you are doing so that you will not remove system apps.

This tutorial works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10/10.1.

Go to your computer control panel by hovering your mouse pointer to the bottom right and search for the control panel (for Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and 10.1), for Windows 7, click on the Windows key and search for the control panel in the popup.

Under programs click on Uninstall a program and search for the suspicious file and remove it. The suspicious files could be as many as possible. Just make sure you remove them completely and then restart your computer.

How to Remove Zeus Virus from Computer Registry

You may not be able to remove the virus from your computer until you use the device command prompt to the computer registry. Only a few articles are on how to remove a virus from a computer with an antivirus using the device registry because it is very delicate playing around with the registry command.

However, if you are cool and calm, and unable to remove the virus from your computer after the whole process above, you should consider using the registry.

Press the Windows key and R on your computer and type regedit and then click the OK  button to proceed to the registry.

Zeus Virus

Find the virus name and the registry key created by the virus and delete them. Make sure you delete the right file name and registry key so that you will not complicate your computer problem.

How to Block Zeus Virus from Startup

Another way to reduce the Zeus virus power without using an antivirus is blocking the app from starting with your computer whenever you restart or start after a shutdown. This procedure actually put the Zeus Trojan and virus is sleep mode and it’ll remain inactive.

Search for System Configuration and select Start System Configuration.  Now, open the general tab in the Start System Configuration and select Startup. Check all the startup apps and select all program with an unknown manufacturer and disable them.

Zeus Virus

The list of programs with an unknown manufacturer is probably the virus you want to remove. This may not be Zeus but they are worth removing instead of letting them start constituting nuisance on your computer.

You can also stop the activities of virus-related programs on your computer using the task manager to kill them.

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