Download Hacked Games and Paid Apps for Free on iOS 11

Hacked games are rare to download on iOS 11. The new iOS 11 has a lot of security measures that when it comes to downloading paid apps for free and hackers game on your iPhone and iPad you need to jailbreak your iPhone. To download the IPA library on iPhone and iPad from a source different from the Apple store, you need to be very careful. As such, it makes it very difficult to find a reliable app to download hacked games successfully on iOS devices.

Without jailbreaking your iPhone you can download vShare, TutuApp, iOS4U, and many more on your device to install apps from third-parties. However, the case is different when it comes to downloading hacked games. You will either download an app to install an IPA library so you can easily play the hacked games online or download them to your phone for offline play.

No jailbreak is required to download paid apps for free and install games that hackers have hacked to your iPhone. Also, you do not need to keep asking whether the games have been hacked successfully on not. You do not need to test run it, all games you will download from the source we’d share with you in this article are already hacked, so, all you need to do is download your favorite, such as Arcade, and start playing.

When a game is hacked, all paid access to premium right are removed and all tricks are added to play the game unlimitedly. For iOS users, including those that have upgraded to iOS 11, you will be able to install hack games IPA library on your iOS reading this article and at the end you will be able to download hacked games for free and also, you will be able to download paid apps for free on your iOS 11 device.

Download Paid Apps and Hacked Games for free

You do not need to be a hacker to hack your own game to play a hacked game. Other programmers who specialized in hacking games could easily do that and all you have to do is to download the hacked game and install it on your iPhone or iOS 11 device. In most cases, you are required to jailbreak your iOS 11 to download paid apps for free and download hacked games.

However, without spending years learning how to hack games or how to write codes to breech game codes, with IPA library installed on your iOS 11.4, you can easily download and start playing games that have been hacked on your iOS 11.

This IPA library is so useful that all premium apps can be downloaded for free and use without a limitation. Some of the popular apps you can download installing this IPA library on your iOS11 include Spotify ++, WhatsApp ++, WeChat ++, Facebook ++, and many more. It’s not limited to these, you can also download Arcade game that has been hacked, Zombie is also available for download on your iOS.

Having said all these, follow the procedures below you will be able to download paid apps for free for iOS 11 and install hacked games for free.

Install IPA Library to Download Paid Apps free

You need Safari browser to do this on your iPhone. You also do not need a jailbreak access. So, you don’t have to bother yourself about jailbreaking to install the IPA library to start downloading hacker games for free and paid apps for free.

  • Open your Safari browser and visit, the site is by default is a language you’d hardly understand, but, don’t worry. You don’t have much to do and navigate around. There is only one button there for you to click to proceed. Just tap on it and you will be taken to your iPhone settings.

hacked games

  • A new window will come up asking for your permission to install the paid and hacked games downloader on your iPhone. Now, click on the allow option to permit the app to install the IPA library on your iPhone.

Hacked games

  • Now, open the IPA library on your phone. There are three options which include apps, hacked games, and download manager.

Once the has installed completely on your iPhone, it’s time to start downloading paid apps for free and hacked games, however, before you proceed to start using the, here is what to do.

Add the IPA Library as a Trusted App

If you launch the IPA library app, you will a weird notification that says the app is from untrusted developer enterprises. With this, you cannot fulfill your mission for installing the app on your device. Therefore, what you need to do is add the IPA library you installed from as a trusted app.

Hacked Games

  • iPhone settings >> General option >> Profile & iDevice management
  • Find the name of the IPA library app you recently installed and tap on it
  • You will see a popup instantly once you clicked on it. From the popup tap on trust and this will add the app as a trusted app on your iPhone.

Hacked Games download

You can now proceed to open the app to start downloading paid apps for free. For hacked games, go to the hacked section and search for the name of the game you want to download. If available you will be able to download it for free. It’ll be hacked and there will be no further requirement on your side to use the app once it is downloaded from the app.

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