Download vShare Market App for iOS, Android, and Windows

vShare 3rd party for iOS, and Android to download and install apps that are not available in the Apple store without jailbreak and apps that are not in the Google play store without rooting.

vShare Windows client to download cracked iOS apps, APK Android apps, and cracked Windows software. The vShare market is not a shared hosting service to host contents online for internet marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Rather, vShare hosting is a program (app) for smartphones and Windows OS to download and install cracked and paid apps, games, and utilities for free.

vShare client for iOS helps to download and install cracked and modified apps on iPhone, iPod, and iPad without a jailbroken.

If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone without jailbreak access, to download and install apps that are not available in the Apple apps store, you need to download and install v Share or vShare alternatives such as HipStore, AppCake, TutuApp, etc.

For an Android phone, you do not need root access to download vShare app and install it on your Android 5.0, Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat, and Android Oreo.

To install the v Share APK app on your Android phone all you have to do is enable install from unknown sources from your Android settings and download the app Android’s client to install.

For PC users, there is a PC client for Windows OS, such that, once downloaded you can easily search and download computer games and software. You can also download phone games and apps and transfer it to your phone via Xender or ShareIt Windows client with the mobile client.

You can also download vShare for PC using Android emulators such as Bluestacks to run the Android app on your Windows computer.

However, here in this article, you will learn the rudiment of how to download and install v Share on iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), vShare APK for Android phones, and vShare Windows client.

Install vShare iPhone

Since the vShare app for iPhone is not available in the Apple play store, we’d use another procedure to sideload the cracked and mod apps downloader for iPhone using working a technique without jailbreaking your iOS device.

This procedure will teach you how to install the cracked and modified apps download helper for iOS on a device without jailbreak access.

  • Launch Safari browser on your Apple device or download the latest version from here.
  • Visit Android on the browser (Recommended browser to download third-party apps on iOS)
  • Once the page is fully available, there you will find two options. Unjailbroken and jailbroken, click on the Unjailbroken option to download the vShare client for your iPhone without a jailbroken access.

vShare Download

  • On the new popup, you will find two different options. Install to proceed with the download and installation, and cancel to abort the process. Tap on “Install”

vShare Download

  • Wait for a couple of minutes for the app to finish installing. Once the installation process is completed the vShare icon will be added to your iPhone home screen.

Do not start using vShare client right away on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

To avoid error message while downloading apps and games with the app, there is a need to add the installed app as a trusted device on your iOS device.

But, before then, let take a look at how to download and install the B on a device with jailbreak access.

Install vShare on a Jailbroken iPhone

They are a few ways to download and install the v Share app on an iOS device that has jailbreak access.

This can be done using a Cydia tool and can be downloaded and installed directly from However, here in this section, we’d take a look at how to install v Share on a jailbroken iPhone using Cydia tool and also, without a Cydia tool.

Install vShare on iOS using Cydia

If you have jailbroken your iOS device follow these procedures to download the vShare app on your device.

  • Launch Cydia tool on your iOS and click on the manage option
  • Click on the source option and click on edit to the top right of the Cydia tool
  • Tap on add option and type this repo URL, Note that this procedure will make use of AppSync to installed cracked and modified apps on your iOS device. If you already have AppSync installed on your device you may skip this step.
  • Click on Add Source to add the repo link to AppSync and wait for confirmation. This takes a moment though
  • Ignore the warning and click on Add Anyway to add the AppSync repo to the list you already have on your Cydia.
  • Click on the search option to the bottom of your Cydia tool and search for AppSync 7.0 (IPA Crack).
  • Tap on the install option and wait for the AppSync 7.0 (IPA Crack) to complete installation before you return to the Cydia home screen.
  • Now, in the Cydia home screen search field, search for vShare
  • Cydia will display a search result with the latest vShare version to download. Then, tap on it to start downloading and install on your device.

You can now go back to your device home screen and you will see v Share app added to it already to start downloading cracked and mod apps on your iOS device.

Share home screen icon

Add vShare as a Trusted App

Before we proceed to discuss how to download v Share for Android, the APK version, here is how to add the v Share app as a trusted app on your iOS device.

Most often, when you downloaded and installed a third-party app on iOS, you will run into “Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ and you will not be able to use the app further.

However, the reason behind this “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” message is that you have not added it as a trusted app since the app was not downloaded from the Apple apps store, you need to make the iOS system configuration understand that you know what you are doing.

vShare Untrusted Enterprise Developer

Now, to clear this “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error follow message follow these procedures.

  • Go to your iPhone settings and click on the general option
  • Navigate to the half-way on the general option’s page and click on Profiles & Device Management

vShare download

  • Find the vShare profile information and add it as a trusted device

vShare trust

When next you try to launch the vShare app you will be able to lunch it successfully without the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”

Download vShare APK for Android

vShare Android client is the APK version to search and download cracked, mod, and paid apps for free on Android devices. There is no need to root your Android phone. The APK client works with a rooted device or not.

  • Open any browser on your Android phone and download vShare APK for Android
  • Go to phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> Enabled
  • Now, go to the phone menu and go to File Manager
  • Navigate to download folder and click on the vShare.APK file downloaded
  • Tap on install to the bottom right and follow the screen to complete installation
  • If you have the older version of v Share APK, tap on upgrade

Once the app has been successfully installed you can launch the app and start download both paid and free apps, cracked and modified apps, and even cracked and modified games for Android.

vShare for Windows

There are two ways to download and install vShare client for Windows. The first and easiest way is to download vShare from the client website and the second approach is using computer emulator.

The PC client works with all Windows OS version. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The software requires a sizeable RAM to run smoothly and it doesn’t slow down your computer from sunning smooth.

With a total size of 124MB, you do not need a WiFi to download vShare for PC. All you need is 3G or 4G to download and install the PC client.

If you know you have these requirements, download vShare for PC client from the official website and double-tap on it to begin the installation.

Install vShare on Windows using Emulators

This is the smartest procedure to install an APK app on a Windows computer. It’s easy, fast, and feasible. Here in this guide, you will learn how to download and install v Share APK on Windows computer using Bluestacks emulator.

  • Launch Bluestacks emulator on your Windows computer or download Bluestacks 3N latest version and install the emulator on your PC
  • Download the vShare APK for the app market to your computer (Save it where you can easily access it)
  • Wait for a couple of minutes for Bluestacks to load completely (Make sure you have a stable internet connection and if your PC is slow, you may have to wait for more time before it responds).
  • Tap on my app and click on “Install APK” to the bottom right of the Bluestacks “My Apps” page. You can also click on “Choose APK” and select file.

vShare APK install on PC

  • The vShare market app will be installed on your Windows computer via BlueStacks.

vShare Market

Now that the vShare market app has been installed on your PC you can download cracked apps, games, and utilities and installed them on your PC or transfer them to your Android device without using the Android client.


vShare download is a 3rd party app market to download and install apps that have been revoked from the Google Play store on Android, apps that have been kicked out of the Apple apps store and download Windows app for free.

The app doesn’t require jailbreak or root depending on your OS. Feel free to download the Windows client to download and play Android games on your Windows PC.

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