How to Enable Ring Doorbell Two Factor Authentication

Enable Ring 2FA

Ring doorbell joined other platforms like Fortnite 2FAWells Fago 2FA to integrate the advanced two-factor authentication for maximum security. So, if you are on the lookout for how to enable ring doorbell two-factor authentication on mobile and on PC this guide will put you through everything you need to do to enable Ring 2FA using Ring mobile app and on the official website.

When you enable Ring 2FA you will have a step ahead of hackers trying to access your Ring doorbell account with the new Ring two-factor authentication.

However, to be able to enable Ring 2FA doorbell camera authentication you must complete your Ring registration. 

Ring 2FA sends a verification code as SMS to your phone or send the code to your email address whenever you are trying to access your Ring doorbell account other than using your Ring password and username only.

This option depends on the choice you selected to receive Ring verification code to access your account.Enable Ring 2FA

Benefits of Ring 2FA?

What are the benefits of Ring doorbell 2FA? Here are some of the benefits.

  • An additional security layer is placed on your account to protect your Ring’s account from online hackers.
  • A set of code will be sent to your registered phone number as SMS or to your email address to complete your Ring login each time you attempt to do so.
  • Hackers can no longer sign in to your Ring account with just your Ring login username and password.
  • You will always get to know whether a 3rd party is trying to access your Ring account or not because code to complete your Ring login will be sent or mailed to you.

Ways to Enable Ring 2FA 

There are two ways to enable Ring 2FA. These are:

  • Ring app.
  • Ring website.

However, here in this guide you will learn both ways and choose the best option that describes what you can easily access.

Enable Ring Doorbell 2FA on Mobile

Here is how to enable Ring doorbell two-factor authentication on Android and iPhone/iPad.

  • Download and install the official “Ring App” for your smartphone (Android/iPhone).
  • Launch the app >> Enter your “Ring login” and click “Sign in”.
  • Swipe to the left on the “Ring App” and click on “Account”.
  • Tap “Two-Factor Authentication” under “Enhanced Security”.
  • Click on “Turn on two-factor” when you are prompt.
  • Enter your “Ring login” password to re-login and confirm your action.
  • Enter your verified phone number or add a new phone number.
  • Ring 2FA verification code will be sent to your phone number
  • Done.

Now, when next you want to log into your Ring account verification code will be sent to your phone to complete your Ring login. You can also change the option to receive the Ring 2FA code on your email address to complete your login each time you attempt to access your account on

Note: The Ring doorbell two-factor authentication isn’t available yet for app-based 2FA. This is considered more secure compared to the SMS 2FA but this is far better than just logging into your Ring account with just username and password.

You will always receive an email telling you that your account was logged in at a particular location.

How to Enable Ring 2FA Online

If you prefer to go through the official website to enable the doorbell camera two-factor authentication here is your guide.

  • Go to on your computer or mobile browser.
  • Log into your “Ring” account.
  • Hover to your “Ring name” and tap on “Account” from the drop-down.
  • Go to “Extra Security” and click on “Two-factor authentication”.
  • Click “Turn on two-factor” when you are taken to the confirmation page.
  • Enter your Ring password.
  • Enter the phone number to send your “Ring 2FA code”.
  • Type the “Ring verification code” sent to your phone on the screen on your browser.
  • Click “Verify”.

You will see a success message that you have successfully enable Ring 2FA on your account.

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