How to Check When Your Facebook Account was Created

I was playing around my Facebook profile today I found out that the date I created the account and I was like waoh and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The account was opened almost 10 years ago.

Although since I created my first Facebook account I have created many more, some for personal use and some for business use.

To know when you created your Facebook account you only need to play around your Facebook profile and you will be surprised that the account was open not just months but years.

So, before I dive into the tutorial let me first ask when was your Facebook account created? My first account was created a decade ago with about 5,000 Facebook friends and 300+ Facebook followers. Did you just say woow?

Let just have fun with this post checking when your Facebook account was opened. To make it fun, share this post with your friends to see who is old among you guys on Facebook.

How to Check When Your Facebook Account was Created

If you are reading this post you probably want to check when your Facebook account was created to know how long you have been with Facebook as a patriotic user.

1. Open your browser on mobile or on your computer or on your Facebook app and login to your Facebook account

2. On Facebook app click on the three horizontal line and then click on your view profile

Facebook account created date

3. Click on edit profile under your Facebook profile picture

Facebook account created date

4. Click on edit details and scroll down the page to see when you joined Facebook.

Facebook account created date

In my own case, I joined Facebook December 2009 which few months down a decade. I can’t believe I have spent almost a year rocking Facebook, the most popular social network on the planet earth.

What about you? When was your Facebook account created? Yesterday or today or a decade ago? Let have fun via the comment. Tell us when you created your Facebook account.

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