How Flash Android N Custom ROM on Infinix Hot 4 Lite

This is a workaround on how to flash a custom ROM on Infinix hot 4 x557 Lite (X557) (Android N) officially running Android Marshmallow. The Android Nougat update failed to come to most Infinix phones of which Infinix hot 2, Infinite Hot 4 and Hot Lite is a major part of the phone’s variant.

If you are using Note 4 you should have seen the Android Oreo (Android 8.0) update by now.

While there is no Android O for Infinix Hot 4 Lite custom ROM at this time, developers are putting the files together develop Infinix hot 4 custom ROM to be able to flash an Android 8.0 custom ROM on Infinix x557 devices running either Android 6.0 or Android N.

However, this walks around to flashing the Android N on Infinix x557 custom ROM as a result of the phone auto-restarting with a fake and malware upgrading that contracted the device unknowingly.

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I have never been that careless though, but, one way or the other, the phone contracts a virus and I was forced to flash a custom ROM on it without a PC.

How to Flash a Custom ROM on Infinix Hot 3 Lite (X557)

What is a Custom ROM?

Before we take a look at how to flash custom ROM for Infinix hot 4 lite, let first consider some popular custom ROMs

A good example of custom ROM is CyanogenMod. And CyanogenMod Infinix Hot 4 custom ROM is not the only viable custom ROM for x577 Infinix phone.

A custom ROM is a modified copy of a new Android OS to replace the old and existing ROM on your device when flashing on it.

A custom ROM replaces the official ROM of a device in case you can’t wait for the OS update to come to your device.

Flashing a Custom ROM on a device if not done correctly can brick the device and render it useless having void the phone warranty. A common error of flashing a custom ROM on a device is the device getting stalked at the logo screen.

Different Types of Custom ROMs

Custom ROM is not limited to only CyanogenMod alone. However, the CyanogenMod custom ROM is a popular custom ROM used by most people.

However, before we take a look at x557 custom ROM for Infinix Hot 4 Lite, X557, below are a list of custom ROM you can choose from.

  • CyanogenMod.
  • Paranoid Android.
  • Cataclysm.
  • Resurrection Remix.
  • Dirty Unicorns.
  • XenonHD.
  • BlissPop.
  • OmniROM.
  • AOSP N

The list of custom ROMs are not limited to these but these are the list of the popular custom ROM you can flash on your Android phone and find an easy solution to possible problems.

How to Flash Custom ROM on Infinix Hot 4 Lite (X557)

Here is how to flash a custom ROM for Infinix Hot 4 Lite (X557) and Hot Note 4 without using a computer or TWRP.

Note: Kindly make a backup of your ROM so that you can restore it if things weren’t going the way you want it using TWRP.

  • Download the AOSP N custom ROM and copy it to your phone memory card
  • Boot your Infinix Hot 4 Lite into a recovery mode (Press and hold power + volume down button) and use the volume button to navigate to “install from a zip”)
  • Select the AOSP N custom ROM from your memory card. The file should be in your memory card download folder. For easy access, you can rename the ROM after download so you can easily find it.
  • Flash the ROM
  • Reboot

Once you have successfully flash the Android N custom ROM on your device it may take a while to complete booting. Just leave it and take a glass of water.

Once it’s done loading the files you will see a welcome screen for a new startup to select phone language and other setups.

This process does not require a PC or internet to flash a custom ROM on Infinix Hot 4 Lite (X557)

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