How to Login iCloud on all Browsers for iPhone & iPad

This post will be a question and answer section on the iCloud login for Apple devices users and Android users. If you have difficulties to login iCloud on any device, this article will provide the simplest form of solution you can follow to access your iCloud account on iPhone, iPad, iPod, create an iCloud login username and password on Android, and set up an iCloud account on Windows computer.

If you have search through YouTube for how to retrieve iCloud login password or how to change iCloud login password you’d find this article really interesting. The iCloud is really popular among the iOS users, Mac users, and now, Android users can as well create an iCloud account, save photos on iCloud, download iCloud photos to Android, and use iCloud on Windows OS the same way Mac users use it.

Sign into iCloud on an iPhone or iPad

If you already own an iPhone or iPad, you’d have gotten an iCloud login already to manage your phone on iCloud such as to download and upload videos to iCloud, download and upload music and videos to iCloud, and, most importantly, to join the iPhone community to ask and fix errors on your iPhone and iPad.

For iPhone users, follow these procedures to log into your iCloud account.

iCloud Login on iPhone Browsers

  • Launch Safari or Chrome or Opera or Firefox browser on your iPhone and click on the menu option to request for desktop site
  • For Safari and Firefox, you will see the option in the share menu

Login into iCloud on iDevice or iPhone is so tiring. I’d want to ask the entire Apple team why they make it so difficult for iOS users to be able to log into iCloud account easily.

Suppose you are using a Safari browser or a Firefox browser and you try to log into your iCloud account the only thing you will see is “set up iCloud, open find my iPhone, and open find my friends”. There won’t be an avenue to log into your iCloud directly. So, this is really challenging.

iCloud Login

So, you would want to now ask, where did Apple Inc hides sign into option. And you may further ask, is the log into iCloud option disabled or not available? Why did Apple Inc choose to make it difficult to find the and log into your iCloud account to manage your iDevice properties?

How do you now access all your files on iCloud if you cannot sign into your account? What is Apple up to for not making it easy to sign into iCloud and manage your files, documents, photos, and videos?

Do you need to Login into

The next question would be since Apple made it difficult to access iCloud, why do you now need to bother yourself finding ways to sign into iCloud and manage files and properties when it seems impossible.

The more reason why you need iCloud and access iCloud at will is to manage your contacts, Files app or iCloud drive, photos, notes, reminders, calendar, mail, and most importantly your iPhone or iDevice backups.

If you ain’t using an external drive to back up your iPhone you desperately need iCloud to do a complete backup of your iDevice often. And since you can log into iCloud on all devices such as iPhone, Mac, and Windows, then, there is a need to find out iCloud login to manage your device contents.

iCloud Login

Simple Way to Log into iCloud

If you are so curious to login iCloud on any device follow this procedure for your iPhone or iPad iDevice.

  • Open any of your favorite browsers and visit “”
  • Tap on the menu option to the upper right and select on desktop site
  • If the iCloud site has already loaded you will be redirected to the desktop site otherwise, type the address again in the search bar and hit the enter button on your iPhone.

iCloud Login

  • While you are on desktop version Login to your iCloud account with your username and password.

iCloud Login on Mercury Browser

This technique is for a mercury browser. If you have mercury browser installed on your iPhone you can follow these procedures to access your iCloud account.

  • Open your mercury browser on your iDevice
  • Visit iCloud homepage using the address bar at
  • To access the mercury browser’s settings tap on the three lines to the bottom menu bar of the browser and click on settings from the popup
  • Click on the user Agent icon and choose Safari (Mac OSX) as your user agent

iCloud Login

  • Re-type in the address bar and click go. A warning will pop up, ignore the warning message to proceed.
  • Now, login to on the browser’s desktop version with your Apple ID and username and you will be able to achieve iCloud login using mercury browser.

iCloud Login on Safari Browser

Safari browser is a popular iDevice browser. Almost all iDevice users have a Safari browser, so, let’s take a look at how you can log into iCloud on your Safari browser.

  • Open the Safari browser (Please make sure you have the latest Safari browser so that the whole process will not be slowed down.
  • In the address bar, type, and click on go icon on your iPhone
  • To the lower button on your Safari browser click on the share icon
  • Now, when it appears, click on request desktop site
  • You will be redirected to the iCloud desktop
  • And if it doesn’t. re-type, and click go
  • The iCloud homepage will appear, enter your iCloud username and password and click on the login option to login into your iCloud account.

How to Quick Request a Desktop Sites

There is a quick way to request desktop of any site with Safari and Firefox. Instead of going through the menu option before you can request for the desktop site you can easily make a U-turn to request for the desktop site without access the browser’s settings.

iCloud Login

When you are on your browser’s homepage, you can tap and hold the Refresh symbol in the browser’s URL address bar.  Refreshing Safari and Firefox browser automatically pop up an option to request desktop site or cancel to abort the desktop site request. However, to access the iCloud desktop site, just tap and hold the Refresh symbol in the browser’s URL address bar and you will see the option below.

Login iCloud

iCloud is a popular tool to manage iPhone and iPad contents. However, the difficulty to access iCloud easy with or without iCloud app has made a lot of Apple users forgo the iCloud option on their iDevice to back up their iPhone online. However, with this iCloud login tutorial, you will be able to access iCloud on all browsers on your iPhone and iPad.

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