How to Remove Virus from Android

We’ll talk about virus removal for Android in this guide. This post is recommended to all Android users on how to remove virus from Android phone and install anti-virus for Android phone.

We’ll not discuss how to remove virus from virus only this guide, we’ll first educate you on what you stand to get when you monitor your Android phone and make sure that no virus finds its way to your device.

If you have read any other articles on virus remove for Android and all provide abortively, this is probably the post that will provide the lasting solution.

It’s possible that you are already seeing the symptoms on your smartphone that it has contacted a virus, this post will teach you how to remove the virus and restore your Android phone to normal.


It’s may occur to you to format your Android when it starts misbehaving most especially when you noticed it has been infected with a virus. If this is your next move, just skip for a moment and check out this virus removal for Android tutorial without hard reset your or soft reset your phone.

If there is one thing you don’t want to have an experience of it should be the effect of a virus with it enters into your smartphone.

When people are sick they go to the hospital or see a doctor for treatments. Sometimes, a drug is enough to get them well soon. If not taken care on time, it may lead to coma and require more fund and medical attention to review such a person.

This is exactly the case of a smartphone battling with various types of malware without a concrete virus removal guide.

Anti-virus for Android

A virus removal could be an app or manual removal. All you need to know when your Android phone contracts virus it’s extremely difficult to cure it with an anti-virus.

Anti-virus should be the first thing to install on your phone if you don’t only depend on the play store app. This doesn’t mean you cannot contract a virus on your phone downloading apps from play store it’s just very rare.

Recently, Google introduced a verified feature to all apps in play store which scrutinized and remove apps with malicious and suspicious code that can put your device and its information in a wrong hand.

This feature in the play store is more like a virus removal for Android app before users can even download the malicious app.

This feature guaranteed the safety of all the apps in the Google play store. Even when you mistakenly install either of these malicious apps Google will remove them from your phone and pull them down from the app store.

How Do I Contract a Virus on Android

There is no way a specific way to contracts virus on Android. So far you use the internet and visit websites you do not trust and install APK apps, collect apps from other phones that could possibly have a virus, download and install popup and pop-under ads to mention a few you stand the chance to contracts a virus on your device.

The only way to stay put from malware on your smartphone is to download and install mobile antivirus. At times, a free version isn’t enough. This could cost a few dollars though, but, it worth the price.

Since the harm, it does to your phone is far more than the reason not have a working antivirus on your phone then it’s important to consider it a must.

With this, there won’t be a need for virus removal for Android or removing the virus from your smartphone since the anti-virus is already protecting you from these malicious programs.

How to Avoid a Virus Attack on Your Android

You can actually avoid a virus attack on your device. This doesn’t cost a dime and the sacrifices worth the price. Here will take a look at how to avoid a virus attack on your smartphone.

Do not Install Apps Outside Play store

If you are so desperate at not being attacked by a virus on your Android do not install apps outside play store except you know what you are doing and know that you are installing from a trusted source.

Generally, on all Android phones, you cannot install apps from unknown sources if you do not enable the custom option to install from unknown sources.

This feature is to help protect your phone from virus and make sure no other sources installed apps on your phone directly or indirectly except Google play store apps.

Stay away from Cloned Apps

If you are guilty of installing cloned apps you are on the way to corrupt your Android device with malware you know nothing about.

If not 100%, it will be at least 99.9% of your downloads from play store is virus free and it doesn’t contain malicious code. However, download a cloned version of the original app is not safe and it could pass a virus or Trojan to your device.

What is the App Permission?

The permission you granted an app on your phone is very important. Irrespective of where you are downloading the app from whether from play store or not, do not install apps that require admin permission.

Once granted you cannot uninstall it again. Because it already has an equal right to you. However, it’s appalling for a Notepad app requesting permission to access your call log or phone contacts. Most of the apps that require admin permission contain malware and you should avoid them.

Update your Phone Apps Frequently

One of the best ways to stay virus free on your Android devices is to frequently update your apps to the latest version. It’s better to prevent it than cures it. Most apps are updated to fix bugs and add new features.

Without upgrading your device apps manually, you can instruct Google store to upgrade to the latest version automatically whether over WiFi or on mobile internet. To do this, go to play store and go to settings. Click on update feature and select how you want your apps to be updated.

Check for Android OS Update

When you run the latest OS version on your device you stand a chance to combat bugs on your devices. In most cases, the latest version of your OS might not be available when you don’t check and it also depends on your settings.

If you set your device to check for OS update every week you will be notified when there is an update available to download. Also, if you set the feature to never update due to data consumption you’ll have to manually check for the latest OS update.

However, you do not have a 100% guarantee that updating your OS will protect you from virus attack, yet, it fixes some bugs and reduce the possibility of getting attacked via the OS.

Virus Removal for Android Tricks

Basically, when your phone is suffering from a virus attack there is no need to install anti-virus again. The only way out is to manually remove the virus from it. Now, to remove all kind of viruses on your Android phone follow these steps.

Put your phone into safe mode. The purpose is to make sure none of the apps on your phone is running so that you will have a total control over the device.

The procedure to enter a safe mode on phones different from brand to brand. In most cases, when you press the power button to popup power off or restart option. And then press it again it will popup restart in a safe mode.

However, this is not applicable to all devices. For your device safe mode option, go to Google and search how to enable safe mode in “enter the name of your phone”, e.g, how to enable safe mode in Samsung Galaxy S8.

Navigate to Safe Mode to the bottom left of the safe mode screen. Go to Settings and select  Apps. Now, start viewing the downloadable tab and search for the last app you downloaded with admin permission that possibly affects your phone.

Once you found the dodgy app uninstall it and other related and some other apps you can’t remember when you installed them.

Note: The app name is what you should search for. The apps depend and you should be able to figure it out.

Unable to Remove Android Virus in Safe Mode

Do not be surprised that it is possible for an app to proof some stunts when you try to remove it because it has admin permission. To remove an app with admin permission in the phone safe mode follow these directions.

While in safe mode go to Settings, then, security,  and then,  administrator. All the apps on this page are apps with admin permission.

Untick the app you want to deny the admin permission and click on deactivate on the next screen. Navigate back to settings and then click on apps. While viewing the downloadable tab click on the app and uninstall it.

Once you are sure that all apps with malicious code have been removed from your phone them go ahead to restart your phone and you will be free from virus attack.

BaDoinkPopup Virus Removal for Android

BaDoink is a popular popup virus for Android. The BaDoink popup virus is a dangerous type of malware you should always try to remove on your phone.

When you start seeing a popup you cannot relate with on your Android phone it may mean that the virus you need to remove on your phone is a popup virus and it could be the BaDoink popup virus or Kohler ransomware.

.You don’t need to go far trying to removal popups you considered a virus on your phone. With this popup virus removal for Android, you will manually remove all form of ads displaying as a popup on your device.

Go to your phone settings, scroll down to click on Apps or Application manager and search for the BaDoink app. If you can’t find the BaDoink app search for any of these apps BaDoink, Porn-player, Browser update 1.0, Flash Player, Porn Droid or System Update they are all malware.

Virus Removal for Android

Click on the virus and click on force stop on the popup screen. Then, click on uninstall and click OK on the screen that follows to remove the malware.

Virus removal for Android

Restart your phone and the virus will be removed totally from your phone. However, in some cases, you will not be able to remove the virus app from your phone due to admin permission granted while installing it.

Now, go to phone settings, security, and click on the administrator. All the list of apps with admin right will be there. Click on the virus app and click on deactivate on the popup.

This popup virus removal for Android, most especially the BaDoink, Porn-player, Browser update 1.0, Flash Player, Porn Droid or System Update virus works perfect and it’s the best method I have ever used to remove a virus from my Android phone.

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