How to Use Free YouTube Clip Converter Download Website

Clip Converter is a popular tool to download and convert YouTube video from MP4 to MP3, Mp3 to 3GP, and other video and audio output. With the clip converter, YouTube to MP3 site you can convert YouTube videos to all audio and video output. But before we learn about converting YouTube to MP3, here is what to know first.

YouTube and other videos sites such as Vimeo and the rest have made streaming video online very easy and for free. But despite this, we cannot always be seeing movies or watching videos at all time, there will be a time to listen to MP3 of the video for fun. Then you need to refer to free YouTube clip converter download website to download YouTube video as MP3, convert YouTube video to MP4, AVI and the rest.

Whenever am bored with seeing movies I quickly check out clip converter YouTube video download site to upload movies and convert the movie to MP3 and then listen to it on the go. So, if you are reading this post because you want to know how to use free YouTube clip converter download site to download YouTube video MP3 without YouTube downloader, there we are good to go.

In this post, we’ll share with you how to use Clip Converter as a YouTube video downloader on Android, and PC without software or app. Clip converter isn’t only used to download YouTube videos as MP3 but can also be used to convert videos on your device hard drive to MP3 as well.

Did you just ask me how?

Well, this part we’d cover it in this article but a glimpse of it is that you can upload video to clip converter and convert it to MP3 or other audio output depending on your choice.

Here in this post, you will learn the following with screenshot showing step by step procedure.

Convert YouTube to MP3 Using Clip Converter cc

The first you will want to know while using is how to convert YouTube video to MP3 on your Android or smartphone generally and on PC without third-party software YDT downloader or apps like Tubemate and the rest.

The good part of is that you don’t need to open an account to upload and download videos in any format of your choice. Free YouTube clip converter download site is free to use, no registration or online survey and there is no background ads to disturb you while using the online YouTube converter.

1. Visit to YouTube MP3 site on any device (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc) with an internet connection.

2. Open a new tab and visit YouTube video download site and search for the video you want to convert to MP3 using clip converter to another format from YouTube. Right click on the video to copy the video URL or click on the address bar to copy the video URL, and navigate back to clip convert page.

Clip converter

3. While on clipconverter homepage paste the video URL you copied above into the search box search and click continue to proceed to next stage.

Clip converter

4. Clip converter will sync the YouTube video from it database and give 5 options for you to choose from. Note that the option is size base. For limited internet connection do go for the one with smallest size and you should also put your screen resolution into consideration when you want to pick your option.  Also, always make sure you download HD video or MP3 or MP4 output format for clarity.

Clip converter

5. Before you click on download button select your video output. If you want the YouTube video as MP3 select MP3 otherwise select other video output and click on download button after which a start button will show then click on the start button to start the download process. And ,finally click on download after successful conversion to download your video.

Clip converter

And that is how to use free YouTube clip converter download site to download YouTube video as MP3, MP4 etc for free and without registration.

How to Upload Video to Clip Converter And Convert to MP3 or MP4

Another feature of is the ability to upload video from your hard drive or PC and convert it to your desired video or audio output for free and without registration. The simplicity is such that you do not need to be a rocket scientist to convert YouTube to MP3 or upload and convert video to other format. The steps below leads you to how to upload video to clipconvert and convert it to other format.

1. Visit on any device with internet connection and clip on upload and tap on convert files

Clip converter

2. You will be redirected to which is a child site to And click on select files. If the files is stored on an online cloud, click on the drop menu and select the file source. But for the sake of this, we’d upload the file from our PC. So, we just click on select files

Note: Make sure you upload only support files. For better understanding, you can checkout the list of support files here.

3. Once you have uploaded the file to cloudconverter, the child site to clip converter then click on the drop menu in front of the file and select your output after which you then click on start conversion.

Clip converter

Note: It make take a while before completing your conversion because of the size. But smaller size takes seconds while bigger file can take hours.

And that is… How to use free YouTube clip converter download site to download YouTube video as MP3 and how to upload videos using clipconverter and convert it to any format shouldn’t be a problem any more. If you have comment kindly drop yours.

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