How to Download Torrent Files Using Free VPN Service

If you visit any torrent site for the first time you will be told ‘do not download torrent files without using VPN’. This means when you download files from torrenting site your identity is not safe without the use of virtual private network.

And this is consider risky!

In some country where downloading torrent files attract great fine you need to use VPN to protect your full identity online so that law enforcement agency will not be able to trace your IP. Ordinary IP changer or change of proxy will not help as such.

But do you know you don’t need a paid VPN before you can download torrenting files without leaving a trace of your identity online? This is what you we learn here.

There is a simple trick using browsers’ add-on to protect your privacy online downloading pirated movies online. Take for instance, if you want to download Hindi movies from torrent site you need to use VPN and you will be able to download the desired torrent file without a trace.

Here in this post, I will reveal the simple trick to download torrent files on Google Chrome, Mozilla,  and Opera mini on PC.

How to Download Torrent Files on Google Chrome

Here in this post we’ll use Google Chrome browser as our favorite but you can use any of the following browsers

i. Google Chrome

ii. Opera Mini

iii. Mozilla Firefox

Visit Google search engine and search for ‘Browsec’ and install your chosen browsers addon. but if you are using Google Chrome as your default browser you can skip this.

1. Download and install Browsec VPN for Chrome privacy and online security on your PC by clicking on add to Chrome.

 Download Torrent Files

2. Upon successful installation on Browsec VPN you will get the screen below congratulating you that you are a step away from securing your online activities.

 Download Torrent Files

3. Click on Browsec icon to the top right of your Google Chrome browser and click on toggle ‘off’ icon to enable VPN service. Also, you can click on change button to change your country current location to another one. Few of free country virtual private network you will enjoy on Browsec include: Netherlands, Singapore, United State and United Kingdom.

 Download Torrent Files

You have successfully changed your location IP. And it’s now safe to download torrent files from any torrent site of your choice. However, in the section that follows we’d share with you how to download torrent files with the help of Browsec free IP location changer.

How to Download Torrent Files Once Your IP is Changed

It’s now safe and secure to search and download torrent files online since you’ve changed your IP address. No lick IP, no IP trace, and now one to trail your activities online that you are downloading files from torrents websites. Below is the procedure to download torrent files without a trace.

1. Visit torrent site of your choice, say you want to visit and download torrent files from thepiratebay. Then open the browser on the browser you installed and activated Browsec VPN and visit ThePirateBay.

 Download Torrent Files

Note: To streamline your search to specific category un-check all and check your desire category but it’s advisable to check all.

2. Key in the torrent file you want to download. Let assume that you want to download game of the throne. Just type game of the throne in the search box and click on enter button.

 Download Torrent Files

3. Click on the link to the torrent file you want to download and you will be taken to another page. Look closely and right click on GET THIS TORRENT, scroll down and select copy link address to copy the torrent file magnet link.

 Download Torrent Files

4. Open another tab on your browser and visit  and paste the torrent magnet link copied above into the search box and hit go button, and select free on the new page that populates.

 Download Torrent Files

5. Your torrent file will start caching and once the caching is completed, your file will be converted to a zip file format. Then just click on the zip file icon to initiate downloading of your torrent file.

Note: The caching make take some time depending on your torrent file size.

6. A new window will populate, then click on free and your torrent file will begin to download.

 Download Torrent Files

This method can be used to download torrent files any time any day without leaving a single trace of your IP address for free.

Note: As a free user on zbigz you can only download maximum of 1GB worth of torrent file at a time otherwise you have to turn a premium member to download file whose size is more than 1GB.

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