How to Use Whatsapp Account on Two Devices or More!

Back in 2015 Whatsapp launched new whatsapp feature called whatsapp web for desktop client. It means that while you are busy attending to so many things on your desktop or laptop computer you will still be able to responds to your whatsapp chat without necessarily accessing your phone. In a simple language, to use one whatsapp account on two devices atleast.

Whatsapp web is most useful when you forgot or left your main device at home and you needed to access whatsapp on the device you have with you provided there is internet connection on both device and that you have linked the two devices together.

The truth is ‘ that is the systematic way of using one whatsapp account on two different devices. Your smartphone and your PC or desktop simultaneously. So, if you have a working computer and you still don’t know how to use the same whatsapp account on your smartphone and at the same time on your PC you may have to stick to this post.

Literally, Whatsapp allows one account per person. But if you have two phones you can have whatsapp running on the two simultaneously but you cannot run one whatsapp account on two phones with the same mobile number but you can run two whatsapp accounts on one phone. But you can use one whatsapp on two phones using whatsapp web without installing whatsapp app on the second phone or PC using bluestack.

Good enough it’s not compulsory to root your phone before you can use whatsapp on your phone and web whatsapp simultaneously. However, here in this post will be fully guided on how to use one whatsapp account on two or more devices.

Below is the procedure needed to installed one Whatsapp account on two or more devices at the same time and be able to use the account simultaneously.

How to Use Whatsapp Account on Two Devices or More Using Whatsapp Web

Whether you are new to using single whatsapp account on two or more devices or not this post will definitely be of help and open your mind to simple way to achieve your objective of reading through.

1. Download and install whatsapp on your phone from play store or Apple store or Windows store and complete the installation process following the on-screen installation on your phone.

2. Click on the 3-dots to the right side of your mobile whatsapp page and click on Whatsapp web.

3. A new windows will populate then click on the (+) sign to scan the QR code on your PC

4. After that a scanning code will display on your mobile screen using your phone primary camera.

Note: Keep the phone in question where close to you and proceed below

5. Open your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, etc) and visit on your choice of browser.

6. Then try to scan your whatsapp account QR code on your phone with your PC or desktop placing the primary camera to your PC to establish connection between the two devices.

7. And finally, once you have successfully connected your whatsapp to another device you will see the image below on your device screen and you are good to go.

8. After the last step you will be able to use your whatsapp account on your phone and on your computer simultaneously.

Note: You must always have internet connection on both devices else it will not work. Also, you can repeat this method on other devices you think you what to access your whatsapp on so that you will be able to use your whatsapp account on two devices or more.

And finally, whenever you want to use your whatsapp account on other devices you’ve synced it with using the QR code just visit whatsapp web page.

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