How To Get Google Meet Meeting On TV

This article is all you need if you want to get the Google Meet Meeting on TV and watch your meetings on a bigger screen.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to do our daily chores from the comfort of our homes using video conferencing tools like Google Meet. The Mountain View company’s product has grown in its user base since Google started making it available to all users for free.

Do you find the idea of ​​holding your business meetings on the largest screen in your home appealing? Google Meet has support for Chromecast so you can do just that. Now you can stream your meeting to Chromecast, Android TV, and your company’s smart screens. “We launched Google Meet on Nest Hub Max earlier this year. It seemed right to expand Meet to more screens in your home,” Google’s Grace Yang wrote on the Chromecast support forum.

“We know that many schools are moving towards distance learning, and we wanted to support this new learning environment for teachers and students,” said Yang. “Meet on Chromecast allows you to host or attend meetings. So you can connect with your classmates, collaborate on projects, and even attend conferences.”

When you stream a meet on your TV, your audio and video stream always comes from your computer. If you don’t look into the camera now and then to get distracted, it can be a nuisance.

Supported Chromecast models include Chromecast Ultra and current and second-generation Chromecast. Google notes that performance may vary on Android TV and Cast compatible displays. When a meeting is critical, you may be limiting yourself to your laptop.

To broadcast your Google Meet to the TV, open the meeting in Chrome. You should see the Broadcast This Meeting option, which you can access before and during the meeting.

How To Get Google Meet Meeting On TV

The Meet is available for iOS, Android, and the web. So you can use it anywhere you have access to an internet connection. What if we told you that now you can use the largest screen in your house, your TV, to see everyone at the meeting? Crazy right? But it’s possible.

What is Meet on Chromecast?

Google introduces support for Google Meet in Chromecast. This means you can stream your meetings to the big screen at home. With this feature, you can mirror your PC’s meeting screen directly to Chromecast, Cast-enabled TVs or Cast-enabled devices.

With Meet on Chromecast, users can join a meeting from anywhere in their home, such as viewing a presentation, attending a conference, or connecting with family. Everything on a bigger screen. When you broadcast your meetings to your TV, the TV only shows the content of the meeting screen, while your video stream and audio input continues to be broadcast to other participants through your PC.

What do you need to Get Google Meet Meeting On TV

If you’d like to stream Google Meet conferences on your TV, you’ll need to set up:

  • A Google Chromecast connected TV or a Chromecast compatible TV.
  • A pc
  • The latest version of the Google Chrome browser on your PC
  • A common WiFi connection for your PC and Chromecast

How to Cast Google Meet Meeting on your TV

If you want to project meetings from Google Meet on PC onto your TV, here are the steps you can take. Note that when you broadcast your meetings to your TV, only the meeting screen will appear on your TV and you will still need your computer to use the camera, microphone, and audio.

You can broadcast your Google Meet meeting before and after you join a meeting. Before proceeding with the next few steps, make sure you’ve set up your Chromecast device. You can visit this Google support page to get started using your Chromecast.

How To Get Google Meet Meeting On TV

This is how it begins.

Before joining a meeting

To broadcast the meeting screen on a TV before joining a Google Meet session, join a meeting-at-a-time using your Google Calendar or Google Meet on the web. Before accessing the main meeting screen, click the Broadcast This Meeting option. This will open the Casting tab in Google Chrome.

On this tab, select the Chromecast-compatible device that is linked to your Google account and is available on the same WiFi network as your PC.

The meeting screen will now appear on your selected TV. Make sure that you orient your TV and computer so that you can view both your TV and webcam from the same camera angle for the best experience possible.

After you might have joined a meeting

You can also stream meet meetings to a TV after you’ve joined them. To do this, sign in to Google Meet and join a meeting. When you have opened the meeting screen, click on the 3-dot symbol in the lower right corner of the window and select the option “Broadcast this meeting” from the context menu.

On the new Casting tab, select the Chromecast-enabled device associated with your Google account. Make sure this Chromecast device is connected to the same WiFi network as your PC.

Once you’ve selected a Chromecast device, your meeting should show up on the TV.

How to Stop Casting a Google Meet conference

Once you’ve finished a Google Meet conference on your TV, you can stop casting it on your Chromecast device. To do this, click on the 3-point symbol in the lower right corner of the meeting screen and select the option “End broadcast meeting”. Your meeting screen will now only appear on your PC.


Meet on Chromecast works exclusively through the Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop. This is because Google will always use your device’s camera, microphone, and audio while running to enhance the experience. The meeting itself is streamed to your TV or other screens so you can view them on a bigger screen.

According to Google, this feature shows up when you choose to join a meeting with the Broadcast This Meeting option. From there, you can select your device. You can also select this option from the 3-point menu during a meeting.

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