Jean Muggli’s Net Worth, Age, Daughters, Ex-husband, and Bio

Jean Muggli is the wife of Michael Strahan, a former NFL star. She was born on the 3rd of November 1965 in Carson, North Dakota, USA. And Muggli is 56 years old at the time of this article. Michael married Jean Muggli in 1999 and ended their relationship in 2006, seven years after. Meanwhile, Michael had since married Wanda Hutchins between 1992 and 1996.

However, after Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan divorced, she took custody of their daughter and Michael was ordered to pay monthly child support to her ex-wife, Jean to the tune of $18k per month totally to $216k per year for the upkeep of their daughters, a set of twins, Sophia and Isabella.

Meanwhile, Jean Muggli net worth skyrocketed because of what she got from her ex-husband, Michael Strahan after they divorced. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Michael Strahan’s net worth is estimated to worth approximately $65 million in 2022 while her ex-wife, Jean Muggli’s net worth is estimated to worth around $15.3 million as of 2022.

Jean Muggli Family

Muggli is from a family of 8, herself, Jean, her parents, Anthony Alphonse Muggli (father) and Marry Muggli (mother) and five siblings. Her siblings are David, Scott, Carolee, Timmy, and Denise.

Jean Muggli Husband 

Jean was married to Michael Strahan for 7 years between 1999 and 2007 and the marriage was able to produce two daughters Sophia and Isabella. However, the couple had two daughters together, Sophia and Isabella born on the 28th of October 2018 are now 18 years in 2022 on their next birthday.

Michael Strahan Profession

Michael is a former NFL player in his early life after which he turned to the entertainment industry and focus on building his career as a TV personality and journalist. However, before Michael left NFL, he set a world record as the most sacked in a single season in 2021.

Before Michael retired in 2007, he helped his club to win the Super Bowl XLII. In 2014, Michael was elected into the “Pro Football Hall of Fame” to join other professionals in his career.

Focusing on his journalism career, he’s one of the Fox NFL Sunday analysts and also co-hosts “ABC’s Good Morning America.”

Jean Muggli Daughters

Muggli is a proud mother of a set of twins, Isabella and Sophia who are not in their 18th. The media doesn’t record that Jean had another child after she left her ex-husband.Jean Muggli daughter

However, Muggli has been the custodian of her set of twins since her new beginning in 2006 as a single mother following her divorce which saw her taking $18k per month from her ex-husband to cater for their children.

Jean Muggli Age

Jean’s age at the time of writing this Muggli net worth, husband, and biography, is 56 years old. However, some reports claimed that she’s 57. However, we choose to stick with 56 at the moment because her birth month is November and the date is on the 3rd of the month. 

So, since she’s no official 57, then, we choose to stick to her current age as of May 2022.

Jean Muggli Height

Muggli’s height is a perfect fit for a model. If she had chosen to be a model, at a height of 1.7m tall, Muggli wouldn’t have had a height problem with her modelling career. Literally, Jean Muggli’s height stands at 5.7ft.

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Jean Muggli Weight

Jean’s weight is around 59kg at the age of 56. However, Jean’s other measurements such as bra size, waist size, bust size, hips size and others are not available on record at the moment. 

Jean Muggli’s Parents

Much is not known about Michael Strahan’s ex-wife’s parents, however, it was on the record that her father, Anthony Alphonse Muggli died on the 25th of October, 2000 at his home in Carson at the age of 67. After the demise of her father, there is not much information regarding her mother, Marry Muggli. Rather, she’s known as the mother of the former NFL player, Michael Strahan’s wife.

Jean Muggli’s Ex-Husband Net WorthMichael Strahan net worth

Jean Muggli’s ex-husband, Michael Strahan has an impressive net worth and sits him among the richest NFL stars. After Michael and Muggli’s separation, his net worth in 2022 is estimated to worth approximately $65 million after he had parted way with $15.3 million with her ex-wife, Jean following the court rules.

Jean Muggli Net Worth

Jean Muggli net worth is quite impressive thanks to the court after her divorce ruling. Muggli can call herself a millionaire after the ruling.

Jean Muggli net worth

Jean’s net worth is estimated to be worth at least $15.3 million majorities of which she got from her ex-husband, Michael Strahan after the ex-coupled were officially separated by the court ruling following their filing for divorce. 

What is Jean Muggli doing now?

Jean was previously a beautician before she met her ex-husband and the father of her twin children, Sophia and Isabella. At that time, she was operating a Salon in California.

She met her ex-husband, Michael Strahan during her career as a beautician. However, Jean couldn’t manage her work ethic and a wife’s responsibility at the same time, so, she had to relinquish one for the other of which the former beautician choose her home over her job.

Jean Muggli Strahan’s Net Worth

Strahan is Jean Muggli’s ex-husband. The ex-couple were married for 7 years and the marriage produced two girls, Sophia and Isabella. Both girls are in their 18th years. However, Jean Muggli Strahan’s net worth is estimated to worth around $80 million in 2022 with Strahan taking the lion’s share of the net worth.

Jean’s net worth before she divorced her ex-husband was nothing to write home about. However, her ex-husband, Strahan was made to part way with $15.3 million following the court ruling which invariably slash Michael Strahan’s net worth to $65 million and Jean Muggli net worth to $15.3 million with extra $18k monthly child support for the upkeep of their daughters.

What is the Name of Michael Strahan’s ex-wife?

Michael has married twice in his lifetime. First to Wanda Hutchins between 1992 and 1996. The marriage was able to produce two kids, Tanita Strahan, and Michael Strahan Jr. He later met a beautician, Jean Muggli, who he married in 1996 and let go in 2007 after the marriage had also produced two kids, Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan.

Who is Jean Muggli married to?

Jean Muggli was married to Michael Strahan, a former NFL player who changed career after retirement to become a TV presenter and journalist. He also anchors a series of programs and co-hosts a whole bunch of them such as the ABC’s Good Morning America program.

NameJean Muggli
Date of birth3rd of November 1965
DaughtersIsabella Strahan
Sophia Strahan
Ex-husbandMichael Strahan
ParentsAnthony Alphonse Muggli (father)
Marry Muggli (mother)
Net Worth$15.3 million
Michael Strahan’s net worth$65 million
Daughters age18 years old
Michael’s age50 years old [21st of November 1971]

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