How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

If you are struggling to back up your iPhone and save yourself from the unforeseen headache for the rainy days here is a guide we put together. In this article, you will learn how to backup iPhone to iCloud so that you won’t have any reasons to be worried when your iPhone screen gets broken or when the worst case occurs like when hoodlums get your iPhone.

In most cases, it may be because you want to upgrade your iPhone to a newer version and you need to transfer all data from the old iPhone to the new one. However, backing up your iPhone data to iCloud should be done regularly so that you won’t suffer any heartbreak IF it gets lost or you give it out.

While there are different methods that you can use to back up your iPhone we will discuss all the methods in this article to ensure that you know what is best before deciding to do a backup of your iPhone.

Note: The steps here revolved around how to back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes and it only works on iOS12 or later.How to backup iPhone to iCloud


How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

You will be able to backup your iPhone to iCloud if you take the following steps.

  • Turn on your iPhone internet access and ensure that the device is connected to the internet.
  • Go to your “iPhone Settings.”
  • Click on your “Apple ID” profile name.
  • Select “iCloud” to access your iPhone iCloud settings.
  • Scroll to “Device Backup” and enable “iCloud Backup.”
  • Tap “Back Up Now.”

If you have enough storage on your iCloud account you will be able to backup your iPhone data to iCloud. Otherwise, you will be prompted to upgrade your storage size. If you do not have enough space to back up your iPhone to iCloud the “Back Up Now” button will not be clickable.

How to Backup iPhone to iTunes

Firstly, download and install the latest iTunes software to your computer. To download the latest version kindly go to the Apple store to download it. For Windows users, you will be prompted to get the latest iTunes from the Microsoft Store. Once you open the Microsoft Store hit the download button to download and install the software.

Once you have installed the iTunes software on your computer you then need to follow the steps below to learn how you can back up your iPhone to your iTunes.

  • Firstly, connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Tap “Trust” on your “iPhone” to add your computer to your iPhone as a trusted device.
  • Click on the name of your “iPhone” at the top left corner of iTunes. Your iPhone summary page will open.
  • Go to the “Backup” section and select either “iCloud” or “This Computer” as your iPhone backup location.
  • If you choose “This Computer” this will backup your iPhone to the computer.
  • To start the “Backup” process click on “Back Up Now.”
  • Wait until the backup process is completed before you eject your iPhone from your computer to avoid data transfer interruption. Also, if you choose to go with iCloud backup you should select “iCloud” from the setup and wait until the backup is completed before you disconnect your iPhone from your computer.

Backup Your iPhone using “Finder” on Apple Mac

This only works for Apple Mac users. So, if you have an Apple Mac you can simply use it to backup your iPhone and here are the steps that you need to take.

  • Connect your “iPhone” to your “Apple Mac” using your iPhone USB lightning cable.
  • Click on the “Apple” logo at the top left and select “Finder.”
  • Tap “Back Up Now” to start backing your iPhone or check the “Encrypt local backup” if you want to protect the backup data with a passcode and you will also be prompted to create a passcode to encrypt the backup data.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds for your iPhone to back up to your Mac computer locally.

Once the backup is complete kindly remove the lightning cable from your Mac.

With this three methods how to backup iPhone to iCloud or iTunes or using Finder should be made-easy now and you should be able to backup your iPhone and even encrypt the data if you decided to do so.

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