How To Change Apple ID Password In Quick & Easy Steps

You might need to quickly change Apple ID password on your phone when you mistakenly lock yourself out. Usually, your passwords offer protection for your account. However, you could get easily locked out once you forget your Apple ID password. If you are in this situation, you can reset your password in different ways. Stick around with us and we would show you all the different methods you can use.

How to Change Apple ID Password

Here is every step you need to change your Apple ID password.

Using the Apple ID account page

Step 1

The first step is to go to and select Forgot Apple ID or password which you would find at the center of the page. If you have once checked the Remember Me box, your password might automatically prefill.

Step 2

Afterwards, you would see a page where you would be asked to enter your Apple ID. After this, you would see another page asking for your name and the email address used for your account. Once you fill in all these details, click Continue and select “I need to reset my password”.

However, if you set up the two-factor authentication on your account, the page would be slightly different, and you would also be asked to confirm your phone number.

Step 3

Now, you would get to select how you want your password to be changed. The options are email or security questions. You can select anyone you prefer.

Step 4

If you select email, Apple will send you the instructions on how to change your password to your email address. On the other hand, the security questions would ask you to answer a specific question before your password can be changed.

What if you Forget the Answers to your Security Questions?

It is possible that you might have forgotten the answers to your security questions. In this case, you can easily change the question. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  • Once again, you would have to go to and then enter your Apple ID. Apple ID
  • Then, click on I need to reset my security questions and then select Continue.change apple id password
  • You would be asked to enter your password, once you do, click Continue again.
  • You would see a drop-down menu and you can select three questions from there. Then you would have to provide answers to the questions selected and that is all.

What if you use two-factor authentication?

In case you enabled the two-factor authentication, then you are lucky because it would be easier to reset your password. This would allow you to change your password from a trusted iPhone, iPad or even from Apple ID account page

Change password Using your iOS device

  • Open your settings application and click on your name.
  • Then navigate to Password & Security and select Change Password.
  • You would be asked to input your passcode and once you do so, you can enter a new password.

Using the Apple ID account page

  • Once again, go to the and enter the phone number you provided when you were setting up your two-factor authentication.
  • Then click Continue, and it would send a notification to the trusted device.
  • Once you receive the notification on the device, just select Allow.
  • Then follow the steps provided to reset your password.

Change Apple ID Password using Account Recovery.

If you do not have a trusted device nearby then don’t worry. You can still change your password by requesting an Account Recovery. This is the best option when your device is stolen and you want to access your account while denying access to any other person. However, you should note that this method is long and could take a couple of days. Follow the steps below to use this method.

  • When following the steps on how to change the password using, you would see the option for account recovery.
  • Then you would be asked to enter a number you can be reached on when your account is ready. After this, a verification code is sent, you can verify your information.
  • When your account is ready, you will be contacted via a phone call or text message.
  • Once you receive the confirmation, you can go to the, enter your Apple ID, and then confirm the number you provided above.
  • Afterward, you would be sent a recovery code that you would enter in the field on iForgot.
  • After inputting the code, select Continue and you would be taken to a new page where you can create a new password.

It is important to update your password in the settings menu of all your devices as well. With this, you would not need to worry about ever being locked out of your Apple account.

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Now you know that being locked out of your Apple account is not the end of the world as it can be easily rectified following any of the methods above. If you have any challenges following the guide above, let us know in the comments section below.

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