How to Connect Govee Lights Together

It doesn’t matter whether you want to learn how to cut your Govee lights or you have cut them into the appropriate length to make your house glow and you are not look at how to connect them together. In this article, you will learn how to cut your Govee lights and how to connect Govee lights together.

If you are the type that love to make your room look classic with the LED strips light and your choice is the govee LED lightS, you will end up smiling after reading this article because you will understand the basic behind cutting your govee lights and the steps to join them together.

However, despite the LED strip’s popularity, the user manual isn’t explanatory enough. Therefore, connecting your govee LED lights together requires a certain level of intellect.

So, if you don’t want to make a mistake when cutting your govee lights follow the steps below to learn the step-by-step procedures you need to follow to cut your govee lights before proceeding to how to join your govee lights together.

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How to Cut Govee LED Strip Lights

There is no specific length or dimension that you must cut your Govee lights to. The length of your Govee lights depends on where you want to fix it and how long you want to make the Govee lights be.

So, once you know the dimension or measurement of the location where you want to mount your Govee LED lights, you can easily determine where to cut them.

Meanwhile, the Govee lights are designed such that each Govee lights have cutting point without affecting the wires of the light with two or more suggested locations to cut your lights into pieces or different lengths between two coppers.

To know that the cut is perfect, each Govee light cut is surrounded by copper dots on the side of the cut. With that being said, follow the step below to learn how to cut Govee lights.

  • Use a measuring tape to measure the length of where you want to lace the Govee lights strip.
  • Go to the Govee strip to measure the same length and add about 2 inches or more to the length s extra so that when you want to nail it to the appropriate location, it’ll not be too short.
  • Use a cutter in your toolbox or shape scissors and cut the Govee lights on the copper dot as indicated on the lights.

Note: Do not at any point cut the copper dots as this will disconnect the Govee LED lights when you connect them because their copper will no longer be able to transfer current from one end to the other.

Tip: To cut your Govee lights perfectly, cut a small length following the steps on how to cut Govee lights above and connect it again. Follow the steps on how to connect Govee lights together below to see whether it will work before you proceed to cut the actual length on the Govee lights.

If you are able to cut it perfectly the first time, subsequent times shouldn’t be a problem.How to connect Govee lights together

How to Connect Govee Lights Together

You should be curious to know how to connect Govee lights together once you cut them into the appropriate sizes depending on the measurement of the location or where you want to install the Govee lights.

However, when it comes to how to connect Gover lights together after the cut, the recommended approach is to use a quick connector. It makes it easy to join or connect to Govee lights together without missing the connection point.

With a quick connector, you can easily connect your Govee lights together without stress. Therefore, in this guide on how to connect Govee lights together, we will consider how to connect your Govee lights using a quick connector.

  • Get a quick connector from a local or an online store.
  • Pull the 0.125cm out of the 0.32cm plastic bar in the LED quick connector.
  • The quick connector has two wires with red and black indicators.
  • Turn the copper dot to the other side and locate the “+” and “-” indication on the LED stripe.
  • Let the black wire on the connection goes to the “-” symbol, and red goes to “+”.
  • Peel off about 0.25cm out of the 0.64cm wire LED adhesive cover to expose part of the wire or copper to connect the Govee lights to the connector. If the wire cover is plastic, get a cutter to remove part of to naked the terminal.
  • Connect the copper dots and the quick connector together.
  • Connect both the quick connector and terminal wire to the power source.
  • Use an appropriate screwdriver to screw the wire into the quick connector and ensure it’s really firm but don’t break the knot while screwing it.

That is it. Once you have connected your Govee lights together using the quick connector, you can start placing the Govee lights at the appropriate location to augment it with your house or room look.

How to Connect Govee Lights Together without a Quick Connector

It could cost some buck if the quick connection isn’t part of the Govee lights package. However, instead of spending extra catch to buy a quick connector to connect your Govee LED strip after cutting, you can make use of a soldering iron or soldering machine. So, with a soldering iron and lead, you can connect your Govee lights together.

Therefore, here, we will consider how to connect Govee lights together without a quick connector.

  • Remove either the adhesive or plastic cover at the back of the copper dots LED strips.
  • Plug your soldering iron into a power source and wait until the soldering iron is hot enough to melt your lead.
  • Melt the two wires together following the wiring discretion where the black wire goes to black, and the red wire goes to red, connoting that you are lining negative to negative and positive to positive.
  • You can roll both wires once the two terminals are connected to have smooth wiring without any of the wire terminals lingering around.
  • Place the connection on metal and melt some lead on the wire to coat the terminal with the lead.
  • Once it dries off, the two wires should be coated with the aluminium look from the lead. However, you want to ensure that the coating is smooth to make it look more professional.
  • Once it’s cold, you can plug the Govee LED strips into a power source to confirm that the connection is well sold.

It’s one thing to know how to cut your Govee LED strips lights, and it’s another thing to know how you can connect the cuts together without causing more harm to the strips.

However, if you have followed this article all this long, you should have known how to cut Govee LED lights and understands how to connect Govee lights together with or without a quick connector.

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