How To Duet On Instagram Reels: (Alternative ways)

Though it seems impossible, you can easily duet on Instagram with reels with information embedded in this article.

Since the pandemic began, companies have worked hard to roll out new and improved features on their platforms. Facebook is no different and recently posted a TikTok-like look on Instagram Reels that is now available in the US.

Instagram Reels lets you post short videos on Instagram, a format that Instagram borrows from TikTok. Given the confusion surrounding Tiktok, a lot of people are trying to switch to Reels. But does Instagram Reels support duet videos? Let’s find out!

Everyone is rushing to create “The Next TikTok” if your favorite video sharing platform disappears soon. What doesn’t come as a surprise is that Instagram has stepped in, and its version, called Instagram Reels, could be the best replacement for TikTok yet!

You can do almost anything you could with TikTok with Reels, but some important things are not that easy to achieve.

Does Instagram Reels Support Duet videos?

Unfortunately, no, Instagram Reels have many great features that TikTok does, but not all, and you’re missing out on the Duo feature on the Instagram app.

This means that you will not be able to post reactions, collaborations, and more on Instagram Reels. While this may seem like a no-brainer to many users, there are some nifty solutions that you can use to overcome this limitation. Let’s look at them.

How To Duet On Instagram Reels

Alternative Solutions to Create Duet Videos for Instagram Reels

Although Instagram Reels doesn’t support Duo videos, you can upload videos from your gallery. This is a great way to create your Duo videos with an editor and then upload them to Instagram Reels. Let’s see how you can do it on your mobile device.

How To Duet On Instagram Reels

The creation of Duet videos, the classic parallel response, or reaction videos on TikTok, for example, is not possible with the current settings of Reels. With the free online video editing software, you can be up and running duets with Instagram Reels in no time. The following must be done:

  • Copy the link to the video of the reel
  • Select “Go to Article” in your browser and correct the link.
  • Download and format your duet video in Kapwing Studio
  • Download them and share them on Instagram Reels

1. Copy the link to the video of the reel.

The first step is very simple: find the video you want to use for your Duet, press the three-dot button in the lower-left corner, and select “Copy Link.” Open your browser and paste the link to open the reel in your browser.

How To Duet On Instagram Reels

2. Select “Go to post” in your browser and correct the link.

It gets a little trickier here. With the reel open in your browser, tap the three-dot button in the top right corner and select “Go to Message.” This will automatically change the link at the top of the page so you can click Cancel afterward.

How To Duet On Instagram Reels

Now one last step: at the bottom of the link at the top of the page, add the following text:?Utm_source = ig_web_copy_link. This allows Instagram Reel to be loaded into Kapwing Studio. Copy the link with this added text, and you are good to go.

3. Add and format your Duet video in Kapwing Studio

Now the fun part begins – do your duet video! Go to in your browser and select “Start editing.” Then paste the link you copied into the URL box and let the video load for a few seconds. Select your video layer, tap Edit Video, then tap Block Rate. Now drag the corners of the video until it is vertically centered on the right half of the canvas. It should look something like this:

How To Duet On Instagram Reels

Now is the time to upload the video you are adding to the reel. Tap “Download” in the top left and select the video you want from your camera roll. If it’s been rotated vertically (like a TikTok video), you can drag the corners of the video, so it appears next to the original clip. To get the classic TikTok Duet look, change the background color to black, and you can upload your Duet video.

4. Download and share on Instagram Reels

Once your Duet is adequately formatted, click Export Video and give Kapwing a few seconds to process the file. Since the reels can only last 15 seconds or less, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Click the download button, and your Duet video will be saved on your camera roll.

To download your video as an Instagram reel, open your Instagram app, and swipe right. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the Post options: swipe left until you see “Reel.” Press the lower left button to select your duet video from your camera roll and press the arrows to continue posting. Instagram lets you add stickers, text boxes, your best cover photo, and a caption for that extra touch. When you’re done, hit the “Share” button, and your duet video will be published to your reel stream.

What About Audio Syncing?

Audio syncing is another step in this creative process that can go particularly wrong if you don’t have the same audio tracks on hand. Here are some tips that you can use to sync the audio of the two videos.

Extract audio

It’s an efficient and easy way to sync your audio. If both videos use the same audio track, as most dance couples do, you’ll need to extract the audio from a clip and then use it as the only sound source. You can sync the two videos simultaneously with the same audio track, which can significantly cut your editing times.

Use a clap

If you are recording videos yourself, the best way to sync the audio track with video is to use audio applause. Have a reference audio track for the other video while you are recording, and before you use loud audio or clap your hands. This sound will allow you to mark a time on your audio timeline that will enable you to synchronize the audio tracks of the two videos.

Find a clap

If you’re at the editing table and can’t go back to the drawing board, the first thing you should do is find an authoritative audio source on one of the audio tracks. The distance between this sound and your sync point can help you keep the audio tracks of the two videos in sync easily.

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