How to Verify YouTube Account and Bag Dofollow Backlink

You will learn how to verify YouTube account in this post and bad a dofollow backlink from YouTube to your website homepage.

YouTube is a very popular video search engine to search and download videos for free. Also you can upload your own video to YouTube for others to download. If you are a comedian, a motivational speaker, etc creating YouTube associate account and verify it should be one of your most priority. Here, you will enjoy this post to the last gram as you will be able to verify YouTube account you operate today.

For YouTubers, making money from YouTube is second to known and getting YouTube associate account is no way complicated. But as a Vblogger you need to verify your YouTube associate account so that you can add your website to it and bag both dofollow link and refer traffic.

Just like the way most people verify Facebook page or twitter account or Instagram account you can also verify your YouTube account with YouTube verification codes. There is no age limit required to verify YouTube account once you are able to login to your YouTube account.

To know whether you have verified your YouTube account, there is a YouTube verified tick that indicates you have verified your YouTube associated account.

Another added advantage to verify YouTube account is that you will have more features enabled in your YouTube account under advance settings like adding your website to your YouTube channel for backlink.

The easiest way to verify your YouTube account is with the help of phone number. When I wanted to verify my account I choose YouTube verification code option rather than YouTube calling option and it’s super fast.

No YouTube verification badge though on my verified account but there is YouTube verified tick to proof that I have successfully verified my YouTube account.

How to Verify YouTube Account Without Email

Yes you can!

It’s very possible to verify your YouTube associate account without email address. But if you choose not to use email for verification you cannot verify your YouTube account without phone number. It’s either with phone number or with email address for verification link.

Here in this section this post I will walk you by hand how to verify YouTube account with phone using YouTube phone verification code.

Open a new tab on your browser. It’s advisable you use PC and if you are reading this on tablet it is better but on Android, it can be somehow itching. Visit YouTube verification link and select your country from the drop menu. After that enter you mobile number without your country code and select how YouTube should send your account verification code. For simplicity choose verification code via ‘text me the verification code’ and click on submit.

Verify YouTube account

YouTube will send a 6-digits verification code to the phone number you entered. Softly type the phone number into the column that populates on the next page and click on submit button.

Verify YouTube account

Once that’s done you should see your YouTube account verified as in the image below and when you click on continue you will be taken to YouTube verified tick that signified that your YouTube associated account has been verified.

Verify YouTube account

Beside your YouTube account associate name you will see a tick that signified successful verification. Here you will have access to your YouTube hidden features such as monetization eligibility, video editor, live streaming, long videos (my account now have 15 minutes videos long) with a custom YouTube URL claimed.

Verify YouTube account

YouTube Account Verified: What Next

It’s one thing to verify YouTube account it’s another thing to enjoy the verification benefits. If you have successfully verified your YouTube account using verification code then what next?

Link back to your website if you have one…. If you have a huge followers or subscribers on YouTube you can also use the advantage of verifying your YouTube account to drive more traffic to your website and create dofollow backlink from YouTube.

Follow the steps below to add your website to your YouTube associate account once it’s verified and enjoy the full benefit.

While on your YouTube account verified page navigate to the left side and click on advance settings as indicated below.

Verify YouTube account

Scroll down the page and add your website URL under associated website and hits the add button. You will be asked to verify your website via webmaster tool. Then go ahead to verify it and you are done.

Note that link is a dofollow link from YouTube and you may want to try adding your website to enjoy this link building juice.

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