Best Writing Apps and Software for Fast Writing

Writing a novel, short stories or any other piece requires you to work as fast as you can to reach any milestone set for yourself. It becomes even more critical when writing for a client who has set a deadline and requires top quality work.

The high-quality work you put in on time will improve your credibility and will unlock greater levels for you. But you can’t reach that level without some good help. To improve the speed and productivity you currently have, you need to use high-grade writing software that is also user-friendly.

Which writing apps and software are the best to use for faster writing? Let’s find out.

Writing software
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Grammarly is one of the best free writing tools that are highly popular. It edits comprehensively through the uploaded document on several parameters and even suggests edits while you write on it.

It looks out for spelling errors, repeated words, missing words, punctuation errors, passive voice and much more. It is an easily accessible writing software but still one of the best free writing tools as it proofreads the document before submitting it.

There is no limitation on the number of words that can be scanned at a time. Also, you don’t get limited on the free version concerning the number of documents you can scan. If you want to save time with polishing your work, Grammarly is the way to go for you. The premium version offers a high-quality plagiarism checker as well.

The writers working at professional paper writing service and online resume writing companies use this app extensively. College and university students find it equally useful when writing thesis, dissertation, term papers and college essays.


Scrivener is one of the top writing apps that work across different devices and operating systems. It has a lot of features that will save time spent on compiling and organizing your writing work. Research can also be placed on a secondary screen saving the time you would spend going to the source and coming back to type again.

Using the scratchpad feature available on this software can help you write down any ideas you have for future consideration. These features are the bare minimum than what the app can do to save you time. Although it is not one of the free writing tools, it is worth what you pay for.

Now Novel

If you are writing a novel, use the services of Now Novel, which is an online tool that can help with brainstorming ideas. Much time can be spent on building the plot and other aspects of the novel, but this software eliminates that stress. Now Novel also helps you keep up with the central idea, the different characters, the plot and scenes.

It takes in the rough ideas you have and turns them into a full-fledged idea that can be used for the novel you’re aiming for.

Although this software is not a word processing program, it is one of the best writing software in the market. Now Novel has tiered paid versions, but even the basic subscription can get you going.

Writing apps
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Freedom Distraction Blocker

Some people may have self-discipline issues who cannot manage to put their social media life on hold or their online shopping sprees at rest while they work. If that describes you, the great news is that Freedom Distraction Blocker can help a lot in this regard.

It is a very useful tool because when you use the internet to research topics you write about, only certain websites are blocked and not the entire internet.

Alternatively, if you would like to block everything on your phone or computer, that can also be done. It has very affordable prices and can be used on any device and on all platforms. It is one of the best writing software because of its ability to improve your writing productivity.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid has a plethora of functions that are essential for speedy writing without compromising on quality. It is, you may say, Grammarly on steroids because it has more functionalities on its free version than Grammarly. Style editor and smart grammar checking make it the ideal online tool both the for bloggers and academic writers.

It takes into account 25 different points to produce high-quality work to make the authored piece more readable. After scanning the document, the feedback is sent in the form of reports. In its paid version, there’s a reliable plagiarism checker as well.

In conclusion

Having tools to speed up the work is quite important when working with tight deadlines or if you would like to reach certain milestones more swiftly. Starting out with free or the most minimum subscription can help you determine if it that software is the best for you.

The objective of the best tools should be to make your workflow easier and assist you to identify and fix the writing errors. Avoid software and apps that will make the process more complex instead of simplifying it.

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