Extratorrent Alternatives: Best Extratorrent.cc Alternatives in 2017

There was a shock when extratorrent.cc was shutdown without informing users that they’ll soon be out of business and without reasons like Bookzz.org. Although extra torrents users would feel the death of extratorrent.cc, they are some viable extratorrent alternatives to replace the death of extra torrent.cc.

In a clear message displayed on extra torrents’ site on the 17th, May 2017 it was revealed that the popular torrent site, extra torrent is gone for good after the demise of Kickass Torrents and Torrentz.eu. And since then if you visit the extra torrent website  you will get a clear message that ET was a place to be….

What a lost to extra torrents fans. And according to Torrentfreak, other existing torrent sites experienced an increase in traffic the moment extra torrents was gone.

extratorrent alternatives

And you may want to close your eyes to mirror extratorrent sites just after the official extra torrent was shut down permanently and go after extra-torrent alternatives.

Extratorrent was founded in November 2006 and it has since occupied the position of second most popular torrent sites on the internet taking after The Pirate Bay before it was shut down permanently. Within the space of 2 years extartorrent outgrown so many other existing torrent sites with millions daily visitors.

The shut of extra torrents means you will not be able to download movies, both Hindi movies, and Bollywood movies. Most importantly you will not be able to access extra torrents site henceforth except extratorrents mirror sites if anyone exist. However, not to fall victim of downloading files from malicious website claiming to be extra torrents alternatives here are the most popular torrent sites worth to be extra torrents alternatives and they are no way a mirror site.

Best Extratorrent Alternatives

After the death of extratorrent.cc many other torrent sites have aroused claiming to be new extra torrents site but they cannot be trusted rather you should always be on the lookout for alternatives to the extra torrents movies download site.

1. The Pirate Bay

This shouldn’t be new to you that the pirate bay is the first alternative to extratorrent.cc. Even before the death of extra torrent, the pirate bay is always ahead and it’s still ahead of extratorrent till death. We all know that the pirate bay is always on target with copyright activist requesting that ISPS’s to block access to their country but the pirate bay keep coming with different IP address the moment they have issues with copyright activist. Without much argument, the pirate bay has been the best torrent site and it’s still the best at present.


This torrent site has been in existing for almost decade now and it has since then gained the heart of may torrent users. The 2008 launched torrent site has gathered momentum in the last few years to push itself forward to becoming one of the world best torrent sites.


We all know YTS or YIFY groups but this torrent site is no way related to these group, they just shared similar name as it were. So, when talking of YTS torrent site you need to think within the box that they are just torrent site and not part of YTS or YIFY groups.  Before extratorrent.cc was shut down this torrent site was ranked 335 in the world according to Alexa ranking but immediately after the death of extratorrent.cc, this site jumped up to 266 which means it experiences an increase in traffic as claimed above and it has since become one of best extratorrent alternatives.


So many torrent users would think 1337X torrent site came to limelight when extratorrent.cc was gone but it wasn’t. They were in the game right from day one and they are ranked among the top 450 websites in the world.  Right now you cannot underestimate the usefulness of 1337X torrent site as an alternative to extratorrent.

Torrent Downloads

Torrent downloads site is just crawling in terms of growth. Yet it’s doing pretty good with limited fear of been shutdown. Despite this, torrentdownloads is a popular torrent site that has to gain its popularity before extratorrent was shutdown. To be frank, torrentdownloads is one of the best extratorrent alternatives and it can easily replace the dead.

It worth bringing to our memory that these extratorrent alternatives are arranged according to popularity based on Alexa ranking.

Meanwhile, at the time of publishing this article these torrents sites are still very much available to download torrent file though. However, in case of any issues with these torrent site please let us know via comment or use our contact page for update.

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