How to Fix Screen Burn-in on Android Phone

Sometimes ago I shared with you on this how to fixed Infinix phone that doesn’t load beyond the logo and that post has since become one of the best on this website.And today, I’ll share with you the simple way to fix screen burn-in on your Android phone using screen burn-in tool for an Android phone.

Screen burn-in doesn’t not only affect Android phones, it also affects iPhone as well.Some iPhones screen burn-in needs to be fixed as well so that the iPhone color discoloration will be reset with the help of the burn-in tool.

Not everyone calls it burn-in, some love to call it ImgBurn or image burn which the term used to describe a smartphone, either Android or iOS with discoloration problem which occur when there is an irregularity in your phone pixels usage.

Screen burn-in can render your smartphone useless if not fixed on time. Without the screen burn-in tool to fix the discoloration of your smartphone you will have to either return the phone to the manufacturing company to help you fix it or pay an engineer to fix the problem for you will cost you some bucks.

Below is the same of likely color your phone will display when suffering from discoloration which is described as image burn or ImgBurn.

Screen burn-in tool

The example of image burn above is common in AMOLED smartphone and it’s very easy to fix using a burn-in tool. This doesn’t say that LCD devices are free from this discoloration problem but it’s common with AMOLED device and they are easily fixed.

How to Fix Screen Burn-in on Android Phone

If your phone is suffering from screen discoloration, here is a tool to fix the problem for free and it’s a DIY tool.

There are many tools in play store to fix Android blur screen due to color discoloration but the best is called “Screen burn-in tool” from Android phones. All you need to do to fix the problem is download and install the AMOLED fix tool to help rectify your phone poor color.

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